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Facts about Kerala - Questions and Answers -7

Facts about Kerala - Questions and Answers -7

1151. In which district is Mayippadi Palace?

1152. Karumadikkuttan, a statue obtained from Alappuzha district is believed to be related to:

1153. The Bolghatty Palace was built in:

1154.The capital of Kulasekharas was:

1155.The first fort built by Europeans in India:
Fort Manuel, Kochi

1156. The first Malayali woman to get Booker Prize:
Arundhathi Roy

1157.The official residence of Dewan of Travancore which later became the seat of Akasavani in Kerala:
Bhakti Vilasom

1158.The place in Kerala where Mannathu Padmabhan started the historical ‘Savarna jatha’:

1159. The publication of Mathrubhumi newspaper was started from:

1160. Which constituency was represented by EMS Namboothirippadu in the first Kerala Legislative Assembly?

1161. Who constructed Bakel Fort in the 17th century?
Sivappa Nayak

1162. Who constructed Chettuva Fort?
The Dutch

1163. Who built the Palakkad Fort in1766?
Hyder Ali

1164. The remains of Sister Alphonsa is kept at:

1165. Which Fort in Kerala was also known as Fort William?
Chettuva Fort

1166.MN Govindan Nair started One Lakh Housing Scheme at:
Chithara (Chadayamangalam)

1167. The temple is known as ‘Dakshina Mookambika’:

1168.Thycal, where remains of an ancient  ship obtained  is in the district of:

1169. In which district is Kappil beach of north Kerala?

1170. The museum at East Hill in Kozhikode is named after:
Pazhassi Raja

1172. The headquarters of Malabar district during the British regime:

1173. In connection with which event, Gandhiji visited Kerala for the second time, in 1925?
Vaikom Satyagraha

1174. The year of the oath of “Koonan Kurissu’:

1175. Which district has the lowest number of

1176. The founder of Ananda Maha Sabha
Answer: Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi

1177. Who led ‘Kallumala (Stone ornament) Agitation”?
Answer: Ayyankali

1178. ‘Prachina Malayalam’ was authored by:
Answer: Chattampi Swamikal

1179. Who led the starvation march?
Answer: V.T.Bhatatirippad

1180. The only foreign country visited by Sree Narayana Guru:
Answer: Sri Lanka

1181. Who is called the father of literacy in Kerala?
Answer:Kuriakose Elias Chavara

1182. Who called Kumaranasan ‘Viplavathinte Sukranakshatram’?
Answer: Joseph Mundassery

1183. The name of the boat Kumaranasan was travelling before he met an accident that caused his death:
Answer: Redeemer

1184. Who wrote the introduction to ‘Nalini’ written by Kumaranasan:
Answer: A.R.Rajaraja Varma
1185. The year of Perinad Revolt led by Ayyankali:
Answer: 1915

1186. The year of Liberation Struggle –
Answer: 1959

1187. Who authored ‘Divyakokilam’ as a tribute to Rabindranath Tagore?
Answer: Kumaranasan

1188. The work of Kumaranasan based on Buddhist legend:
Answer: Chandala bhikshuki

1189. Who authored ‘Mokshapradeepam’?
Answer: Brahmananada Sivayogi

1190. Which agitation is also known as “Thonnooramand Lahala’?
Answer: Oorutapalam revolt

1191. The birthplace of  Vaikunta Swamikal:
Answer: Swamithoppe

1192. The Visit of Mahathma Gandhi at Vaikom Satyagraha in the year-
Answer: 1925

1193. What was the pet name of Chattampi Swamikal:
Answer: Kunjan

1194. Who was the first to introduce the system called “A school along with every church”?
Kuriakose Elias Chavara

1195. In which district was the Perinad strike held?
Answer: Kollam

1196. Moksha Pradeepa Khandanam was written by:
Answer: Chattampi Swamikal

1197. The first medical graduate from Ezhavacommunity in Travancore:
 Dr Palpu

1198. What is known as ‘Dakshina Nalanda’?
(a) Parthivapuram sala                             (b) Srimoolavasam
(c) Kanthallur Sala                                      (d) Mahodayapuram
Answer: (c)

1199. The area is known as the ‘granary of Travancore’, which is now in Kanyakumari district:
(a) Vizhijnjam                                             (b) Nanjinad
(c) Aaruvamozhi                                        (d) Sucheendram
Answer: (b)

