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Graduate Level Questions - 1

Graduate Level Questions - 01

1. …….. year has passed since the tsunami lashed certain coastal areas.
(a) The                (b) An           (c) A          (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

2. It was ……. cats and dogs.
(a) rained                   (b) raining
(c) will rain               (d)  had rain
Answer: (b)

3. All colleges will reopen ……. tomorrow.
(a) on      (b) at           (c) since           (d) from
Answer: (d)

4. State of well being/pleasant excitement:
(a)  Content                   (b) Euphoria
(c) Satisfaction               (d) Morose
Answer: (b)

5. If you listened more carefully, you ……. So many mistakes.
(a) wouldn’t have made       (b) won’t make
(c) wouldn’t make                (d) couldn’t make
Answer: (c)

6. He is an engineer working ….. Palghat.
(a) at       (b) in          (c) around (d) on
Answer: (a)

7. The person who has long experience:
(a) Pioneer (b) Scholar     (c) Veteran (d) Boss
Answer: (c)

8. The passive voice of ‘Did you do it?’:
(a) You were done by it         (b) He has done Aby it
(c) Was it done by you             (d) Were it done by you
Answer: (c)

9. The word ‘Alacrity’ means:
(a) Eagerness       (b) Loud         (c) Critical      (d) Pale
Answer: (a)

10. The boy cried aloud ……. he saw a snake:
(a) yet          (b) and        (c) but        (d) when
Answer: (d)

11. He ……. the task entrusted to him.
(a) carried away              (b) carried up
(c) carried out                (d) carried by
Answer: (c)

12. More men adore the sun rising than the sun……..
(a) Shining             (b) Blazing
(c) Darkening              (d) Setting
Answer: (d)

13. Antonym of ‘Reject’:
(a) Agree (b) Accept      (c) Embrace (d) Adopt
Answer: (b)

14. My advice did not …… him at all.
(a) effect       (b) affect     (c) afflict      (d) inflict
Answer: (b)

15. I asked the boy ………
(a) how old he was          (b) how old are you
(c) how old he is               (d) how old you are
Answer: (a)

16. He thanked me for what I ……...
(a) have done                    (b) had done
(c) have been doing          (d) had been doing
Answer: (b)

17. Butter is made ……. milk.
(a) of        (b) from    (c) with  (d) by
Answer: (b)

18. I have known him ……. a long time.
(a) since   (b) for       (c) by     (d) to
Answer: (b)

19. Andamans are a group of islands in …… Bay of Bengal:
(a) The, the (b) The, a      (c) An, the      (d) The, an
Answer: (a)

20. The reported speech of: ‘He asked, ‘What is the time?’ is:
(a) He asked what the time was           (b) He asked what is the time
(c) He asked what the time is                 (d) He asked what was the time
Answer: (a)

21. Rajyasamacharam is the first newspaper in Malayalam. Its publication was started in:
(a) 1790        (b) 1857         (c) 1847        (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

22.The person who became Deputy Chief Minister in Kerala two times:
(a)R.Shankar                                (b) C.H.Muhammad Koya
 (c) Aukkadar Kutti Naha          (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

23. The number of district panchayats in Kerala:
(a) 999            (b) 140     (c) 14       (d) 152
Answer: (c)

24. ‘Hand’ is the election symbol of:
(a) CPM                                                   (b) BJP
(c) Indian National Congress           (d) CPI
Answer: (c)

25. The seat of the Kerala High Court:
(a) Kollam                          (b) Thiruvananthapuram
(c) Kozhikode                    (d) Ernakulam 
Answer: (d)

26. Malampuzha Dam is in the river system:
(a) Bharatappuzha                     (b) Periyar
(c) Pamba                                     (d) Chaliyar
Answer: (a)

27. The Dewan of Travancore who introduced public transport service in Travancore:
(a) P.Rajagopalachari                         (b) Habibullah
(c) P.G.N.Unnithan                              (d) C.P.Ramaswamy Iyer
Answer: (d)

