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1. Who is the supreme commander of the armed forces of India? 

President of India

2. Who was the first Defence Minister of India? 
Baldev Singh

3. Who was the first Keralite to become the Defence Minister of India? 
V.K. Krishna Menon

4. Who has become the first-ever female pilot of the Indian Navy?
Shubhangi Swaroop 

5. The joint military Exercise ‘Bold Kurukshetra-2019’ was held between India and ...............
- Singapore

6. Name the India - Sri Lanka joint training exercise focusing on counter-terrorism operations held in Pune? 
Mitra Shakti 2017

7. Where is the Army War College situated?
Mhow ( Madhya Pradesh) 

8. Name the expedition by the all-woman team of the Indian Navy to circumnavigate the globe?
Navika Sagar Parikrama 

9. 'Service Before Self' is the motto of .
National Defence Academy (NDA)

10. The second edition of the bilateral maritime exercise between the Indian Navy and Vietnam Peoples’ Navy (IN – VPN BILAT EX) took place at which of the given areas?
- Cam Ranh Bay 

11. Name the third offshore patrol vessels of the Indian Coast Guard commissioned in 2019
- ICGS Veera

12. Name the Indo - Nepal joint military exercise recently held at Salil Hindi, Nepal?
Surya Kiran XI 

13. Which committee recommended for the establishment of Coast Guard?
Rustamji Committee 

14. Indian Army observed Rajouri Day on .............
- 13th April

15. VARUNA’ is the naval exercise between India and .........
- France

16. Where is the headquarters of Indian Coast Guards?
New Delhi 

17. The National Security Guards is popularly known as? 
Black Cats

18. India's Paramilitary offensive against the Naxalite rebels is called?
Operation Green Hunt 

19. 'Duty unto Death' is the motto of. 

20. Which is the largest industrial security force in the world? 

21. What is the motto of CISF?
Protection and Security 

22. Cabinet Committee of Security has cleared the proposal for the procurement of the 464 T-90 tanks from which country?
- Russia

23. Which is the highest rank in the Indian Army? 
Field Marshal

24. Who was the first Field Marshal of the Indian Army?
Manekshaw (1973) 

25. Which is the highest rank in the Indian Air Force? 
Marshal of the Air Force

26. Who is the one and only Marshal of the Indian Air Force?
Arjan Singh 

27. The second Malayalee to hold the post of Defence Minister of India is.
A. K.Antony 

28. Who is considered as the father of Indian Army? 
Major Stringer Lawrence

29. Who was the first Indian Commander-in-chief of Indian Army?
K.M. Cariappa 

30. Army Day is observed on? 
January 15 

31. Name the joint military exercise held by India and Myanmar recently?

32. Who is the first woman Lt. General and vice-admiral of Indian Army? 
Punita Arora

33. The biggest Naval base of Indian Navy?
INS Kadamba or 'Sea Bird' in Karnataka

34. ......... is the first aircraft carrier of Indian Navy? 
INS Vikrant

35. INDRA 2017 is the joint military exercise held by:
India and Russia 

36. Headquarters of South Air command is at. 
Answer: Thiruvananthapuram

37. Operation Blue Star is related to ............?
Answer: Liberation of Golden Temple from Khalistan terrorists (1984) 

38. India's first Overseas Military base is located at:
Answer: Farkhor, Tajikistan 

39. Research and Analysis VVing (RAW) was formed in: 
Answer: 1968

40. The highest war field in the world is.
Answer: Siachen Glacier 

41. Indian Military captured the majority of Siachen Glacier in 1984 by an operation named:
Answer: Operation Meghdoot 

42. Who is the first woman Air Marshal of Indian Air Force? 
Answer: Padmavathy Bandopadhyay

43. Who is the first sportsperson to be awarded the honorary rank of Group captain by the Indian Air Force?
Answer: Sachin Tendulkar 

44. -------------- is the oldest Para Military Force in India. 
Answer: Assam Rifles

45. Operation Polo is related to ......... Annexure of Hyderabad state to
Answer: Indian union, in 1948 

46. Assam Rifles was founded in .......
Answer: 1835 

47. ......... Para Military Force is also known as 'The sentinels of the North - East.
Answer: Assam Rifles 