1200. Which among the following was not a freshwater lake?
(a) Vellayani                                                (b) Sasthamkotta
(c) Veli                                                           (d) Pookkodu
Answer: (c)

1201. The southernmost freshwater lagoon in Kerala is:
(a) Veli                                                          (b) Akkulam
(c) Ashatamudi                                           (d) Vellayani
Answer: (d)

1202. Maryland, the second film studio in Kerala is situated at....... in Thiruvananthapuram district.
(a) Nemom                                                   (b) Alappuzha
(c) Thiruvalla                                              (d) Thiruvallam
Answer: (a)

1203. The capital of the Aay dynasty was....... in Thiruvananthapuram district.
(a) Neendakara                                            (b) Ambalappuzha
(c) Vizhinjam                                                (d) Varkala
Answer: (c)

1204. The place in Thiruvananthapuram district where the remains of ‘Ammachi Plavu’ in Travancore history is preserved:
(a) Attingal                                                   (b) Kilimanoor
(c) Nedumangad                                         (d) Neyyatinkara
Answer: (d)

1205. The Chala market founded by Raja Kesavadas is in:
(a) Alappuzha                                             (b) Kottayam
(c) Varkala                                                   (d) Thiruvananthapuram
Answer: (d)

1206. Where is Putharikandam ground situated?
(a) Kollam                                                 (b) Thiruvananthapuram
(c) Pathanamthitta                                   (d) Ernakulam
Answer: (b)

1207. M.C.Road connects Thiruvananthapuram and ........
(a) Kottayam                                                (b) Kozhikode
(c) Kochi                                                        (d) Angamali
Answer: (d)

1208. The king who shifted the capital of Travancore from Padmanabhapuram to Thiruvananthapuram?
(a) Marthandavarma                               (b) Dharma Raja
(c) Chithira Tirunal                                  (d) Sri Mulam Tirunal
Answer: (b)

1209. In 1869, a new secretariat building was constructed in Thiruvananthapuram during the reign of Ayilyam Tirunal under the supervision of Dewan ......
(a) T.Madhava Rao                                    (b) Rama Rao
(c) Venkitasubbayya                                (d) CP Ramaswami Iyer
Answer: (a)

1210. In 1888, the legislative council in Travancore started functioning at:
(a) Thiruvananthapuram                          (b) Kollam
(c) Alappuzha                                               (d) Mavelikkara
Answer: (a)

1211. The famous statue in front of the Govt. Secretariat, Thiruvananthapuram from which the name ‘Statue Junction’ is evolved, is that of:
(a) Ayilyam Tirunal                                    (b) Madhava Rao
(c) Swati Tirunal                                         (d) Rama Rao
Answer: (b)

1212. The southernmost taluk in Kerala:
(a) Neyyatinkara                                        (b) Nedumangad
(c) Thiruvananthapuram                         (d) Chirayinkil
Answer: (a)

1213. Which wildlife sanctuary is in the Thiruvananthapuram district?
(a) Shendurney                                          (b) Peppara
(c) Aaralam                                                 (d) Mangalavanam
Answer: (b)

1214. Where is Lakshmi Bhai College of Physical Education?
(a) Nedumangad                                        (b) Karyavattom
(c) Ponmudi                                                 (d) Thumba
Answer: (b)

1215. The highest peak in Thiruvananthapuram district:
(a) Anamudi                                               (b) Vythalmala
(c) Puralimala                                           (d) Agasthyamala
Answer: (d)

1216. Which bird sanctuary is in the Thiruvananthapuram district?
(a) Arippa                                                     (b) Thattekkad
(c) Choolannur                                           (d) Kadalundi
Answer: (a)

1217. Which among the following is correctly matched?
(a) Kumarasan-Kayikkara                             (b) Ayyankali Venganur
(c) Chattambi Swamikal- Kannammula      (d) All are correctly matched
Answer: (d)

1218. Murajapam in Padmanabha Swami Temple is held every ...
(a) 6 months                                    (b) 6 years
(c) 3 years                                         (d) 4 years
Answer: (b)

1219. The radio station in Travancore started functioning in:
(a) 1943                                       (b) 1944
(c) 1945                                        (d) 1946
Answer: (a)