28. The most famous king of the kingdom of Kochi:
(a) Marthanda Varma                     (b) Pazhassi Raja
(c) Sakthan Thampuran                    (d) Manavedan
Answer: (c)

29.The birthplace of Thacholi Othenan:
(a) Vadakara        (b) Thalassey         (c) Kannur        (d) Thirunavaya
Answer: (a)

30.‘Syanandooram’ is the Sanskrit name for:
(a) Kannur                       (b) Kozhikode
(c) Kochi                           (d) Thiruvananthapuram
Answer: (d)

31. The Dutchman who shared the first Nobel Prize for Economics with Ragner Frisch of Norway:
(a) Jan Tinbergen                        (b) Gunnar Myrdal
(c) Nicholas Tinbergen              (d) Adamsmith
Answer: (a)

32.King  of minerals:
(a) Gold                     (b) Sulphuric acid
(c) Iron                      (d) Aluminium
Answer: (a)

33. Benito Mussolini was known as:
(a) Il Duce                          (b) Iron Duke
(c) Desert Fox                   (d) Little Corporal
Answer: (a)

34. The number of principal organs of the United Nations after the  Trusteeship
Council suspended operations
in 1994:
(a) 6        (b) 5            (c) 4          (d) 7
Answer: (b)

35. Birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda is observed as:
(a) National Youth Day           (b) Patriotism Day
(c) National Science Day         (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

36.“Let them eat cakes”- Who is related to this statement?
(a) Louis XIV              (b) Louis XV
(c) Louis XVI              (d) Mary Antoinette
Answer: (d)

37. Who founded the Maurya dynasty?
(a) Asoka                                      (b) Bindudara
(c) Chandragupta Maurya       (d) Brihadratha
Answer: (c)

38.The first Indian to go to space:
(a) Kalpana Chawla               (b) Ravish Malhotra
(c) Rakesh Sharma                (d) Sunitha Williams
Answer: (c)

39.The Portuguese Navigator who led the expedition which completed the first circumnavigation:
(a) Columbus                 (b) Magellan
(c) Cook                            (d) Cabral
Answer: (b)

40. Which cave is famous for ‘Trimurti’ statues?
(a) Ajanta      (b) Elephanta     (c) Ellora       (d) Amarnath
Answer: (b)

41.Madison Square Garden in the USA is related to:
(a) Baseball (b) Cricket   (c) Boxing (d) Polo
Answer: (c)

42.The Panama Canal was opened in:
(a) 1869        (b) 1914       (c) 1918     (d) 1920
Answer: (b)

43. The branch of biology related to the study of structure and organisation of living things:
(a) Alchemy            (b) Agronomy
(c) Anatomy           (d) Bionomy
Answer: (c)

44..The author of ‘Around the World in 80 Days?
(a) Arthur C Clarke                  (b) Joules Verne
(c) Darwin                                 (d) Richard Rhodes
Answer: (b)

45. Intensity of sound is measured in:
(a) Curie         (b) Volt       (c) Watt        (d) Decibel
Answer: (d)

46 Which of the following plants helps nitrogen fixation?
(a) Beans        (b) Wheat       (c) Rice          (d) Tomato
Answer: (a)

47. Which element has the lowest melting point?
(a) Mercury              (b) Hydrogen
(c) Carbon                   (d) Helium
Answer: (d)

48. Which is known as ‘Chemical Sun’?
(a) Magnesium                  (b) Francium
(c) Gallium                         (d) Iridium
Answer: (a)

49. The term associated with the cultivation of grapes:
(a) Aviculture                   (b) Viticulture
(c) Floriculture                (d) Epiculture
Answer: (b)

50. The cloned wolf:
(a) Victoria                                             (b) Carbon Copy
(c) Snu Woolf and Snu Woolfi          (d) Dolly
Answer: (c)

