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Facts about Kerala - Questions and Answers -14

Facts about Kerala - Questions and Answers -14

2351. Which districts are connected by the Pulamanthole Bridge? 
Palakkad and Malappuram

2352. Which agency is providing financial assistance to the Kerala State Transport Project (KSTP)? 
World Bank

2353. In which year was the Kerala Road Fund Board established?

2354. What is the current name of National Highway 17?

2355. Which places are connected by the NH-66? 

2356. Who declared Thiruvananthapuram Airport as the fifth International Airport of India in 1991? 
V.P. Singh (then Prime Minister)

2357. Which was the first airport in Kerala? 
Trivandrum International airport

2358. Trivandrum airport was established in which year?

2359. Which is the first airport in India devel­oped under a public-private partnership? 
Cochin International Airport(Nedumbassery) 

2360. In which year was the Nedumbassery airport opened? 

2361. Which is the busiest and largest airport in Kerala?
Cochin International Airport 

2362. Which is the world's first fully solar-powered airport? 
Cochin International Airport

2363. Who is the ex-officio Chairman of the Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL)? 
The Chief Minister of Kerala

2364. In which district is the Calicut International Airport (Karipur Airport) situated? 

2365. In which year was the Karipur Airport opened?

2366. In which year, Karipur airport was given international airport status? 

2367. The Kannur International Airport opened for commercial operations on ..........?
December 9, 2018 

2368. Where is the Kannur International Airport situated? 

2369. Which is the second airport in Kerala to be built on a public-private partnership?
Kannur International Airport 

2370. Who is the Chairman of the Kannur International Airport Limited (KIAL)? 
Chief Minister of Kerala

2371. Who was the chief harbour engineer behind the development of the Cochin Port? 
Sir Robert Bristow

2372. Which book of Robert Bristow recounts his experiences in Kochi?
Cochin Saga 

2373. In which year was the Cochin Port opened? 

2374. Which island was artificially created with the mud sledged out for the Cochin harbour construction? 
The Willingdon Island

2375. Which was the first ship to roll out of the Cochin Shipyard in 1981?
MV Rani Padmini 

2376. Which are the riverine ports of Kerala?
Beypore (Kozhikode) & Azhikkal (Kannur)

2377. The railway operations in Kerala comes under which Railway Zone?
Southern Railway 

2378. Which are the two districts of Kerala not connected by railway? 
Idukki & Wayanad

2379. Which two railway divisions of Southern Railway are operating in Kerala?
Thiruvananthapuram & Palakkad divisions 

2380. Which is the largest railway station of Kerala in terms of passengers & revenue? 
Thiruvananthapuram Central

2381. Which is the triangular railway station of Kerala?

2382. Prime Minister of India inaugurated the Kochi Metro on:
June 17, 2017 

2383. Kochi Metro is India's ....... the metro service.

2384. Which are the districts bordered by Kerala's larg­est lake Vembanadu lake?
Alappuzha, Kottayam & Ernakulam

2385. Which lake of Kerala is considered the longest lake in India? 
Vembanadu lake

2386. Which are the major is­lands situated in the Vern­banadu lake? 
Willington, Vypin, Vallar­padam & Mulavukad 

2387. In which name is the parts of Vembanadu lake known in the Kuttanadu region?
Punnamada lake 

2388. The Nehru Trophy Boat race is held at which lake?
Punnamada lake 

2389.. In which lake is the famous Pathiramanal island situat­ed?
Vembanadu lake 

2390. Also known as 'Ananda Padmanabhan Thoppu',the Pathiramanal Island is situated at which district? 

2391. On the banks of which lake is the famous Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary situated? 
Vembanadu lake

2392. Across which lake is the Thanneermukkom Bund constructed?
Vembanadu lake 

2393. Constructed in 197 4, in which year the 'Ihanneer­ mukkom Bund become operational?

2394. In which year was the Vembanadu wetland declared a Ramsar Site?
August-19, 2002 

2395. Kochi lake is a part of which lake?
Vembanadu lake 

2396. Which is known as the largest artificial island in India?
Willington Island 

2397. Which island was formed as the result of the dredg­ing of the Vembanadu lake as part of the construction of the Kochi Port? 
Willington Island