1220. Graphite ore is obtained from:
(a) Veli                                         (b) Vellanad
(c) Thumba                                (d) Ponmudi
Answer: (b)

1221. Thiruvananthapuram is the largest producer of ...........
(a) Pepper                               (b) Rubber
(c) Tobacco                             (d) Tapioca
Answer: (d)

1222. The National Highway passing through Thiruvananthapuram city:
(a) N.H. 17                                   (b) N.H. 212
(c) N.H. 47                                   (d) N.H.49
Answer: (c)

1223. Hill station in Thiruvananthapuram district:
(a) Peerumedu                                          (b) Ponmudi
(c) Charalkunnu                                         (d) Jadayupara
Answer: (b)

1224. The M.C. Road and N.H. 47 meet at:
(a) Vembayam                                  (b) Attingal
(c) Venjaramood                               (d) Kesavadasapuram
Answer: (d)

1225. Where is Papanasam beach?
(a) Kovalam                                   (b) Vizhinjam
(c) Varkala                                    (d) Veli
Answer: (c)

1226. During the period of Swati Tirunal, the Hajur Kacheri (Secretariat) of Travancore was shifted to Thiruvananthapuram from:
(a) Alappuzha                                 (b) Kollam
(c) Mavelikkara                              (d) Attingal
Answer: (b)

1227. Ceramic Factory is situated at:
(a) Nattakom                                        (b) Valayar
(c) Kundara                                            (d) Chavara
Answer: (c)

1228. The Kollam - Kottappuram stretch of West Coast Canal is known as:
(a) National Waterway-1
(b) National Waterway-2
(c) National Waterway-3
(d) National Waterway- 4
Answer: (c)

1229. China clay is abundant in:
(a) Chavara                                             (b) Palakkad
(c) Thalassery                                          (d) Kundara
Answer: (d)

1230. The seat of Ilayidathu swaroopam in Travancore history was:
(a) Kottarakkara                                   (b) Poonjar
(c) Kayamkulam                                    (d) Purakkad
Answer: (a)

1231. Vallikkavu, where the Ashram of Amritanandamayi is situated is in the
district of:
(a) Alappuzha                                            (b) Kollam
(c) Ernakulam                                            (d) Malappuram
Answer: (b)

1232. Which of the following place in Kerala is famous for the cashew industry?
(a) Idukky                                                    (b) Kottayam
(c) Pathanamthitta                                     (d) Kollam
Answer: (d)

1233. In which district the Shendurney wildlife sanctuary is situated?
(a) Kottayam                                  (b) Alappuzha
(c) Wayanadu                                  (d) Kollam
Answer: (d)

1234. The Alapuzha district was formed in 1957 mainly by the bifurcation of:
(a) Kollam                                           (b) Pathanamthitta
(c) Ernakulam                                    (d) Malabar
Answer: (a)

1235. Neendakara Azhi connects ...... and Arabian sea:
(a) Vembanad lake                               (b) Sasthamkotta lake
(c) Ashtamudi lake                                (d) Veli lake
Answer: (c)

1236. MN Govindan Nair started One Lakh Housing Scheme at:
(a) Kumali                                                   (b) Chithara (Chadayamangalam)
(c) Vellanad                                                 (d) Mankulam
Answer: (b)

1237. The taluk with the least number of villages:
(a) Mallappally                                      (b) Kunnathur
(c) Nedumangad                                   (d) Neyyatinkara
Answer: (b)

1238. The place where Duryodhana Temple is situated in Kollam district:
(a) Ochira                                                   (b) Malanada
(c) Punalur                                                (d) Kottarakkara
Answer: (b)

1239. The district with the least coastline:
(a) Kollam                                                  (b) Thiruvananthapuram
(c) Kannur                                                  (d) Alappuzha
Answer: (a)

1240. Which place was one known as ‘Thenvanchi’?
(a) Nattakom                                            (b) Valayar
(c) Kollam                                                  (d) Chavara
Answer: (c)

1241. The place where Velu Thampy issued a proclamation against the British:
(a) Kundara                                      (b) Kottarakkara
(c) Anchal                                          (d) Kadakkal
Answer: (a)