51. Jamnapari is a type of :
(a) Dog           (b) Camel       (c) Cow      (d) Goat
Answer: (d)
52.The thigh bone is also known as:
(a) Radius        (b) Humerus   (c) Femur       (d) Sternum
Answer: (c)

53. The nearest planet to Sun:
(a) Venus         (b) Earth         (c) Mercury             (d) Mars
Answer: (c)

54. What is the rank of Saturn in terms of size among the planets:
(a) First          (b) Second       (c) Third             (d) Fourth
Answer: (b)

55.The areas between polar circles and poles:
(a) Torrid zone                   (b) Temperate zone
(c) Frigid zone                    (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

56. Which is situated between Africa and Europe?
(a) Red Sea                        (b) Caspian Sea
(c) Dead sea                      (d) Mediterranean sea
Answer: (d)

57. Australia is the  ......... continent:
(a) Flattest          (b) windiest         (c) highest        (d) lowest
Answer: (a)

58. The parliament of which country has the largest number of members?
(a) Britain        (b) India         (c) USA         (d) China
Answer: (d)

59. Shqipery is the local name of:
(a) Algeria          (b) Armenia        (c) Angola       (d) Albania
Answer: (d)

60.The second longest river in India:
(a) Godavari                 (b) Narmada
(c) Krishna                   (d) Kaveri
Answer: (a)

61. Mahabalipuram Monuments in Tamil Nadu were built by:
(a) Cholas                        (b) Cheras
(c) Pallavas                       (d) Pandyas
Answer: (c)

62. The headquarters of CBI:
(a) Mumbai                 (b) New Delhi
(c) Kolkata                  (d) Chennai
Answer: (b)

63.Chief female deity of Indus people:
(a) Durga                                  (b) Savitri
(c) Mother Goddess             (d) Shakti
Answer: (c)

64.The reign of Sher Shah was between:
(a) 1540-1555                       (b) 1540-45
(c) 1540-50                            (d) 1540-1556
Answer: (b)

65.The Persian traveller who visited India in 1443:
(a) Ma Huan                        (b) Abdur Razaq
(c) Sulaiman                        (d) Ibn Batuta
Answer: (b)

66. The Dargah of Sufi saint Khwaja Muinuddin Chisti is in:
(a) Ajmer        (b) Agra       (c) Fatehpur Sikri         (d) Jaipur
Answer: (a)

67. Which one of the following is a riverine port?
(a) Kolkata                     (b) Paradweep
(c) Mumbai                     (d) Visakhapatnam
Answer: (a)

68.The largest lake in India:
(a) Chilka         (b) Sambhar         (c) Kolleru        (d) Lonar
Answer: (a)

69.Who is regarded as the father of Indian Classical Music?
(a) Sarangadeva       (b) Viswamitra
(c) Narada              (d) Kanada
Answer: (a)

70.The Jorhat National Park is in the State of:
(a) Bihar                                    (b) Assam
(c) Arunachal Pradesh          (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

71.The second-largest book in ancient Indian literature:
(a) Ramayana                      (b) Padma Purana
(c) Skanda Purana              (d) Mahabharat
Answer: (c)

72. The Governor-General who annexed Satara to British India, the first princely state to be annexed to British India under Doctrine of Lapse:
(a) Canning                                      (b) Cornwallis
(c) William Bentick                       (d) Dalhousie
Answer: (d)

73.Bhagat Singh was a leader from:
(a) Uttar Pradesh                  (b) Maharashtra
(c) Punjab                               (d) Bihar
Answer: (c)

74. What was called ‘post-dated cheque’ by Gandhiji?
(a) Cabinet Mission                    (b) Crip’s Mission
(c) Govt of India Act, 1935         (d) Quit India movement
Answer: (b)

75. Who is called the ‘mother of Indian Revolution’?
(a) Sarojini Naidu                (b) Annie Besant
(c) Madam Bhikaji Cama       (d) Aruna Asaf Ali
Answer: (c)

