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General Science - Physics (PSC Questions and Answers) -01

General Science: Physics - Questions and Answers

Chapter -01
1. Bardeen and Shockley are related to the invention of:
(a) Transformer (b) Tank
(c) Transistor (d) Vacuum cleaner
Answer: ( c)

2. Father of modern cinema:
(a) David Griffith (b) Lumiere Brothers
(c) Spielberg (d) Walt Disney
Answer: (a)

3. The theory of ........ was corrected by Heliocentric theory of Copernicus:
(a) Galileo (b) Ptolemy
(c) Kepler (d) Herschel
Answer: (b )

4.. One Acre =.......Hector
(a) 2.50  (b) 0.404   (c) 0.25  (d) 0.825
Answer: (b )

5. Unit of resistance:
(a) Mho   (b) Ohm  (c) Hertz  (d) Dyne
Answer: (b )

6. Amount of water in the atmosphere is known as:
(a) Density (b) Gravity
(c) Humidity (d) Humus
Answer: (c )

7. What is known as the king of inventions?
(a) Steam engine (b) Car
(c) Atom Bomb (d) Nuclear fission
Answer: (a)

8. What is the voltage of electricity produced in power stations:
(a) 11KV  (b) 110KV  (c) 230 V (d) 110 V
Answer: (a )

9. Element used by India for Pokran explosion:
(a) Thorium (b) Uranium
(c) Plutonium (d) Polonium
Answer: (c )

10. Solar energy is received by the earth through:
(a) Radiation (b) Conduction
 (c) Convection  (d) Refraction
Answer: (a )

11. The force keeping the planets in a regular orbit is:
(a) Electrostatic (b) Magnetic
(c) Gravitational (d) Nuclear
Answer: ( c)

12. If a conductor is touched by hand, the charge would leak to:
(a) Body of man (b) Only to the hand
(c) Earth   (d) the charge will not leak
Answer: (c )

13. Which of the following rays has the highest penetrating power?
(a) Gamma rays (b) Beta rays
(c) Alpha rays (d) X-ray
Answer: (a )

14. The USA launched ‘Chandra’ in memory of:
(a) J.C.Bose
(b) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
(c) Hem Chandra Das
Answer: (d )

15. In a refrigerator, cooling is produced by:
(a) the ice which deposits on the freezer
(b) the evaporation of a volatile liquid
(c) the sudden expansion of a compressed gas
(d) None of the above
Answer: ( c)

16. Who discovered the infrared rays in sunlight?
(a) William Herschel (b) Clyde Tombaugh
(c) Galileo (d) ECG Sudarshan
Answer: (a )

17. Who discovered the Analytical engine?
(a) Blaise Pascal (b) Rae Tomlinson
(c) Charles Babbage (d) Edison
Answer: ( c)

18. India launched its first rocket in:
(a) 1960  (b) 1961 (c) 1962  (d) 1963
Answer: ( d)

19. Who discovered natural radioactivity?
(a) Henri Becquerel (b) Edison
(c) Newton (d) Max Plank
Answer: (a )

20 ........ is formulated by Max Plank:
(a) Quantum theory      (b) Wave Theory
(c) Corpuscular theory (d) Electromagnetic theory
Answer: ( a)

21. Thermopile is used to:
(a) Measure electric current
(b) Measure potential difference
(c) Detect the pressure of heat radiation
(d)  None of the above
Answer: (c )

22. The first computer virus:
(a) Kabir (b) Firewall (c) Norton (d) Elk Cloner
Answer: ( d)

23. The density of air is:
(a) 10.3 kg /cubic metre
(b) 1.3 kg /cubic metre
(c) 100.3 kg /cubic metre (d) 3.1 kg /cubic metre
Answer: ( b)

24. Who is known as ‘the father of personal computer’?
(a) Charles Babbage
(b) Henri Edward Roberts
(c) Alan Turing
 (d) Edgar Rice Boroughs
Answer: (b )

25. A tennis ball will bounce:
(a) Higher on hills than on plains
(b) Higher on plains than on hills
(c) Equally on hills and plains
(d) Higher either on hills or on plains depending upon the ground friction.
Answer: (a )