48. The old name of Assam Rifles is:
Answer: Cachar Levy 

49. Where is the Headquarters of Assam Rifles? 
Answer: Shillong

50. Where is the National Defence Academy situated?
Answer: Khadakwasla (Pune) 

51. Indian Air Force day is celebrated on: 
Answer: Octobers 

52. Admiral Gorshkov, the Soviet aircraft carrier imported by India is now named -
Answer: INS Vikramaditya

53. Indian Army’s counter-insurgency school is situated in
Answer: Vairengte

54. Indian Military Training Team (IMTRAT) imparts training to army officers of
Answer: Bhutan

55. In 2013, the Indian Navy inducted the Boeing P-8I Aircraft at Naval Station, Rajali. To serve what purpose the aircraft has been inducted?
Answer: Long Range Maritime Reconnaissance

56. The Navy Day celebrated in India?
Answer: December 4

57. What was the name given to the operation conducted by National Security Guard in 2008 against a terrorist attack in Taj hotel, Mumbai?
Answer: Operation Black Tornado

58. Lt Commander Abhilash Tomy of the Indian Navy became the first Indian to complete a solo, unassisted, non-stop circumnavigation of the world in 2013. What was the name of the vessel used by him?
Answer: INSV Mhadei

59. The biennial joint multi-nation Naval exercise held in the Indian Ocean is named – (The exercise was recently held in February 2014)
Answer: Milan

60. Daulat Beg Oldie, a well-known airstrip for the supply of provisions to the armed forces is located in -
Answer: Ladakh

61. What was the name given to the operation conducted by National Security Guard in 2008 against the terrorist attack in Taj hotel, Mumbai?
Answer: Operation Black Tornado

62. In 2013, the Indian Navy inducted the Boeing P-8I Aircraft at Naval Station, Rajali. To serve what purpose the aircraft have been inducted?
Answer: Long Range Maritime Reconnaissance

63. Indian Military Training Team (IMTRAT) imparts training to army officers of
Answer: Bhutan

64. Indian Army’s counter-insurgency school is situated in
Answer: Vairengte

65. Who is known as the father of Indian army?
Answer: Major Stringer Lawrence

66. Who is the first commander in chief of Indian Army?
Answer: Major Stringer Lawrence  

67. 1st Indian to became Commander in Chief of Army?
Answer: Km Kariyappa

68. Who is known as Kipper?
Answer: Km Kariyappa

69. Who is the first commander in chief of the Indian air force in Independent India?
Answer: Thomas Walker Elmhirst 

70. Who is the first commander in chief of Indian Navy?
Answer:  R D Kathari

71. Who is the commander in chief of the Indian army when India got independence?
Answer: Robert Lockhart

72. Which is India's first and only military base outside Indian territory?
answer: Farkhor Air Base (Tajikistan)

73. Who is the first Field Marshal (highest rank in the Indian Army) of Independent India?
Answer: Sam Manekshaw 

74. In which year Indian air force established?
Answer: 1932 October 8

75. Indian Army Day observed on?
Answer: January 15 

76. Indian Airforce Day observed on?
answer: October 8

77. Indian Navy Day observed on?
Answer: December 4

78. Which is the largest Cantonment (military area) in India?
Answer: Bathinda (and in Asia also)

79. India's first Nuclear submarine?
Answer: INS Arihant

80. Where is the Headquarters of the Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air force? 
Answer: New Delhi

81. What is the motto of the Indian army?
Answer: Service Before Self

82. What is the motto of the Indian Navy?
Answer: Sham No Varunah(May the lord of the water be auspicious unto us)

83. What is the motto of the Indian Air Force?
Answer: Nabhah Sprsham Diptam

84. First Aviation University in India?
Answer: Rajiv Gandhi National Aviation University

85. AAI will set up a state-of-the-art Civil Aviation Research Organization (CARO) at which city?

86. Which will be the first central paramilitary force to opt for e-ticketing instead of the railway warrant under an agreement signed with the IRCTC?
National Security Guard

87. Name of the first serving Indian Army officer to complete Ironman competition is;
Vikram Dogra

88. Defence ministry approves how many baffle shooting ranges for Indian Army?

89. This Indian Naval Ship was undertaken Passage Exercise (PASSEX) with Indonesian Naval Ship?
INS Shakti

90. Indian Army is observing the year 2018 as the
Year of Disabled Soldiers in Line of Duty

91. India is planning to gift an aircraft to Seychelles and explore trilateral cooperation involving France. The name of the aircraft is;