1242. Where is Chinnakkada ground situated?
(a) Kollam                                                      (b) Thiruvananthapuram
(c) Pathanamthitta                                      (d) Ernakulam
Answer: (a)

1243. The last formed city corporation in Kerala is……………..
(a) Kochi                                                       (b) Kozhikode
(c) Thiruvananthapuram                          (d) Kannur
Answer: (d)

1244. Where is Indian Rare Earth?
(a) Chithara                                                  (b) Sasthamkotta
(c) Chavara                                                   (d) Kundara
Answer: (c)

1245. The substance used to make Aranmula mirror:
(a) Clay                                                          (b) Wood
(c) Glass                                                         (d) Metal
Answer: (d)

1246. The ‘Chilanthi temple’ in Pathanamthitta district:
(a) Kodumon                                                  (b) Aranmula
(c) Niranam                                                    (d) Adoor
Answer: (a)

1247. Mannadi, the place where Velu Thampy Dalawa committed suicide is in the district of:
(a) Kollam                                                       (b) Pathanamthitta
(c) Alappuzha                                                (d) Ernakulam
Answer: (b)

1248. The most famous king of the kingdom of Kochi:
(a) Marthanda Varma                           (b) Pazhassi Raja
(c) Sakthan Thampuran                       (d) Manavedan
Answer: (c)

1249. The first to become prime minister of Travancore in 1948:
(a) C.Kesavan                                            (b) Pattom Thanu Pillai
(c) A.J. John                                                (d) Panampilly
Answer: (b)

1250. The first woman to become Chief Secretary in Kerala:
(a) Padma Ramachandran                   (b) Sheela Thomas
(c) Neela Gangadharan                         (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

1251. The founder of the modern Travancore:
(a) Swathi Thirunal                                    (b) Marthanda Varma
(c) Swathi Thirunal                                    (d) Chithira Thirunal
Answer: (b)

1252. The first woman magistrate of Kerala:
(a) Fatima Beevi                                           (b) R.Sreelekha
(c) Omanakunjamma                                  (d)K.K. Usha
Answer: (c)

1253. The first chairperson of the Women’s Commission in Kerala:
(a) M.Kamalam                                             (b) D.Sreedevi
(c) Sugathakumari                                      (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

1254. The second to become Prime Minister in Travancore after independence:
 (a) Paravur T.K. Narayana Pillai                           (b) Pattom Thanu Pillai
(c) A.J. John                                                                   (d) C.Kesavan
Answer: (a)

1255. Who headed the first ministry in Travancore-Cochin:
(a) Paravur T.K. Narayana Pillai                          (b) Pattom Thanu Pillai
(c) C.Kesavan                                                             (d) AJ John
Answer: (a)

1256. Who became the Chief Minister of Travancore-Cochin  after the first
(a) Pattom Thanu Pillai                                        (b) C.Kesavan
(c) Paravur T.K.                                                      (d) AJ John
Answer: (d)

1257. The founder of the Kerala Kalamandalam:
(a) Kumaranasan                                                    (b) Vallathol
(c) Ulloor                                                                  (d) Changampuzha
Answer: (b)

1258. The first director of the Kelala Language Institute:
(a) Vallathol                                                              (b) Sardar KM Panicker
(c) Kumaranasan                                                     (d) NV Krishnavarier
Answer: (d)

1259. ‘Pathinetara Kavikal’ lived in the court of:
(a) Manavedan                                                     (b) Manavikraman
(c) Swathi Thirunal                                             (d) Marthanda Varma
Answer: (b)

1260. Who sent ‘Chaverpada’ to Mamankom?
(a) Marthanda Varma                                         (b) Samoothiri
(c) Kolathiri                                                           (d) Valluvakonathiri
Answer: (d)

1261. Who founded Prajamandalam in Kochi?
(a) VR Krishananezhuthachan                        (b) Kuroor Nampoothiri
(c) Panampilly                                                       (d) AG Velayudhan
Answer: (a)

1262. The real name of Pazhassi Raja:
(a) Kottayam Keralavarma           (b) Sakthan Thampuran
(c) Karthika Thirunal                     (d) Manavikraman
Answer: (a)

1263. The first elected speaker of Kochi is the first elected speaker in a Legislature in India. What is his name?
(a) L.M. Pylee                                     (b) Panampilly
(c) AR Menon                                    (d) AS Menon
Answer: (a)