76. In which year the Congress ministries in the provinces resigned to protest against the war   policy of the British Government?
(a) 1937             (b) 1938
(c) 1939            (d) 1940
Answer: (c)

77. Cruelty: Kindness :: Revenge : ?
(a) Punishment                (b) Crime
(c) Forgiveness                (d) Gratitude
Answer: (c)

77.Which of the following part of the Constitution was prepared by Jawaharlal Nehru?
(a) Preamble                                (b) Fundamental Rights
(c) Fundamental Duties                  (d) Directive Principles
Answer: (a)

78.Which one of the following communities is specially mentioned in the Constitution?
(a) Scheduled Caste            (b) Scheduled Tribe
(c) Anglo-Indian                    (d) All of these
Answer: (d)

79.The largest princely state at the time of independence:
(a) Travancore                (b) Junagarh
(c) Hyderabad                 (d) Rajputana
Answer: (c)

80.Which of the following offices is held during the pleasure of the President of India?
(a) Vice President                   (b) Chief Justice of India
(c) Governor of a State            (d) UPSC Chairman
Answer: (c)

81.A number exceed its one-fifth by 20. What is the number?
(a) 100 (b) 25 (c) 5 (d) 20
Answer: (b)

82.Select the pair which is different from others:
(a) Hard work and success                       (b) Treatment and disease
(c) Coward and Fear                                  (d) Extravagent and Bankruptcy
Answer: (b)

84.Choose the odd one:
(a) Parrot        (b) Pigeon      (c) Kiwi       (d) Sparrow
Answer: (c)

85.When there is an increase of 30% in the price of TV sets and decrease of 20% in the number of sets sold , then what is the percentage effect on total sales?
(a) 4% loss                 (b) 8% loss
(c) 4% gain                 (d) 8% gain
Answer: (c)

86.7,11,13,17,19,, ———
(a) 18         (b) 21        (c) 23           (d) 27
Answer: (c)

87.Which one number can replace both question marks 1/?= ?/36
(a) 12  (b) 6   (c) 36  (d) 4
Answer: (b)

88.Clock is to Day as Calendar is to:
(a) Weekend      (b) April     (c) Century     (d) Year
Answer: (d)

89.Find the reciprocal of 0.01:
(a) 100         (b) 10      (c) 1/10      (d) 1
Answer: (a)

90.If TEA is 234, find what would 345 stand for ?
(a) ATE        (b) TAP      (c) EAR      (d) EAT
Answer: (c)

91.Two students fought a college election.  The winning student got 60% of the total votes and won the election by 144 votes only.  What is the total number of votes polled?
(a) 720         (b) 480      (c) 360        (d) 240
Answer: (a)

92.Convert 9/10 into a per cent:
(a) 9%    (b) 19%   (c) 1.9%    (d) 90%
Answer: (d)

93. Choose the correctly spelt word:
(a) Accademy             (b) Academy
(c) Acadamy                (d)  Accadamy
Answer: (b)

94. By this time tomorrow, I……..this job.
(a) will finish                         (b) shall finish
(c) will have finished            (d) will be finishing
Answer: (c)

95.A for 2, B for 4, and E for 10; then C X D stands for:
(a) 42        (b) 38          (c) 48        (d) 14
Answer: (c)

96.Individual : Family :: Family : ?
(a) State     (b) House         (c) Society       (d) Nation
Answer: (c)

97.Select the odd one:
(a) Sparrow         (b) Canary         (c) Hawk          (d) Cod
Answer: (d)

98. 60% of 37= ?
(a) 20           (b) 21     (c) 22         (d) 22.2
Answer: (d)

99. Fly : Parrot:: Crawl: ?
(a) Fish        (b) Crocodile         (c) Frog  (d) Sparrow
Answer: (b)

100. The sum of two numbers is 35 and their difference is 13.  Find the greater number:
(a) 23       (b) 24        (c) 20          (d) 25
Answer: (b)