26. Which physical quantity has the unit Kilowatt-hour?
(a) Light (b) Energy
(c) Temperature (d) Distance
Answer: (b )

27. Select the unit which is not a fundamental unit?
(a) meter (b) Kilogram
(c) second (d) Joule
Answer: (d )

28. In which direction does the rainbow appear in the morning?
(a) East (b) South
(c) West (d) North
Answer: ( c)

29. Which particle is also known as God’s particle?
(a) Gravitons (b) Fermions
(c) Higgs Bosons (d) Electrons
Answer: ( c)

30. Light Year is the unit of
(a) Year (b)Energy
(c) Time (d) Distance
Answer: ( d)

31. What is the unit of luminous intensity?
(a) Candela (b) Ampere
(c) Kelvin (d) Litre
Answer: ( a)

32. I Nanometer (1nm) =
(a) 10⁻¹²m (b) 10⁻⁸m
(c) 10⁻⁹ m (d) 10⁻¹⁰m
Answer: ( c)

33. At which angle a projectile has a maximum range?
(a) 45º (b) 90 º
(c) 30 º (d) 180 º
Answer: (a )

34. Escape velocity of the moon is
(a) 1.4 km/s      (b) 2.4 km/s
(c) 3.4 km/s       (d) 4.4. km/s
Answer: (b )

35. Escape velocity of the earth is
(a) 14.3 km/s (b) 11.2 km /s
(c) 14.2 km/s (d) 10.2 km/s
Answer: (b )

36. What is the temperature at which the density of water is maximum?
(a) 4 º C (b) 5 º C
(c) 2 º C (d) 7 º C
Answer: ( a)

37. Select the vector quantity from the following.
(a) Temperature (b) Time
(c) Distance (d) Displacement
Answer: (d )

38. One Calorie is about ____ Joules.
(a) 4.9 J (b) 4.2 J
(c) 4.7 J (d) 5 J
Answer: ( b)

39. What is the mode of heat transfer in transferring heat from sun to earth?
(a) Conduction (b) Convection
(c) Radiation (d) None of these
Answer: (c )

40. What is the normal human body temperature?
(a) 97 º F (b) 98.4 º F
(c) 98.4 º C (d) 97 º C
Answer: ( b)

41. 1 Horse Power = ______ Watt.
(a) 846 Watt (b) 646 Watt
(c) 946 watt (d) 746 Watt
Answer: (d )

42. The device which converts mechanical energy to electrical energy is
(a) Electric motor (b) Loud Speaker
(c) Microphone (d) Dynamo
Answer: ( d)

43. Velocity of sound in air is _______ m/s.
(a) 200 (b) 100
(c) 430 (d) 340
Answer: (d )

44. Acoustics is the study of
(a) Sound (b) Light
(c) Temperature (d) Speed
Answer: (a )

45. National Science Day is observed on
(a) February 21 (b) February 28
(c) November 21 (d) November 28
Answer: ( b)

46. Who discovered the Photo-Electric Effect?
(a) Albert Einstein (b) James Clark Maxwell
(c) Heinrich Hertz (d) Christian Huygens
Answer: ( c)

47. Who proposed the wave theory of light?
(a) Albert Einstein (b) James Clark Maxwell
(c) Heinrich Hertz (d) Christian Huygens
Answer: ( d)

48. Who proposed the Electro-Magnetic Theory?
(a) Albert Einstein (b) James Clark Maxwell
(c) Heinrich Hertz (d) Christian Huygens
Answer: (b )

49. Who explained Photo-Electric Effect?
(a) Albert Einstein (b) James Clark Maxwell
(c) Heinrich Hertz (d) Christian Huygens
Answer: ( a)

50. Of the following, select the radiation having the highest wavelength.
(a) Gamma rays (b) Microwaves
(c) X-rays (d) Radio Waves
Answer: (d )

51. Of the following, select the radiation having the highest frequency.
(a) Gamma rays (b) Microwaves
(c) X-rays (d) Radio Waves
Answer: ( a)

52. Particles which are supposed to travel faster than light is
(a) Fermions (b) Gravitons
(c) Quarks (d) Tachyons
Answer: (d )

53. Who discovered tachyons?
(a) Heinrich Hertz (b) James Clark Maxwell
(c) ECG Sudarsan (d) APJ Abdul Kalam
Answer: (c )