1264. Who presided over the conference which formed the branch of Indian
National Congress in Travancore?
(a) Pattom Thanu Pillai                            (b) C.V. Kunjuraman
(c) Pattabhi Seetharamaiah                    (d) P.S.Nataraja Pillai
Answer: (c)

1265. Who became the President of India after holding the post of Governor in Kerala?
(a) Zakkir Hussain                                     (b) V.V. Giri
(c) Sanjeeva Reddy                                   (d) KR Narayanan
Answer: (b)

1266. Who performed ‘Trippadidanam’:
(a) Marthanda Varma                               (b) Sakthan Thampuran
(c) Swathi Thirunal                                   (d) Ayilyam Thirunal
Answer: (a)

1267. The Zamorin king who was the exponent of Krishanattom?
(a) Manavikraman                                          (b) Manavedan
(c) Sakthan                                                      (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

1268. The exponent of ‘Kathakali’:
(a) Kottarakkara Thampuran                    (b) Dharama Raja
(c) Swathi Thirunal                                          (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

1269. Who got the first J.C. Daniel Award?
(a) T.E. Vasudevan                                          (b) Krishnan Nair
(c) Thikkurissi                                                  (d) Yesudas
Answer: (a)

1270. Which is not correctly matched(First Award and Recipient) ?
(a) Vayalar Award- Lalithambika Antherjanam
(b) Vallathol Award- Pala Narayanan Nair
(c) Ezhuthachan Award- Sooranad Kunhan Pillai
(d) Basheer Puraskaram- ONV
Answer: (d)

1271. The first Chief Justice of Kerala:
(a) K.T. Koshi                                               (b) KK Usha
(c) Fatima Beevi                                         (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

1272. The first Malayali to become the Chairman of Rajya Sabha:
(a) MM Jacob                                              (b) KR Narayanan
(c) VV Giri                                                   (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

1273. The first Malayali to get Magsaysay Award:
(a) MS Swaminathan            (b) V. Kurien
(c) Sugathakumari               (d) K Kelappan
Answer: (b)

1274. The first Malayali to get Kendra Sahithya Academy Award:
(a) KP Kesavamenon            (b) R. Narayana Panicker
(c) NV Krishna Varier           (d) Akkitham
Answer: (b)
1275. The first Keralite to get Saraswati Samman:
(a) Balamaniamma               (b) Ayyappapanicker
(c) Sugathakumari               (d) Kamala Das
Answer: (a)

1276. The first to get Dadasaheb Phalke Award from Kerala:
(a) P.J. Antony                            (b) T.E. Vasudevan
(c) Adoor Gopalakrishnan      (d) Mammooty
Answer: (c)

1277. The first to get Vallathol Award:
(a) Sooranad Kunjan Pillai                             (b) Pala Narayanan Nair
(c) T. Padmanabhan                                         (d) O.N.V. Kurup
Answer: (b)

1278. The first to get Pallavur Award:
(a) Chakkamkulam Appumarar     (b) Patikkamthodi Ravunni Menon
(c) P.K. Kallan                                             (d) Ammannur
Answer: (a)

1279. The first to get Basheer Award:
(a) T Padmanabhan                          (b) O.N.V. Kurup
(c) Kovilan                                        (d) Sugathakumari
Answer: (c)

1280. The first Malayali to get Padmavibhooshan:
(a) Vallathol                                   (b) V.K. Krishna Menon
(c) John Mathai                              (d) VP Menon
Answer: (b)

1281. The first Malayali to get Padmabhooshan:
(a) John Mathai                               (b) V.P. Menon
(c) Vallathol                              (d) Prakash Varghese Benjamin
Answer: (c)

1282. The first Malayali to get Padmashree:
(a) Prakash Varghese Benjamin              (b) K. Kelappan
(c) E.M.S.                                                    (d) K.P. Kesavamenon
Answer: (a)

1283. ‘Ente Jeevithasmaranakal’ is the autobiography of:
(a) Mannath Padmanabhan                     (b) SK Pottakkad
(c) AK Gopalan                                             (d) Thakazhi
Answer: (a)

1284. ‘Kanneerum Kinavum’ is the autobiography of:
(a) Lalithambika Antharjanam               (b) Madhavikkutty
(c) VT Bhatathirippad                                (d) MRB
Answer: (c)

