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General English - Questions & Answers - 17

General English - Questions & Answers - 17

2401. ‘Inadvertent’ means:
(a)Unintentional (b) Interesting
(c) Mindful (d) Involved
Answer: (a)

2402. There was some _____ between the member’s version and the committee’s version.
(a) discourse (b) discrepancy
(c) certainty (d) recurrence
Answer: (b)

2403. The thief was on good terms with the police (Meaning of the underlined phrase):
(a) Kept terms and conditions (b) Was friendly
(c) Followed the rules (d) Agreed with them
Answer: (b)

2404. I know ____ well what you mean:
(a) full (b) fully
(c) fulsome (d) very full
Answer: (b)

2405. We thought ____ the matter.
(a) in (b) about
(c) upon (d) on
Answer: (b)

2406. Choose the word opposite in meaning to ‘ATTACK”:
(a)Abuse (b) Offend
(c) Defend (d) Defer
Answer: (c)

2407. A ___ of bees.
(a)Fleet (b) Swarm
(c) Crowd (d) Flock
Answer: (b)

2408. ‘Recreation’ is similar to:
(a) Amusement (b) Encouragement
(c) Happiness (d) Enthusiasm
Answer: (a)

2409. Dogs generally faithful ___ their master.
(a) at (b) to
(c) on (d) with
Answer: (b)

2410. This is the ____ monument in the city. It was constructed in 1850.
(a) elder (b) older
(c) eldest (d) oldest
Answer: (d)

2411. A person of good understanding knowledge and reasoning power:
(a) Expert (b) Snob
(c) Intellectual (d) Literate
Answer: (c)

2412. Select the correctly spelt word:
(a) Hemorage (b) Haemorrhage
(c) Heamorrhage (d) Haemarhage
Answer: (b)

2413.  A gallery of _____.
(a)pigs (b) rooms
(c) pictures (d) fish
Answer: (c)

2414. At the traffic lights there were poor people ____ for money.
(a)urging (b) requesting
(c) pleading (d)  begging
Answer: (d)

2415. Boston is ____ the east coast of the United States:
(a) with (b) by
(c) at (d) on
Answer: (d)

2416. I want to buy ____ oranges.
(a) some (b) any
(c) one (d) ones
Answer: (a)

2417. The director pointed out in favour of the manager that the profitability of the plant had _____ since he took over.
(a) arisen (b) increased
(c) declined (d) developed
Answer: (b)

2418. I like them very much. They have always been very nice ____ me.
(a) of (b) for
(c) to (d) with
Answer: (c)

2419. You go on ahead.  I will soon catch up with you.  What do you mean by catch up with?
(a)To get hold on (b) Reach the same place as
(c) To have a catch (d) To take into custody of
Answer: (b)

2420. Feminine gender of ‘Tiger’:
(a) Tigress (b) She tiger
(c) He tiger (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

2421. Mice ____
(a) squeak (b) growl
(c) grunt (d) croak
Answer: (a)

2422. Find the misspelt word:
(a)Culmination (b) Termination
(c) Determination (d) Defination
Answer: (d)

2423. The word ‘Chaos’ means:
(a) Complete disorder or confusion (b) Solitude
(c) Revenge (d) Victory
Answer: (a)

2424. The letter is addressed ____ the Station Master.
(a) of (b) to
(c) on (d)  at
Answer: (b)

2425. A person with full discretionary powers to act on behalf of a country:
(a) Ambassador (b) Emissary
(c) Envoy (d) Plenipotentiary
Answer: (d)

2426. I _____ for him for the last one hour.
(a) have been waiting (b) am waiting
(c) waited (d) was waiting
Answer: (a)

2427. Which one of the following sentences is not wrong?
(a) Wait here till I return (b) Wait here till I will return
(c) Wait here till I shall return (d) Wait here till I would return
Answer: (a)

2428. You are free, _____ ?
(a) are you (b) don’t you
(c) aren’t you (d) won’t you
Answer: (c)

2429. _____  problem facing us is _____  universal one.
(a) The, an (b) A, an
(c) The, a (d) A, the
Answer: (c)

2430. _____ brave soldier lost _____  arm in the rescue operation:
(a) The, a (b) The, an
(c) A, a (d) A, the
Answer: (b)

2431. ‘Someone stole my watch’ is the active form of:
(a) My watch is stolen (b) My watch was stolen
(c) My watch had been stolen (d) Someone had been stolen my watch
Answer: (b)

2432. The noun form of ‘define’:
(a) Defining (b) Definition
(c) Definitive (d) Defiant
Answer: (b)

2433. The wounded soldier was ___ weak ___ move:
(a) to,too (b) too,to
(c) to,to (d) so,to
Answer: (b)

2434. If the driver _____ the brake, the car would not have hit the old man.
(a) did not apply (b) has not apply
(c) had applied (d)  had not applied
Answer: (d)

2435. Would you mind _____ the door?
(a) to shut (b) to have shut
(c) shut (d) shutting
Answer: (d)

2436. This is the lady ____ child was beaten up.
(a) whose (b) whom
(c) which (d) that
Answer: (a)

2437. I am sorry I cannot help you.  I have ___ money with me.
(a) a little (b) little
(c) a few (d) few
Answer: (b)

2438. Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the word ‘CEASELESS’:
(a) Continuous (b) Periodical
(c) Seasonal (d) Broken
Answer: (a)