101. Select the odd one:
(a) Apple        (b) Orange    (c) Carrot    (d) Mango
Answer: (c)
102. A factory produces 145 cars a week. How many cars will it produce in a year?
(a) 7540  (b) 7450 (c) 7045 (d) 7500
Answer: (a)

103. Place for keeping birds:
(a) Cage                  (b) Kennel
(c) Aviary               (d) Aquarium
Answer: (c)

104. The political party needs workers to ……. Votes during the election campaign (select the most appropriate word):
(a) canvas            (b) collect
(c) gather                (d) canvass
Answer: (d)

105. …….. come to my rescue I would have been killed by the bandits.
(a) If he did not               (b) If he would not
(c) Had he not                  (d) He having not
Answer: (c)

106. He enquired …… my health:
(a) for     (b) after     (c) into    (d) of
Answer: (c)

107. A large scale departure of people:
(a) Migration             (b) Immigration
(c) Retreat                  (d) Exodus
Answer: (d)

108. If I know his address I ……..
(a) will give it to you                          (b) would give it to you
(c) would have given it to you           (d) would be giving it you
Answer: (a)

109. A man who dances to the tunes of his wife:
(a) Henpecked             (b) Effeminate
(c) Slave                        (d) Chum
Answer: (a)

110. Consulting number twelve in a sequence:
(a) Twelth                   (b) Twelfth
(c) Twelveth                (d) Twelvth
Answer: (b)

111. A set of rooms for one person’s family use or for a particular purpose:
(a) Suite         (b) Suit       (c) Soot      (d) Sweet
Answer: (a)

112. You had better …… smoking.
(a) quit        (b) to quit      (c) quitting        (d) to quitting
Answer: (a)

113. She was anxiously ………
(a) waiting you                  (b) waited you
(c) waiting for you           (d) wait you
Answer: (c)

114. Do you enjoy ……….?
(a) swim                      (b) to swim
(c) swimming              (d) to swimming
Answer: (c)

115.There was ……. rain for two days and all the rivers in the area were flooded:
(a) Continued              (b) Continuum
(c) Continuous           (d) Continual
Answer: (c)

116. I …… the letter, but I can’t find a stamp:
(a) have written              (b) had written
(c) wrote                              (d) was writing
Answer: (a)

117. Identify the incorrect group:
(a) Ox-Oxen                      (b) Woman student woman students
(c) Thesis- Theses          (d) Criterion- Criteria
Answer: (b)

118.The glass was …… last night.
(a) breaking              (b) broke
(c) brokened              (d) broken
Answer: (d)

119.Central area or main business area of a city:
(a) Upmarket               (b) Downtown
(c) Township              (d) Cityscape
Answer: (b)

120.Would you mind ……. the window?
(a) open                             (b) opening
(c) to open                    (d) for opening
Answer: (a)

121. Part VI of the Constitution is applicable to all states except:
(a) Sikkim                (b) Assam
(c) Punjab               (d) Jammu & Kashmir
Answer: (d)

122. The first Chief Justice of India:
(a) Hiralal J Kania                   
(b) MH Kania
(c) YV Chandrachud                
(d) KN Singh
Answer: (a)

123. The strength of the Vidhan Parishad cannot be less than:
(a)40      (b) 60    (c) 30   (d) 50
Answer: (a)

124. Lao Tse, the founder of Taoism belonged to:
(a) China                    (b) Japan
(c) Nepal                         (d) Mongolia
Answer: (a)

125. Who is the originator of Penny postal system?
(a) Graham Bell               (b) Edison
(c) Rowland Hill              (d) Thoullier
Answer: (c)

126.The trade name ‘BSA’ is related to:
(a) Bicycles                  (b) Shoes
(c) Bulbs                       (d) Television
Answer: (a)

127.In which century Delhi was conquered by the Muhammad Ghori?
(a) 12          (b)13      (c) 14        (d) 11
Answer: (a)