2398. In which island is the office of the Cochin Port Trust situated? 
Willington Island

2399. Which is the famous palm-shaped lake of Kerala?
Ashtamudi Lake 

2400. In which district is the Ashtamudi Lake situated? 

2401. Which is the second largest lake of Kerala?
Ashtamudi Lake 

2402. In which year were the Ashta­mudi Wetlands designated as the Ramsar Site?
August-19, 2002 

2403. Which is the important city situated on the banks of Ashtamudi Lake?

2404.. Which is the major river discharging into the Ash­tamudi Lake?
Kallada River 

2405. Which is the important is­land situated in Ashta­mudi Lake?
Munroe Island (Munroethuruth)

2406. The Peruman railway accident of July-8, 1988 occurred in which lake?
Ashtamudi Lake 

2407. Which is the largest freshwater lake of Kerala? 
Sasthamkotta Lake 

2408. In which district is the Sas­thamkotta Lake situated?

2409. In which year was Sast­hamkotta Lake designated as a Ramsar Site?
November 2002 

2410. Which lake is known as 'the Queen of Lakes in Kerala'?
Sasthamkotta Lake 

2411. Which is the 'F' shaped lake of Kerala? 
Sasthamkotta Lake 

2412. In which district is the freshwater lake Pookode situated?

2413. Which is the smallest & highest altitude freshwater lake in Kerala? 
Pookode Lake

2414. Which lake of Kerala has the shape of India's map?
Pookode Lake 

2415. Near which peak of Kerala is a famous heart-shaped lake situated? 
Chembra Peak of Wayanad 

2416. What is the total number of lakes in Kerala? 

2417. Which is the largest freshwater lake in Thiruvanan­thapuram district?
Vellayani lake 

2418. In which lake of Kerala is the Mahatma Ayyankali boat race annually held? 
Vellayani lake

2419. Which lake of Kerala is the venue of the President's 
Trophy Boat Race every year?
Ashtamudi Lake 

2420. In which district is the Enamakkal freshwater lake situated?

2421. In which district is the Karalad lake situated? 

2422. Approximately, what length of Western Ghats passes through Kerala? 

2423. What is the height of the Anamudi peak, the high­est peak in India outside the Himalayas? '
8,842 Feet (2,695 M) 

2424. What percentage of India's 'geographical area is occu­pied by Kerala? 
1.18 % 

2425. Covering about 65 per­cent of the total area of the State, which is the most extensive of the soil groups found in Kerala? 

2426. Which type of soil is predominantly found in the Karunagapally, Karthikapally & Mavelikara Taluks? 
Onattukara Alluvium