1285. ‘Viplavasmaranakal’ is the autobiography of:
(a) AK Gopalan                                       (b) EMS
(c) EK Nayanar                                   (d) Puthuppally Raghavan
Answer: (d)

1286. ‘Smrithidarppanam ‘ is the autobiography of:
(a) SK pottakkad                           (b) MP Manmadhan
(c) Changampuzha                       (d) AP Udayabhanu
Answer: (b)

1286. ‘Manasasmarami’ is the autobiography of:
(a) S Guptan Nair                          (b) Changampuzha
(c) Thikkodian                                 (d) Thoppil Bhasi
Answer: (a)

1287. ‘Ethirpp’ is the autobiography of:
(a) Kesavadev                                (b) Thoppil Bhasi
(c) G Sankarakkurup                     (d) Ponkunnam Varkey
Answer: (a)

1288. ‘Ormayude Olangalil’ is the autobiography of:
(a) Thakazhi                                      (b) Basheer
(c) G Sankarakkurup                          (d) NN Pillai
Answer: (c)

1289. ‘Kaviyude Kalpadukal’ is the autobiography of:
(a) G Sankarakkurup                    (b) P Kunhiraman Nair
(c) Vayalar                                       (d) Changampuzha
Answer: (b)
1290. ‘Njan’ is the autobiography of:
(a) Thikkodian                               (b) Changampuzha
(c) EMS                                               (d) NN Pillai
Answer: (d)

1291. Who wrote ‘Thudikkunna Thalukal’ ?
(a) AK Gopalan                              (b) Changampuzha
(c) G Sankarakkurup                   (d) Kesavadev
Answer: (b)

1292. The only poet in Malayalam who became ‘mahakavi’ without writing a ‘mahakavyam’:
(a) Ulloor                                           (b) Vallathol       
 (c) Kumaranasan                            (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

1293. In which year did Sree Narayana Guru establish Adwaithasramam at Aluva?
(a) 1924                                                  (b) 1914         
(c) 1904                                                  (d)1888
Answer: (b)

1294. The prefix ‘Mahakavi’ was awarded to Kumaranasan by Madras University in the year ___.
(a) 1922                                                (b) 1924              
(c) 1920                                                (d) 1918
Answer: (a)

1295. The name ‘Sivagiri’ was given by:
(a) Dr.Palpu                                      (b) Sree Narayana Guru
(c) Ayyankali                                     (d)   Chattampi Swamikal
Answer: (b)

1296. Atmopadeshasatakam was authored by:
(a) Agamananda                                    (b) Dr.Palpu
(c) Kumaranasan                                  (d) Sree Narayana Guru
Answer: (d)

1297. How many people signed the Ezhava Memorial?
(a) 10000                                                (b) 13000         
 (c) 13176                                               (d)  10038
Answer: (c)

1298. ‘Yoganadam’ is the publication of:
(a) NSS                                                              (b) SNDP            
(c) Kalamandalam                                         (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

1299. Who suggested the name Nair Service Society?
(a) K.Paramu Pillai                        (b) K.Kelappan
(c) Mannath Padmanabhan        (d) M.P.Manmadan
Answer: (a)

1300. Who led ‘Jeevasikha Jatha’ during the Liberation Struggle?
(a) R.Sankar                                                 (b) Mannath Padmanabhan
(c) Panampilly Govindamenon             (d) P.T.Chacko
Answer: (b)

1301. The name ‘Nivarthana Prakshobhanam’ (Abstention Movement) was coined by:
(a) C.Kesavan                                   (b) N.V.Joseph    
 (c) P.K.Kunj                                      (d)  I.C.Chacko
Answer: (d)

1302. Who authored the publication ‘Treatment of Thiyyas in Travancore” in 1896?
(a) Kumaranasan                          (b) T.K.Madhavan
(c) C.Kesavan                                    (d) Dr.Palpu
Answer: (d)

1303. The journal ‘Sivayogavilasom’ was published by:
(a) Alathur Sivayogi                             (b) Kumaranasan
(c) Vagbhatananda                                  (d)  Dr.Palpu
Answer: (c)

1304. The venue of Paliyam Satyagraha:
(a) Vaikom                                   (b) Sucheendram
(c) Guruvayur                               (d) Chennamangalam
Answer: (d)