54. Of the following, which is not a primary colour?
(a) Violet (b) Red
(c) Blue (d) Green
Answer: (a )

55. The material used as Fuse wire is
(a) Tungsten (b) Copper
(c) alloy of Tin & Lead (d) Aluminium
Answer: (c )

56. The voltage range at which alternate current is supplied for household use in India is
(a) 200- 210 Volt (b) 220- 230 Volt
(c) 320- 330 Volt (d) 310- 320 Volt
Answer: (b )

57. What is the frequency of the household alternate current in India?
(a) 30 hertz (b) 40 hertz
(c) 50 hertz (d) 60 hertz
Answer: ( c)

58. Example of ferromagnetic substance is
(a) Platinum  (b) Sodium
(c) manganese (d) Cobalt
Answer: (d )

59. What is the Curie temperature of iron?
(a) 730C    (b) 770 C
(c) 810 C          (d) 850 C
Answer: ( b)

60. An example of semiconducting material is
(a) Copper (b) Sodium
(d) Gold (d) Germanium
Answer: (d )

61. What is the colour of the Black box used in aeroplanes?
(a) Yellow (b) Black
(c) Orange (d) Blue
Answer: (c )

62. In the binary number system, a group of four bits is known as
(a) byte (b) nibble
(c) hexadecimal (d) decimal
Answer: ( b)

63. The principle behind the Hydrogen bomb is
(a) Nuclear Fission (b) Nuclear Fusion
(c) Nuclear Transformation (d) Gamma decay
Answer: ( b)

64. Radio isotope used in carbon dating process is
 (a) Carbon-15 (b) Carbon-18
(c) Carbon-13 (d) Carbon-14
Answer: (d )

65. What is the half-life of Carbon -14?
 (a) 5760 years (b) 5670 years
(d) 4670 years (d) 4760 years
Answer: (a )

66. Who is the father of Nuclear Physics?
 (a) Homi J Bhabha (b) JJ Thompson
(c) James Chadwick (d) Rutherford
Answer: ( d)

67. Who is the father of Indian Space Research?
 (a) Dr.APJ Abdul kalam (b) Homi J Bhabha
(c) Vikram Sarabhai (d) CV Raman
Answer: (c )

68. IC Chip used in computers is made using
(a) Silver (b) Lead
(c) Chromium (d) Silicon
Answer: ( d)

69. Einstein was awarded Nobel Prize for
 (a) Special Theory of Relativity
(b) General Theory of Relativity
(c) Brownian Movement
(d) explaining Photoelectric Effect
Answer: (d )

70. The filament of electric bulb is made by using
(a) Iron (b) Aluminium
(c) Tungsten (d) Silicon
Answer: (c)

71. Which coloured light is scattered most?
(a) Violet (b) Blue (c) Red (d) Green
Answer: ( a)

72. Sound waves travel faster in
(a) Water (b) Air
(c) Vacuum (d) Steel
Answer: (d )

73. In which year CV Raman got Nobel Prize for Physics?
(a) 1920 (b) 1925
(c) 1930 (d) 1935
Answer: ( c)

74. Light from the sun reaches earth in ______ seconds.
(a) 500 (b) 550
(c) 575 (d) 600
Answer: (a )

75. What is the velocity of light in vacuum?
 (a) 3x109 m/s (b) 2x109m/s
(c) 3x 108 m/s (d) 2x108 m/s
Answer: (c )

76. A type of stone that can float on water:
(b) Limestone       
(c) Pumice stone        
(d) Gemstone
Answer: (c)

77. The expected energy of electrons at absolute zero is called:
(a)Work function                    
(b) Potential energy
(c) Emission energy                
(d)  Fermi Energy
Answer: (d)

78. The freezer in a refrigerator is fitted near the top:
(a) to keep it away from the heat compressor which is near the bottom
(b) because of convenience
(c) so that it can cool the whole interior by setting up convection currents
(d) without any specific purpose
Answer: (c)

79. Voyager I is related to which country?
(a)China           (b) India             
(c) Russia           (d)   USA
Answer: (d)

80. It is difficult to work on ice because of:
(a) Absence of friction             
(b) More friction
(c) Less inertia                   
(d) Absence of inertia
Answer: (a)

