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1. An example of classical conditioning is:

(a) Rat presses lever for delivery of food. 
(b) Dog learns to salivate on hearing bell. 
(c)Pigeon pecks at key for food delivery
(d) Dogs learn helplessness from electric shocks. 
Answer: (B)

2. According to the psychoanalytic approach, an attempt to integrate values learned from parents and society is called? 
(a) The Id       (b) Sublimation 
(c) The Oral stage. (d) The Superego. 
Answer: (D)

3. The acquisition of dog phobia can best be explained by the:
(a) Behavioural model (b) Psychodynamic model. 
(c) Humanistic model (d) Medical model. 
Answer: (A)

4. Which of the following is an example of repression? 
(a) Stopping yourself from behaving the way you want to
(b) Suppressing bad memories or current thoughts that cause anxiety 
(c) Suppressing your natural instincts.
(d) Stopping others from behaving in appropriately. 
Answer: (B)

5. Psychoanalysis is an attempt to explain what?
(a) Normal psychological functioning 
(b) Normal and abnormal psychological functioning. 
(c) Abnormal psychological functioning ,
(d) Childhood ideation 
Answer: (B)

6. The police force in man
(a) Id (b) Super-ego 
(c) Ego (d) Libido 
Answer: (C)

7. The pleasure seeking force in man: -
(a) Id (b) Ego 
(c) Libido (d) Super-ego 
Answer: (C)

8. Which of the following terms bests describe Darwin's approach to psychological subject matter? 
(a) Behaviourism (b) Functionalism 
(c) Structuralism (d) Reductionism 
Answer: (B)

9. Who among the following have been noted for their strident criticisms of behaviourism? 
(a) Edward Thorndike (b) Noam Chomsky 
(c) John B. Watson (d) B.F. Skinner 
Answer: (B)
10. What was meant by the term'radical behaviourism'
(a) The idea that behaviourism was a revolutionary contribution to the science of psychology. 
(b) The idea that all behaviours - including thinking and language - are influenced, and ultimately determined, by reinforcement. 
(c) The idea that behaviourism could be used to change society for the better 
(d) All the above
Answer: (B)

11. Behaviourism is associated with the name of ---------------.
(a) Sigmund Freud (b) Noam Chomsky 
(c) John B. Watson  (d) B.F.Skinner 
Answer: (C)

12. Authoritarian.parents
(a)Demand strict adherence to rigid standards of behavior 
(b) Require little in the way of responsible behavior from their children. 
(c) Encourage their children to act responsibly.
(d) Do not enforce rules. 
Answer: (A)

13. It is important fora mother to breastfeed her baby, as it:
(a) Ensures proper brain development. 
(b) Appears to aid in attachment. 
(C) is the only way to gain enough nutrition to survive
(d) is fundamental to the development of a healthy personality. 
Answer: (B)

14. Most human characteristics are the result of many genes working in combination. This is referred to as: 
(a) Recessive. (b) Dominant. 
(c) Chromosomal. (d) Polygenic. 
Answer: (D)

15. Each cell possesses 46 ............ that are responsible for all the genetic information passed from parents to children. 
(a) genes (b) chromosomes 
(c) zygotes (d)gametes 
Answer: (B)

16. "I demand that you obey" is to authoritarian as "Do your own thing" is to: 
(a) Authoritative. (b)Permissive. 
(c) Permissionable. (d) Overprotective 
Answer: (B)

17. Babies will imitate actions they see when mothers show joy or interest because of 
(a)Situational referencing. (b) Learned referencing. 
(c) Perceptual referencing. (d) Social referencing
Answer: (D)

18. According to a period of temporary insanity. 
(a) Adolescence (b) Adulthood 
(c) Childhood (d) Infancy 
Answer: (A)

19. Age of conformity
(a) Later childhood (b) Early childhood 
(c) Adolescence (d) Adulthood 
Answer: (A) the unfolding of traits inherent in the individual.
(a) Learning (b) Maturation 
(c) Heredity  (d) Assimilation 
Answer: (B)

21................. is the passing of traits to offspring (from its parent or ancestors (a)Accommodation (b) Evolution 
(c) Heredity (d) Maturation 
Answer: (C)

22................. is rooted in feelings of insecurity and irritation.
(a) Jealousy (b) Anger 
(c) Pleasure (d) Fear 
Answer: (B)

23. ................ is a combination of fear, anger and a feeling of inferiority. 
(a) Anger (b) Jealousy 
(c) Fear (d) None of the above
Answer: (B)

24. The word psychology means:
(a) Science of the soul (b) Science of the body
(c) Science of the mind (d) Study of education
Answer: (A)

25. Psychology is a science of...
(a) Education (b) Abnormal behavior
(c) Behavior (d) Education
Answer: (C)

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