2427. In which Taluk of Kerala is Black soil mostly found?
ChittoorTaluk (Palakkad) 

2428. In which part of Kerala is Red loam soil type mostly found? ·
Southern parts of Trivandrum district

2429. How many districts of Ker­ala have a coastline? 

2430. Which districts of Kerala do not have a coastline? 
Pathanamthitta, Idukki, Kottayam, Palakkad & Wayanad 

2431. Which is the only district of Kerala sharing a border with two states (Kamataka & Tamil Nadu)? 

2432. Which is the only district of Kerala that does not have a coastline and does not share a border with other states?

2433. Which district of Kerala has the longest coastline? 

2434. In which beach of Kerala is the famous Halcyon Castle situated? 

2435. The Lighthouse Beach, Hawah Beach & Sam­udra Beach are the parts of which famous beach of Kerala?
Kovalam Beach 

2436. Papanasham Beach, which is famous for cliffs is situated in which district?
Thiruvananthapuram (Varkala)

2437. In which district is the famous Thirumullavaram Beach situated? 

2438. Which is the longest drive-in beach in India?
Muzhappilangad (Kannur)

2439. In which district is the nat­ural harbour Mappila Bay situated? 

2440. Which dam built in Kerala is provides drinking water to Coimbatore city in Ta­mil Nadu?
Siruvani Dam (Palakkad) 

2441. Which dam is built across the Panniar riv­er near the Munnar town in Idukki dis­trict?
Anayirangal Dam 

2442. The Aruvikkara Dam of Thiruvanan­thapuram district is built across which riv­er?
Karamana river 

2443. Kakkayam dam of the Kozhikode district is built across which river? 
Kuttiyadi river

2444. Which river of Kerala is known as the 'Yellow river'? 
Kuttiyadi river 

2445. Which important dam of Kerala is built across the Karamanathodu? 
Banasura Sagar Dam 

2446. Karamanathodu is a tributary of which river? 
Kabini river 

2447. Which dam in Kerala is also known as 'Sethu Parvathi Dam'? 
Kundala Dam

2448. The Kundala Dam of Munnar is built across which river? 
Palar river 

2449. Which is the important dam built across the Thodupuzhayar? 
Malankara Dam 

2450. Which dam in Thrissur district is built across the river Manali? 

2451. In which major river is the Peringalkuthu dam situated? 
Chalakudy river 

2452. The popular festival of Nenmara Vallangi Vela is held on the shores of which reser­voir?
Pothundi Dam 

2453. Which district of Kerala has the second most number of dams? 
Palakkad (Idukki has the most number of dams) 

2454.The premises of which dam in Kerala has a garden called 'Smaraka Thottam', which is built in the memory of freedom fighters?
Peruvannamuzhi Dam (Kozhikode)

2455. In which wildlife sanctuary is the Thoo­nakkadavu dam situated?
Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary (Palakkad) 

2456. Which dam of Kerala is situated between Kuravan & Kurathi hills? 
Idukki Dam 

2457. In which year is the power generation? 

2458. The Government of which country assist­ed the construction of the Idukki dam with long term loans?

2459. Who commissioned the commercial oper­ation of Idukki Power Station on 12 Feb­ruary, 1976?
Indira Gandhi 

2460. The Pazhassi Dam of Kannur is situated in which river? 
Valapattanam river

2461. Which British engineer is known as 'the architect of Mullaperiyar dam'?
John Pennycuick 

2462. The tourist destination of Thekkady is sit­uated on the shores of which dam?
Mullaperiyar Dam 

2463. In which year was the construction of the Mullaperiyar dam completed? 

2464. In which river is the Bhoothathankettu dam situated? 

2465. Which dam in Palakkad district is built across the river Thrikkunnapuzha? 
Mangalam Dam 

2466.The main attractions of which dam in Ker­ala are the Yakshi garden & Japanese gar­den?
Malampuzha Dam 

2467. Which major river of Kerala is referred to as 'Peraar' in the ancient documents? 

2468. Which major river of Kerala flows through the Palakkad Gap?

2469. Which river flows through the Silent Val­ley National Park? 

2470. Which river of Kerala was known as 'Eng­lish Channel in India' during the British rule?
Mahe River (Mayyazhi Puzha)

2471. Which river of Kerala is formed by the confluence of the Rishimala, Pasukid­amettu & Ramakkalteri rivers?
Achankovil river 

2472. The towns of Konni, Pathanamthitta, Pan­dalam & Mavelikkara are situated on the banks of which river? 
Achankovil river

2473. Kuriarkutty, Thunakadavu and Sholayar rivers are the important tributaries of which river? 
Chalakudy river 

:2474.As per the annual report of the National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources, which river of Kerala has the richest fish diversi­ty?
Chalakudy river 

2475. The Athirapally & Vazhachal Falls are sit­uated in which river? 
Chalakudy river

2476. Which is the largest waterfall in Kerala? 
Athirapally Falls

2477. In which river is the Charpa Falls situated? 
Chalakudy river 

2478. Which river of Kerala is also known as 'Dakshina Bhagirathi'? 

2479. In which name was the river Pamba known in ancient times?

2480. Which river of Kerala rises from the Peer­made Plateau in the Idukki district? 

2481. Which river is known as the 'Lifeline of Kerala'? 

2482. 25 per cent of industries in Kerala are situ­ated along the banks of which river? 

2483.Which river bifurcates into the Marthan­davarma & Mangalapuzha branches at Aluva?

2484.The basin of which river of Kerala has an inverted 'L' shape? 

2485. In which district is the Kumbhavurutty & Manalar Waterfalls situated? 

2486. In which river is the famous Palaruvi Wa­terfalls situated? 
Kallada river (Kollam) 

2487. Which is the largest irrigation project in Kerala? 
Kallada Irrigation Project 

2488. The Ithikkara river flows through which district of Kerala? 

2489. In which district is the Perunthenaruvi Falls situated? 

2490. In which district is the Soochipara Falls situated? 

2491. Thusharagiri Falls is situated in which dis­trict? 

2492. Which river of Kasaragod district is considered as the traditional boundary between Tulu Nadu & the Malayalam regions of Kerala? 
Payaswini river 

2493. Which river of northern Kerala is also known as Chandragiri? 
Payaswini river 

2494. Which river of Kerala is mentioned in Arundhati Roy's Booker Prize-winning novel 'The God of Small Things? 
The Meenachil river 