81. Special Theory of Relativity was proposed in:
(a)1900      (b) 1902     (c) 1903       (d)  1905
Answer: (d)

82. Kaleidoscope is based on the principle of:
(a)Reflection                                     (b) Multiple Reflection
(c) Total internal reflection          (d)  Refraction
Answer: (b)

83. The most common use of silicone hydrogels in making which among the following?
(a)Surgery equipment                     (b) Breast transplants
(c) Contact lenses                            (d) Capsules of medicines
Answer: (c)

84. ‘Centrino’ is related to:
(a) Photography                         (b) Mobile technology
(c) Biotechnology                      (d)  Missile technology
Answer: (b)

85. Which physical property does not change with quality?
(a)Volume         (b) Weight         (c) Mass                 (d) Density
Answer: (d)

86. The energy that travels through telephone line:
(a)Radio energy                    (b) Mechanical energy
(c) Electrical energy              (d) Sound energy
Answer: (c)

87. The focal length of a concave lens:
(a)Negative                                                        (b) Positive
(c) Either negative or positive                       (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

88. The process by means of which we can smell the fish being fried in a neighbour’s home is called:
(a)Diffusion          (b) Effusion        
(c) Intrusion           (d) Distribution
Answer: (a)

89. Vulcanisation of rubber is done to make it:
(a)Shining         (b) Softer        
(c) Rigid                  (d) Durable
Answer: (d)

90. Which of the following is a physical change?
(a)Formation of curd from milk                 (b) Breaking of a glass bottle
(c)Corrosion of photo frame                         (d) Ripening of grapes
Answer: (b)

91. A diode converts:
(a)DC into AC      
(b) AC into DC     
(c) Both AC and DC       
(d) None of these
Answer: (b)

92. A cotton wick dipped in pure honey when ignited with a match stick will:
(a) Burn consistently                             
(b) Burn with cracking sound
(c) Does not burn at all                        
(d) Burn with too much smoke
Answer: (a)
93. An example of a substance which is neither a good conductor of electricity nor an insulator is:
(a) Uranium             
(b) Magnesium            
(c) Sodium              
(d) Germanium
Answer: (d)

94. Which type of heat treatment helps steel to bend?
 (a) Annealing         
(b) Tempering              
(c) Hardening          
(d) None of these
Answer: (a)

95. The Universal Product Code (UPC) is a standard symbology for which of the following?
(a)Fire safety code                          
(b) Bar code
(c) Building safety code                   
(d) None of these
Answer: (b)

96. Newton’s first law gives the definition for:
(b) Velocity             
(c) Mass             
(d) Inertia
Answer: (d)

97. The type of glass which can cut off ultraviolet rays:
(a)Flint glass             
(b) Crookes glass
(c) Pyrex glass           
(d) Safety glass
Answer: (b)

98. The energy absorbed during the change of a state of a substance is called:
(a)Specific heat                                 
(b) Latent heat
(c) Coefficient of expansion             
(d) Refractive index
Answer: (b)

99. The mirror used in searchlight is:
(b) Concave          
(c) Spherical        
(d) Parabolic
Answer: (d)

100. What is measured by spring balance?
(b) Density        
(c) Mass            
(d) Pressure
Answer: (a)

101. Water is used in hot water bags because:
(a) It is easily obtained
(b) It is cheaper and not harmful
(c) It has a high specific heat
(d) It is easy to heat water
Answer: (c)

102. Pressure cooker cooks rice faster because:
(a) It always let the steam escape
(b) High pressure crushes the hard covering of rice grains
(c) It does not let the heat energy escape easily
(d) High pressure raises the boiling point of water
Answer: (d)

103. Light from Alpha Century, which is one of the nearest stars to the sun, reaches the earth on:
(a) 4.2 seconds     (b) 42 seconds
(c) 4.2 years          (d) 42 years
Answer: (c)

104. Mach number is used in connection with the speed of
(a) Sound               (b) Aircraft
(c) Spacecraft        (d) Ship
Answer: (b)

105. Water drops cannot stick to the oily surface due to:
(a) Lack of adhesive force                 
(b) Surface tension
(c) Cannot mix each other                
(d) Water is lighter than oil
Answer: (a)

106. Stars which appear single to the naked eye but are double when seen through a telescope are:
(a) Novas and supernovas      (b) Asteroids
(c) Quasars                                 (d) Binaries
Answer: (d)