128. The Portuguese defeated Kunhali IV in AD:
(a) 1450      (b) 1500      (c) 1700            (d) 1600
Answer: (d)

129.Who was the minister in charge of the portfolio of Labour in the first EMS ministry?
(a) TV Thomas           (b) KC George
(c) TA Majeed            (d) KR Gowri
Answer: (a)

130. The chief minister of Kerala who ruled for the longest period:
(a) K.Karunakaran             (b) EMS
(c) EK Nayanar                (d) AK Antony
Answer: (c)

131.The district which is the largest producer of spices in Kerala:
(a) Idukki                  (b) Kollam
(c) Ernakulam                      (d) Kannur
Answer: (a)

132. The river flows through the silent valley:
(a) Pamba                         (b) Chaliyar
(c) Kunthippuzha                 (d) Bharatappuzha
Answer: (c)

133. Chambakkulam boat race is held in ......
(a) Pamba river                     (b) Punnamada lake
(c) Ashatamudi lake               (d) Vembanad lake
Answer: (a)

134. Who was the first secretary of K.P.C.C?
(a) K.Kelappan                        (b) K.Madhavan Nair
(c) K.P.Kesavamenon                 (d) Kuroor Nampoothirippad
Answer: (b)

135. The four founder leaders of the Communist Party in Kerala was P.Krishna Pilla, K Damodaran, NC Sekhar and ......
(a) EMS                                 (b) AKG
(c) MN Govindan Nair     (d) KPR Gopalan
Answer: (a)

136. The largest national park in  Kerala:
(a) Silent Valley                     (b) Mathiketan Chola
(c) Pampadumchola             (d) Iravikulam
Answer: (d)

137. The first Sikh Guru:
(a) Guru Nanak          (b) Guru Angad
(c) Guru Arjun          (d) Guru Har Rai
Answer: (a)

138. The youngest to become the President of India:
(a) Rajendraprasad                (b) Dr.Radhakrishnan
(c) Sanjiva Reddy                    (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

139. Cripp’s  mission visited India in:
(a) 1941          (b) 1942      (c) 1943         (d) 1944
Answer: (b)

140. Who founded Theosophical Society in the United States in 1875?
(a) Annie Besant                      (b) Madam Blavatsky
(c) Colonel HS Olcott               (d) Both (b) and (c)
Answer: (d)

141. Who said ‘Give me blood, I shall give you freedom’?
(a) Netaji Bose         (b) Gandhiji
(c) Nehru                   (d) Sardar Patel
Answer: (a)

142. Gandhiji was assassinated on:
(a) 30th January 1947               (b) 31st January 1948
(c) 30th January 1948                 (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

143. Who was the Governor-General when Sati was prohibited?
(a) William Bentick     (b) Charles Metcalfe
(c) Auckland                  (d) Hardinge I
Answer: (a)

144. The year of Battle of Haldighati in which Mughal forces under Raja Man Singh defeated Rana Pratap:
(a) 1582        (b) 1571        (c) 1582        (d) 1576
Answer: (d)

145. Who authored ‘Saundarananda’ and ‘Buddhacharita’?
(a) Banabhatta             (b) Vasumitra
(c) Aswaghosha          (d) Bharata
Answer: (c)

146.Alexander invaded India in the year:
(a) 327-326 BC                (b) 516 BC
(c) 72BC                            (d) AD 58
Answer: (a)

147. Who is regarded as the founder of Theravada Buddhism, a sect of Hinayana Buddhism?
(a) Nagarjuna             (b) Mogaliputta Tissa
(c) Upagupta               (d) Vasumitra
Answer: (b)

148. Which of the following Vedas is a collection of spells and incantations?
(a) Atharva Veda          (b) Yajur Veda
(c) Rig Veda                     (d) Sama Veda
Answer: (a)

149. Father of Indian Archaeology:
(a) John Marshall           (b) Alexander Cunningham
(c) RD Bannerjee           (d) Daya Ram Sahni
Answer: (b)

150. Arakan Yoma is an extension of the Himalayas located in:
(a) Baluchistan          (b) Nepal
(c) Kashmir                (d) Myanmar
Answer: (d)