1305. Which is known as ‘bird village in Kerala’?
(a) Nooranad                                     (b) Pakshipathalam
(c) Thattekkad                                  (d) Choolannoor
Answer: (a)

1306. Which of the following was an ancient Buddhist centre?
(a) Venkatakota                                     (b) Muziris
(c) Ganapativattom                               (d) Srimulavasam
Answer: (d)

1307. The place where Parthasarathy Temple is situated?
(a) Aranmula                                              (b) Ettumanoor
(c) Ochira                                                      (d) Harippad
Answer: (a)

1308. The temple is known as ‘Dakshina Mookambika’:
(a) Harippad                                             (b) Mannarassala
(c) Panchikkad                                         (d) Attukal
Answer: (c)

1309. Erumeli famous for religious harmony is in the district of:
(a) Idukki                                                (b) Kottayam
(c) Ernakulam                                        (d) Alappuzha
Answer: (b)

1310. The only district in Kerala that has no coastline and shares border with the districts of Kerala only:
(a) Kottayam                                          (b) Pathanamthitta
(c) Palakkad                                            (d) Idukki
Answer: (a)

1311. The background of the novel, ‘God of Small Things’ by Arundhati Roy?
(a) Kozhikode                                       (b) Aymanam
(c) Athiranippadam                              (d) Purakkad
Answer: (b)

1312. In which district is Malayatoor, a holy place for Christians?
(a) Alappuzha                                         (b) Kottayam
(c) Ernakulam                                           (d) Kannur
Answer: (c)

1313. The proposed venue of the Smart City Project:
(a) Kochi                                                   (b) Thiruvananthapuram
(c) Kollam                                                  (d) Kozhikode
Answer: (a)

1314. Which temple is related to ‘Makam Thozhal’?
(a) Kodungallur                                      (b) Guruvayur
(c) Sabarimala                                          (d) Chottanikkara
Answer: (d)

1315. The church where Vasco da Gama was buried at Kochi.
(a) St.Thomas Church                               (b)St.Francis Church
(c) St.Andrews church                              (d) St.Mary’s Church
Answer: (b)

1316. The International Stadium at Kaloor in Ernakulam district is named after:
(a) Jawaharlal Nehru                            (b) Indira Gandhi
(c) Rajiv Gandhi                                      (d) Subhas Chandra Bose
Answer: (a)

1317. Aluva in Ernakulam is famous for ....... celebration.
(a) Durgshtami                                        (b) Sivarathri
(c) Mahanavami                                       (d) Athachamayam
Answer: (b)

1318. The place is known as the ‘Gateway to high range’:
(a) Angamali                                            (b) Adimali
(c) Kothamangalam                              (d) Kumali
Answer: (c)

1319. Which is known as ‘the lungs of Kochi’?
(a) Mangalavanam                                 (b) Kumbalangi
(c) Bolghatty                                            (d) Vypin Island
Answer: (a)
1320. Where is Thekkinkad ground, which is the venue of Pooram?
(a) Kollam                                               (b) Kozhikode
(c) Kannur                                               (d) Thrissur
Answer: (d)

1321. The first Malayalam film to get President’s silver medal in 1954:
(a) Chemmeen                                          (b) Swayamvaram
(c) Thulabharam                                      (d) Neelakkuyil
Answer: (d)

1322. Mayyazhi was liberated from the French rule in:
(a) 1954                                                        (b) 1955
(c) 1956                                                        (d) 1957
Answer: (a)

1323. Who was the last chief minister of Travancore Cochin?
(a) C Kesavan                                         (b) Panampilly Govindamenon
(c) AJ John                                               (d) Paravur TK Narayana Pillai
Answer: (b)

1324. Who became the first Chairman of the Kerala Sahitya Academy in 1956?
(a) Vallathol                                           (b) Sardar KM Panicker
(c) Mukunda Raja                                 (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

1325. Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy was established in:
(a) 1956                                                 (b) 1957
(c) 1958                                                 (d) 1959
Answer: (c)

1326. The Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad was formed at Kozhikode in:
(a) 1962                                               (b) 1963
(c) 1964                                               (d) 1965
Answer: (a)