2495. Which major river is tributary is Iruvan­jippuzha? 

2496 Which novel of S. K. Pottekkatt is set in the backdrops of the Iruvanjippuzha? 
Naadan Premam 

2497. Which river is also known as 'Beypore River'?

2498. First 'Labour Bank' in Kerala 
- Akath­ethara (Palakkad) 

2499.First bio village in Kerala 
- Udum­bannoor 

2500. The First census in Travancore was con­ducted by 
- Swathi Thirunal (1836) 

2501.The first coastal police station in Kerala 
- Neendakara

2502. First Digital Panchayat in Kerala 
- Pampakkuda 

2503. First Dowry free Village in India 
- Nilambur 

2504.The first editor of Swadeshabhimani 
- C P Govinda Pillai

2505. The First Islamic bank in India was es­tablished in 
- Kochi. 

2506. First King of Kerala whose image ap­peared on stamps 
- Swathi Thirunal 

2507. First Malayali to become the member of the Central Cabinet 
- Dr John Mathai 

2508. First Opposition Leader 
- P. T. Chacko 

2509. First tourism police station 

2510.First vice president of S.N.D.P 
- Dr Palpu 

2511. First Woman ruler of Travancore 
- Rani Gouri Lakshmi Bai 

2512. Kerala get maximum rainfall through 
- South- West Monsoon 

2513. First fully electrified Grama Pan­chayath 
- Kannadi (Palakkad) 

2514. F' shaped freshwater lake 
- Lake Sasthamkotta. It is called the 'Queen of back waters' the first hallmarking dis­trict in India.

2517. 'INS Zamorin' is located at 
- Ezhimala naval academy. 

2518.In Sangam age Periyar is known as 
- Chulli and Murachi 

2519. The INC session held in Kakinada (1923) took the decision of conduct­ing 
- Vaikom Satyagraha 

2520.Gandhiji visited Sree Narayana Guru at Sivagiri in 
- 1925 

2521. Pallivasal Hydro Electric Project was commissioned in 
- 1940 

2522.Tagore visited Sree Narayana Guru at Sivagiri in 
- 1922 

2523. VT. Bhattathiripad conducted Yacha­na Yathra in 
- 1931 

2524. Irrigation Department in Travancore was set up by 
- Swathi Thirunal 

2525. KP Keshava Menon is known as the 
- 'Grand Old Man of Kerala'. 

2526. K. Kelappan became a member of the Lok Sabha from 
- Ponnani constitu­ency 

2527. The Chief Minister of Kerala when the Panchayati Raj Act was passed 
-K. Karunakaran 

2528. Kerala is the first state in India to frame a comprehensive water policy. 

2529. Kottappuram fort is located in Thris­sur (built by Portuguese). 

2530. Kuruva Island is in River Kabani

2531. Kunthipuzha is the least polluted river in Kerala. 

2532. "Lungs of Kochi" - Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary 

2533. Last Mamankam was celebrated in the year 
- 1755 

2534. Longest-serving Chief Minister of Kerala
-E.K. Nayanar (4009 days) 

2535. First Deputy Chief Minister in Kerala 
- R. Sankar 

2536.Longest Serving Rajya Sabha member from Kerala 
-B.V. Abdulla Koya 

2537. Lord Curzon was the only Viceroy of British India who visited Kerala. 

2538. Malabar Economic Union was founded by Dr Palpu. 

2539. Malayali Memorial & Ezhava Memo­rial were submitted to Sree Moolam Thirunal

2540.'Mind is God': Brahmananda Sivay­ogi

2541. The birthplace of C Keshavan 
- Mayyanad. 

2542. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is a Japanese company which assisted in the establishment of Cochin Ship­yard. 

2543. Mother Teresa boat race is conducted in Achankovil 

2544. Mullaperiyar Dam was inaugurated during the reign of Sree Moolam Thirunal (1895) 

2545. Myanmar is known as 'Pegu' in the historical records of Kerala 

2546. Meenvallam and Dhoni waterfalls are situated in Palakkad. 

2547. Mooriyad wetland is in Thrissur.

2548. Nalapat Narayana Menon translated Edwin Arnold's 'Light of Asia' into Malayalam. 

2549. Napier Museum is situated at Thiru­vananthapuram

2550. Nooranad is known as 'Pakshi Gramam" of Kerala
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