92. The US and this country have agreed to suspend all planning activities regarding the “Freedom Guardian” military.
South Korea

93. The Indian Army planned to develop which military station as smart facility patterned on Central Government’s Smart Cities Mission?
Jaisalmer Cantonment

94. The name of DRDO’s rocket system which is being evolved into a precision-guided missile is;

95. Which group partners with Microsoft to jointly develop a common defence cloud solution for armed forces?
Thales Group

96. This government approved a deal to sell the Indian military six AH-64E Apache attack helicopters for 930 million dollars.

97. Which country will host the first military exercise of the BIMSTEC group focusing on counter-terrorism?

98. With which country, India will take a joint military exercise for the first time, during the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit?

99. This country successfully Test-Fires SFDR Propulsion Based Missile recently.

100. Name of the Workshop organized by the Ministry of Railways for raising the average speed of freight trains and coaching trains, in New Delhi is;
Mission Raftar

101. The Indian Navy commissioned the IN LCU L54, the fourth ship of Landing Craft Utility MK-IV at which port?
Port Blair

102. Who has been assumed as the command of Air Force Administrative College (AFAC)?
S R Menon

103. India successfully test-fired the Indo-Russian joint venture BrahMos supersonic cruise missile from which of the following coast?
Odisha coast

104. Indian government plan to install e-gates at airport immigration counters for whom?
Low-risk foreign travellers

105. Which was the first missile boat of India?
INS Vinash 

106. Which was the first frigate naval ship in India?
INS Khukri

107. Which was the first tanker naval ship in India?
INS Shakti 

108. Which was the first frigate with modern guided missiles in India?
INS Godavari

109. Which was the first nuclear reactor in India?

110. Which was the first Indian satellite?

111. Which was the first satellite launch vehicle in India?

112. Which was the first earth-cum-communication Indian satellite?

113. When was Integrated Defence Staff-created?
October 1, 2001 

114. When did India test ballistic missile shield?
November 23, 2012

115. When was Agni-I launched?
July 13, 2012 

116. When was the foundation stone for a surface-to-air missile unit laid?
March 18, 2012 

117. When did India and China agree to set up a new joint mechanism to prevent border flare-ups?
December 9, 2011

118. When was the Hovercraft H-187 authorised?
June 11, 2012 

119. When did Indian Navy get first Boeing P-8I maritime patrol aircraft?
December 19, 2012 

120. When was INS Vikrant withdrawn from services?
January 31, 1997 

121. When was INS Viraat inducted in Indian Navy?

122. When was INS Shalki inducted in Indian navy?
February 1992 

123. Which is India's first warship fabricated at the Hindustan Shipyard Limited?
INS Savitri 

123. Which is the first indigenous aircraft of India?

124. Which is the first transonic aircraft of India?
Mikoyan MiG-25

125. Which is the highest battleground in India?
Siachen Glacier 

126. Which is the first tactical surface-to-surface missile of India?

127. Which is the first short-range surface-to-air missile in India?

128. Which is the first intermediate-range ballistic missile in India?

129. Which is the first long-range multiple-target missile in India?

130.  The lowest officer rank in the Indian Navy is ..........
Sub Lieutenant

Chief of Armed Forces (2023)
• Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces:
The President is the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces

• Chief of the Army Staff-General:
Manoj Pande

• Chief of the Air Staff:
Vivek Ram Chaudhari

• Chief of the Naval Staff:
R. Hari Kumar

• Commander-in-Chief of Strategic Forces:
R B Pandit

Naval Commands 
• Eastern Command - Visakhapatanam
• Western Command - Mumbai 
• Southern Command - Kochi 

Air Force Commands 
• Western Command - New Delhi
• Eastern Command - Shillong 
• Southern Command - Thiruvananthapuram
• Central Command - Allahabad 
• South Western Command- Jodhpur
• Training Command - Bengaluru 
• Maintenance Command - Nagpur 

Important Days 
• Army Day- January 15
• Navy Day - December 4 
• Airforce Day - October 8 

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