1327. The second city corporation in Kerala:
(a) Kochi                                              (b) Kozhikode
(c) Kollam                                         (d) Thrissur
Answer: (b)

1328. Thumba Rocket launching station was started functioning in:
(a) 1962                                              (b) 1963
(c) 1964                                               (d) 1965
Answer: (b)

1329. Cochin Port Trust was brought into existence in:
(a) 1963                                               (b) 1962
(c) 1964                                               (d) 1965
Answer: (c)

1330. Who led the formation of the Kerala Congress in 1964?
(a) KM Mani                                      (b) PJ Joseph
(c) KM George                                    (d) TM Jacob
Answer: (c)

1331. Where is the first literary museum in Kerala?
(a) Shornur                                            (b) Tirur
(c) Thrissur                                           (d) Kollam
Answer: (b)

1332. The language used in Mappila songs in older days:
(a) Urdu                                                   (b) Arabic
(c) Tamil                                                  (d) Arabi Malayalam
Answer: (d)

1333. The river that flows through Attappady:
(a) Pambar                                               (b) Kabani
(c)  Siruvani                                             (d) Kunthi
Answer: (c)

1334. The only Spices Park in Kerala:
(a) Kumali                                                (b) Ambalavayal
(c) Vandanmedu                                     (d) Putadi
Answer: (d)

1335. Where is Unnayi Varrier Smarakam?
(a) Kalady                                                  (b) Kodungallur
(c) Iringalakuda                                       (d) Edappally
Answer: (c)

1336. Indian Institute of Science Education and Research is set up in:
(a) Wayanad                                            (b) Idukki
(c) Alappuzha                                          (d) Thiruvananthapuram
Answer: (d)

1337. The first Director of Thiruvananthapuram Doordarshan:
(a) K.Ramakrishnan                             (b) Nagavalli R.S.Kurup
(c) K.Kunjukrishnan                             (d) Ramankutty Nair
Answer: (c)

1338. In which item C.Balakrishnan was given Arjuna Award in 1965?
(a) Powerlifting                                   (b) Volley Ball
(c) Mountaineering                             (d) Kabadi
Answer: (c)

1339. The state in India which is named after a tree:
(a) Meghalaya                                       (b) Mizoram
(c) Sikkim                                               (d) Kerala
Answer: (d)

1340. ‘Vayalvaram Veedu’ is related to:
(a) Chattambi Swamikal                     (b) Sri Narayana Guru
(c) Ayyankali                                          (d) Vagbhatanandan
Answer: (b)

1341. In which district is, Sasthamkotta the largest freshwater lake in Kerala is Situated?
(a) Alappuzha                                       (b) Thiruvananthapuram
(c) Idukki                                                  (d) Kollam
Answer: (d)

1342. Mananchira Ground is at:
(a) Malappuram                                  (b)Kozhikodu
(c) Thalassery                                       (d) Thrissur
Answer: (b)

1343. The first labour bank in Kerala is Akathethara in ……….district.
(a) Kannur                                             (b) Thrissur
(c) Palakkad                                           (d) Thiruvananthapuram
Answer: (c)

1344. In which District J.P Smritivana is situated?
(a) Ernakulam                                        (b) Kozhikodu
(c) Palakkad                                                (d) Kannur
Answer: (c)

1345. The first lighthouse on the western coast was established in 1862 at
(a) Kollam                                               (b) Alappuzha
(c) Kochi                                                  (d) Kovalam
Answer: (b)

1346. The longest beach and only drive-in beach in Kerala;
(a) Kollam                                               (b) Muzhappilangad
(c) Kovalam                                            (d) Payyannur
Answer: (b)

1347. The northernmost river of Kerala:
(a) Periyar                                             (b) Manjeswaram
(c) Pampa                                               (d) Muthirapuzha
Answer: (b)

1348. The river is known as the lifeline of Kerala:
(a) Bharathapuzha                              (b) Achenkovil
(c) Periyar                                              (d) Pampa
Answer: (c)

1349. The largest east-flowing river of Kerala;
(a) Kabani                                              (b) Bhavani
(c) Pampar                                            (d) Periyar
Answer: (a)

1350. The famous Aranmula boat race is in the …….River
(a) Pampa                                                 (b) Kallada
(c) Bharathapuzha                                  (d) Chalakudi
Answer: (a) 
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