151. With which country has India the longest border:
(a) Pakistan             (b) China
(c) Bangladesh       (d) Myanmar
Answer: (c)
152. Chandigarh is known as:
(a) Pensioner’s paradise   
(b) Beautiful city
(c) Hitec city                           
(d) Pink city
Answer: (b)

153. Which river is known as the ‘Sorrow of Bengal’?
(a) Ganga            (b) Hugely
(c) Damodar        (d) Bhagirathi
Answer: (c)

154. Where is the Meenakshi temple?
(a) Kollur                 (b) Madurai
(c) Tanjavur              (d) Kanchipuram
Answer: (b)

155. Bikaner Camel Festival is held in the state of:
(a) Gujarat                       (b) Rajasthan
(c) Andhra Pradesh       (d) Madhya Pradesh
Answer: (b)

156. State Bank of India was formerly known as:
(a) Federal Bank           (b) Imperial Bank
(c) Union Bank             (d) Colonial Bank
Answer: (b)

157. The external intelligence agency of India, RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) was established in:
(a) 1963        (b) 1968      (c) 1969        (d) 1948
Answer: (b)

158. Central Building Research Institute is located at:
(a) New Delhi             (b) Bangalore
(c) Roorkie                    (d) Pilani
Answer: (c)

159. The first modern university in India was established in:
(a) New Delhi                  (b) Kolkata
(c) Karachi                      (d) Chennai
Answer: (b)

160. Formosa is now known as:
(a) Indonesia                (b) Taiwan
(c) Cambodia                (d) Vietnam
Answer: (b)

161. Mexico is the birthplace of:
(a) Dahlia                    (b) Vanilla
(c) Papaya                      (d) All of these
Answer: (d)

162. In which continent is ‘Sentinel range’?
(a) Africa                          (b) Australia
(c) North America                (d) Antarctica
Answer: (d)

163. Which gland is known as Adam’s apple?
(a) Pituitary                 (b) Penial
(c) Thymus                   (d) Thyroid
Answer: (d)

164. Which is a water-soluble vitamin?
(a) A           (b) D          (c) C               (d) K
Answer: (c)

165. Who is the father of the Theory of the Inheritance of  Acquired Characters?
(a) Lamarche               (b) De Vries
(c) Darwin                   (d) Johanson
Answer: (a)

166. Which is the useful part of Grampoo?
(a) Flower          (b) Bud       (c) Fruit        (d) Seed
Answer: (b)

167. What is known as ‘Green Vitriol’?
(a) Copper Sulphate              
 (b) Zinc Sulphate
(c) Ferrous Sulphate             
(d) Zinc Phosphide
Answer: (c)

168. Sidanaphil Citrate is also known as:
(a) Viagra       (b) Hypo      (c) Teflon        (d) Alum
Answer: (a)

169. The first to synthesise urea artificially:
(a) Frederic Banting           (b) Frederic Wohler
(c) Michael Faraday            (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

170. The visible part of the sun:
(a) Hydrosphere             (b) Photosphere
(c) Ionosphere              (d) Troposphere
Answer: (b)

171. Which colour absorbs heat the least:
(a) Black     (b) White       (c) Red      (d) Violet
Answer: (b)

172.In how many subjects Alfred Nobel instituted Nobel Prize?
(a) 6          (b) 5        (c) 4            (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

173. The first to get Gandhi Peace Prize:
(a) Mother Theresa               (b) Nelson Mandela
(c) Julius Nyerere                    (d) Baba Amte
Answer: (c)

174.The first Secretary-General of the United Nations:
(a)Trygve Lie                   (b) Dag Hammarskjold
(c) U Thant                        (d) Kurt Waldheim
Answer: (a)

175. The birth anniversary of Netaji Subash Bose is observed as:
(a) Children’s Day                        (b) Army Day
(c) National Sports Day             (d) Patriotism Day
Answer: (d)

