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1. Teaching is considered to be professional because of
(a) teacher's love for children 
(b) broad and thorough knowledge of subject matter 
(c)value orientation involved in the profession 
(d) insistence on observance of profession ethics
(e) training is given for prospective teachers. 
Answer: (D)

2. If a teacher happens to make a mistake in classroom, what is the right course of action he has to take? 
(a) admit it (b) ignore it 
(c) forget it (d) rationalise 
(e) evade speaking about it. 
Answer: (A)

3. A free democratic class roon will be best suited for
(a)the child with a strong need for guidance 
(b) the child from an authoritarian home 
(c) the insecure child (d) the majority of children 
(e) all children
Answer: (D)

4. Aset of teachers proposed to collect money for the development of the school by selling bond to the public.A group of teachers said that they are not interested in the mechanics of collecting money. Another group of teachers felt that teachers should not go from door to door for the sale. What will you do? 
(a) keep your opinion to yourself and remain detached from the issue 
(b) make your views known to your colleagues and try to get them to unite in favor of your position , 
(c) work through your teachers organisation and ensure that everybody shares a positive attitude towards the final decision. 
(d) go directly to the principal and let him know how you feel on this matter 
(e) speak to your students on the issue and seek their help. 
Answer: (C)

5. The best way to establish rapport with your class is
(a) demand the respect due to your age and status 
(b) remain aloof, be a figure of authority. 
(C) impress your students with your knowledge and skill 
(d) play the role of guide who desires to help them
(e) give full freedom to the children. 
Answer: (D)

6. While planning a lesson the teacher should be guided mainly by
(a) prescribed textbook. (b) availability of learning material 
(c) the learning outcome envisaged by the curriculum
(d) previous achievement of the pupils
(e) community resources 
Answer: (C)

7. The most important aspect that ensures quality of teaching is
(a) the variety of instructional materials used 
(b) communicative skill of teacher 
(c) quantum of subject matter completed 
(d) strong rapport with students
(e) evaluation of learning 
Answer: (B)

8. A teacher who wants to create "We feeling" in the class room should not 
(a) recognise and built upon individual difference 
(b) encourage small friendship alliance among pupils 
(c) provide for participation on shared responsibility 
(d) provide for competitions
(e) help pupils to establish friendship with their paris 
Answer: (C)

9. Learning will be most efficient if
(a) Teacher has careful, details pre-planning of aunit. 
(b) teacher fixes high target 
(c)pupils are given sufficient drill 
(d) pupils are given co-curricular activities
(e) pupils involve in goal-oriented experiences. 
Answer: (E)
10. Pick out one of the laws of learning formulated by Thorndike
(a) The law of success  (b) The law of behavior 
(c) The law of readiness (d) The law of reward 
Answer: (C)

11. In continuation of a decision taken in a teachers' meeting the Principal declared in the school assembly that smoking in the school campus will be seriously dealt with here after If you find a student smoking, what will you do as a teacher? 
(a) call the student and tell him not repeat it 
(b) report to the principal and request him to take appropriate action 
(c)report and discuss with your colleagues
d) pretend that you are not seeing it 
(e) neglect it
Answer: (B)

12. A trip to a museum has been arranged for the students of your class. But some teachers in your school stand against it because these students would be absent in their class on that day. What will you do? 
(a) postpone the date to a holiday 
(b) consult with teachers and persuade them to give consent 
(c) drop the plan totally 
(d) without their consent take them to museum
(e) none of these 
Answer: (B)

13. Verbal guidance is least effective in the learning of 
(a) proper skills
(b) subject mater (c)facts
(d) skills (e) None of these
Answer: (C)

14. It has been seen that students lost much of their learning during summer vacation, which one of the following shows the least depreciation over the summer months? 
(a) Spelling  (b) Dates in history 
(c) Arithmetic reasoning (d) Grammar
(e) None of these 
Answer: (C)

15. PTA refers to
(a) Principal Teacher Administration 
(b) Parent Teacher Association 
(c) Private Teacher's Association
(d)Principal Teacher Association (e) None of these 
Answer: (B)

16. The best way to establish rapport with your class is to
(a) remain aloof, be a figure of authority. 
(b) impress your students with your knowledge and skill 
(c) demand the respect due to your age and status 
(d) play the role of a guide who desires to help them
(e) None of these 
Answer: (D)

17. After subsiding a disturbance in the class room, the teacher's main concern should be 
(a) to punish all offenders and so stopping recurrence of misbehavior 
(b) to know the cause of the misbehavior 
(c) to prevent the recurrence of the incident by keeping a careful eye on those students 
(d) to .enlist group censure as a means of curbing future misbehavior 
(e)None of these
Answer: (B)

18. Scientific method of education implies
(a) inductive thinking and (b) deductive thinking 
(c)both inductive and deductive thinking 
(d) neither inductive nor deductive thinking 
(e)None of these
Answer: (C)

19. A school complex is
(a) a group of schools jointly working for analysing and solving problems of common interest. 
(b) an organisation of teachers of a compact set of schools
(c) common complex problems faced by schools in general 
(d) All of these  (e) None of these 
Answer: (A)
20. As a part of vocational assessment, a child is given a test to see if he can be an efficient traffic controller. What is being tested mainly? 
(a) Intelligence (b) Aptitude 
(c) Motivation  (d) Achievement 
(e) None of these 
Answer: (B)

21. Suggestopaedia associated with
(a) Piaget (b) Vygotsky 
(c) Carlrogers (d) Losonov 
Answer: (D)

22. According to modern educationalist instruction is meant for
(a) transfer of knowledge 
(b) all round development of children 
(c) character formation 
(d) developing democratic outlook
(e) training in social interaction 
Answer: (B)

23. A good teacher is one who
(a) is always friendly with the students 
(b) follows school rules strictly 
(c) intermingle with the students 
(d) can help children in learning to learn
(e) creates discipline in children. 
Answer: (C)

24. Proficiency of a teacher lies in
(a) attractive voice and appearance 
(b) authoritarian attitude 
(c) pleasing manners? 
(d) understanding of child psychology
(e) ability to provide objective based learning experiences. 
Answer: (C)

25. Friend, philosopher and guide-The teacher has been glorified
by this phrase-because 
(a) he is forced to enact all these roles 
(b)he transfuses the high values of the humanity in to young ones sitting in the classroom
(c) he is the great reformer and patriotic saviour of a nation 
(d) he guides all the students as a philosopher
(e) None of these 
Answer: (B)

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