107. Which one of the following is the best fuel in terms of energy released per gram of fuel?
(a) Hydrogen (b) Methane
(c) Ethanol (d) Butane
Answer: (a)

108…………measure the viscosity of liquids:
(a) Vernier                        (b) Viscometer
(c) Ultrasonoscope        (d) Udometer
Answer: (b)

109. Which is not related to Edison?
(a) Cinematograph               (b) Gramophone
(c) Neon lamp                        (d) Electric Lamp
Answer: (c)

110. A body falling freely from a height towards the earth moves with uniform:
(a) Speed                    (b) Velocity
(c) Acceleration        (d) Weight
Answer: (c)

111. Radio telescopes are better than optical telescopes because:
(a) they can work even in cloudy conditions
(b) they can work during the day and night
(c) they can detect faint galaxies which no optical telescope can
(d) All of the above
Answer: (d)

112. It is easier to roll a barrel full of coal tar than to pull it because:
(a) The full weight of the barrel comes into play when it is pulled
(b) The rolling friction is less than the sliding friction
(c) More surface area of the barrel is in contact with the road when it is pulled
(d) Coal tar is a liquid and flows in the barrel when it is rolled
Answer: (b)

113. Large astronomical telescopes always use as objective:
(a) Lens                                           (b) Mirror
(G) combinations of lenses         (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

 114.The supersonic plane flies with the speed:
(a) less than the speed of sound
(b) speed of sound
(c) greater than the speed of sound
(d) greater than the speed of light    
Answer: (c)

115. A weather balloon is not fully inflated on the ground because:
(a) If the balloon is fully inflated it may not remain firm in a storm
(b) The air inside the balloon expands as it rises and may 'burst
(c) It cannot withstand the outside pressure it fully inflated
(d) None of these
Answer: (b)

116. If the speed of rotation of the earth increases, the weight of the body:
(a) Increases
(b) Remain unchanged
(c) Decreases
(d) May decrease or increase
Answer: (c)

117. Which of the following properties generally found in non-metals? 
(a) Brittleness     (b) Conductivity
(c) Ductility         (d) Malleability
Answer: (a)

118. Acceleration is the rate of change of:
(a) Direction              (b) Distance
 (c) Velocity                (d) Weight
Answer: (c)

119. A transistor is most likely to be found in a:.
(a) Fuse                           (b) Fluorescent lamp
(c) Hearing aid              (d) Wristwatch
 Answer: (c)

120. Otis invented:
(a) Skyscraper                (b) MRI
(c) Escalator                    (d) Lift
Answer: (d)

121. Sprayer functions on:
(a) Bernoulli’s principle                (b) Archimedes Principle
(c) Pascal’s law                                    (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

122. What CNN Stands for
(a) Cable News Network                                 (b) Continental News Network
(c) Coveted News Network                             (d) Concise News Network
Answer: (a)

123. Hydrogen spectrum was first explained by:
(a) Dalton                                     (b) Erwin Schrödinger
(c) Niels Bohr                              (d) Rutherford
Answer: (c)

124. A lighted candle sets extinguished when covered with a tumbler because of:
(a) Presence of non-luminous matter
(b) Adequate supply of air
(c) Inadequate supply of air
(d) Absence of non-luminous matter
Answer: (c)

125.  The Baily’s beads effect is a feature of:
(a) Lunar eclipse                         (b) Solar eclipse
(c) Neap tide                                (d) Springtide
Answer: (b)

126. Impure water boils at a temperature:
(a) Below 100° C                                (b) Above 100° C
(c) At10Q°C                                           (d) At96°C
Answer: (b)

127. The time period of a pendulum on the moon:
(a) Decreases                                           (b) Increases
(c) Remains the same                            (d) Is zero
Answer: (b)

128. ln which one of the following places, the boiling point of water is the highest?
(a)  Dead sea                      (b) Mt. Everest
(c)  Nile Delta                      (d) Sundarbans Delta
Answer: (a)

129. The unit of electric charge is
(a) Ampere                               (b) Ohm
(c) Volt                                        (d) Coulomb
Answer: (d)

130. Glass is best described as:
(a)  Liquid                                           (b) Solid
(c) Supercooled liquid                     (d) Colloid
Answer: (c)
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