176. The art form in Kerala which was included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO in 2010:
(a) Arjuna Nritham               (b) Mudiyettu
(c) Chakyarkooth                  (d) Ottan Thullal
Answer: (b)

177. The seat of Lokayukta in Kerala:
(a) Ernakulam                     (b) Thiruvananthapuram
(c) Kozhikode                        (d) Thrissur
Answer: (b)

178. The first evening court in Kerala was inaugurated at:
(a) Kochi                                       (b) Kozhikode
(c) Thiruvananthapuram         (d)  Kannur
Answer: (c)

179. The headquarters of the  Veterinary University in Kerala:
(a) Mannuthy          (b) Kalpetta
(c) Pookkode             (d) Kalamassery
Answer: (c)

180. The capital of South Sudan, 193rd member of the United Nations:
(a) Khartoum            (b) Juba
(c) Ramciel                      (d)  Jonglei
Answer: (b)

181. Factory: Worker:: Finger:?
(a) Nail         (b) Hand        (c) Arm    (d) Palmer
Answer: (a)

182. A gardener arranges 441 plants in such a way that each row contains as many plants as there are rows. Find out the number of plants in a row?
(a) 20          (b) 22          (c) 21         (d) 15
Answer: (c)

183. 3600,600,120,30, ?
(a) 15         (b) 10       (c) 5         (d) 20
Answer: (b)

184. Which one of the following is not a perfect square?
(a) 625      (b) 1296    (c) 2500       (d) 4000
Answer: (d)

185. Select the odd one:
(a) Hydrogen            (b) Oxygen
(c) Iron                      (d) Nitrogen
Answer: (c)

186. Which is an odd one?
(a) Dacca                          (b) New Delhi
(c) Colombo                  (d) Karachi
Answer: (d)

187. Which of the following is absolutely essential for a house?
(a) Bricks       (b) Concrete        (c) Roof           (d) Locks
Answer: (c)

188. Three fourth of a number is 15 less than the original number.  What is that number?
(a) 40        (b) 90         (c) 50             (d) 60
Answer: (d)

189.Page : Book :: Soldier: ?
(a) Letter      (b) Platoon       (c) Rifle       (d) Captain
Answer: (b)

190. If the side of a square is increased by 25% then its area will be increased by:
(a) 25%         (b) 35.75%     (c) 40.5%       (d) 56.25%
Answer: (d)

191. How many prime numbers are there between 50 and 100?
(a) 8        (b) 9      (c) 10           (d) 11
Answer: (c)

192. Find the odd one?
(a) Malayalam            (b) Tamil
(c) Hindi                     (d) Telugu
Answer: (c)

193. The income of Ramesh is 25% more than the income of Mahesh.  The income of Mahesh is less than the income of Ramesh is:
(a) 20%      (b) 25% (c) 30% (d) 50%
Answer: (a)

194.Man: Biography:: Nation; ?
(a) People               (b) Demography
(c) Geography         (d) History
Answer: (d)

195.If an agent supplies 25 tables and 25 chairs for Rs.17,500 he will supply 10 tables and 10 chairs for :
(a) Rs. 7000              (b) Rs. 10000
(c) Rs. 15000            (d) Rs.3500
Answer: (a)

196. Sita buys an article for Rs.70 and sells it at a loss of 20%. Then her selling price will be:
(a) Rs.60    (b) Rs.58    (c) Rs.56  (d) Rs.55
Answer: (c)

197.Select the odd one:
(a) Table (b) Wood     (c) Chair    (d) Stool
Answer: (b)

198. Horse is to Grass so also Automobile is to :
(a) Brake  (b) Petrol   (c) Smoke  (d)  Brake oil
Answer: (b)

199.15% of 120+ 25% of 100= ?
(a) 33         (b) 34      (c) 44        (d) 43
Answer: (d)

200.1,8,27,64,125, ?
(a) 216      (b) 225         (c) 250        (d) 256
Answer: (a)
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