2439. ‘Clandestine’ means:
(a) Systematic (b) Nefarious
(c) Secretive (d) Progressive
Answer: (c)

2440. ‘How nice you are!’ is a/an _____ sentence.
(a) interrogative (b) imperative
(c) assertive (d) exclamatory
Answer: (d)

2441.  There are millions of stars in _____
(a) space (b) a space
(c) the space (d)   None of these
Answer: (a)

2442. The river Rhine flows ____ the North Sea.
(a) to (b) at
(c) in (d) into
Answer: (d)

2443. A place where pigs are kept.
(a) Kennel (b) Sty
(c) Den (d) Nest
Answer: (b)

2444. ‘Better- half’ means:
(a) Brother (b) Sister
(c) Mother (d) Wife
Answer: (d)

2445. The opposite of ‘Action’:
(a) inaction (b) enaction
(c) dis action (d) non action
Answer: (a)

2446. She sings in divine ecstacy,____?
(a) isn’t she (b) don’t she
(c) doesn’t she (d) didn’t she
Answer: (c)

2447. To make someone to make something:
(a) Unable (b) Inable
(c) Disable (d) Enable
Answer: (d)

2448. He didn’t trust me. He was suspicious ___ my intentions.
(a) at (b) on
(c) in (d) of
Answer: (d)

2449. Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the word ‘CONSEQUENCES’:
(a) Results (b) Conclusions
(c) Difficulties (d) Applications
Answer: (a)

2450. If he bought a car, he ____ me a lift.
(a)  would give (b) will give
(c) will be given (d) may given
Answer: (a)

2451. I will be ___ a loss in this deal.
(a) to (b) on
(c) at (d)  for
Answer: (c)

2452. The synonym of ‘Burden’ is:
(a) loft (b) loaf
(c) load (d) lobby
Answer: (c)

2453. Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of ‘MISFORTUNE’:
(a) Misery (b) Sadness
(c) Ill-luck (d) Poverty
Answer: (c)

2454. An underground place for storing wine or other provisions:
(a) Balcony (b) Gallery
(c) Tank (d)  Cellar
Answer: (d)

2455. This umbrella isn’t yours. It’s ___.
(a) she (b) hers
(c) her (d) herself
Answer: (b)

2456. ____ of the three boys should meet me.
(a) Any (b) Either
(c) Neither (d) Some
Answer: (a)

2457. That which is perceptible by touch:
(a) Tenacious (b) Tangible
(c) Contagious (d) Contingent
Answer: (b)

2458. Everyone was present yesterday, ____?
(a) was it (b) wasn’t it
(c) were they (d)  weren’t they
Answer: (d)

2459. The expression ‘vox populi, vox dei’ means:
(a) The more, the merrier
(b) The voice of the people is the voice of God
(c) Population explosion is a serious threat to humanity
(d) Man proposes but God disposes
Answer: (b)

2460. One who investigates a crime:
(a) Spy (b) Infiltrator
(c) Detective (d)  Emissary
Answer: (c)

2461. The opposite of ‘Terrestrial’:
(a) Territorial (b) Celestial
(c) Continental (d) Ecclesiastical
Answer: (b)

2462. The young one of Hare:
(a) Leveret (b) Chicken
(c) Kid (d)  Fawn
Answer: (a)

2463. A warlike or masculine woman:
(a) Philistine (b) Amazon
(c) Alien (d)  Maiden
Answer: (b)

2464. ‘Apple-pie order ‘means:
(a) Perfect order (b) Disorder
(c) Circular shape (d)  Irregular shape
Answer: (a)

2465. On behalf ___ all he gave the welcome speech.
(a) in (b) to
(c) at (d)  of
Answer: (d)

2466. Birbal is celebrated _____ his witty sayings.
(a) in (b) for
(c) since (d) to
Answer: (b)

2467. All good people  _____ the death of great personalities.
(a) moan (b) mourn
(c) contrast (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

2468. _____  lion is  ____ king of beasts.
(a) A, the (b) The,the
(c) The,a (d) A,a
Answer: (b)

2469. I can’t _____ to this climate yet.
(a) fit (b) suit
(c) adapt (d) adjust
Answer: (c)

2470. The accident resulted ____ the death of five people.
(a) in (b) at
(c) by (d) for
Answer: (a)

2471. Find the correctly spelt word:
(a) Medievel (b) Medeival
(c) Midieval (d) Medieval
Answer: (d)

2472. He can play ____ Sitar.
(a) the (b) a
(c) an (d)  None of these
Answer: (a)

2473. Choose the word having the meaning-‘Thoroughly wet with’:
(a) bathed (b) dipped
(c) washed (d) soaked
Answer: (d)

2474. Suffering is the inevitable consequence of bad deeds
(Choose the word from those given which has the same meaning as the word given in italics).
(a) Unavoidable (b) Unnecessary
(c) Unkind (d)  Impossible
Answer: (a)

2475. ‘To drive home’  means:
(a) To emphasize (b) Back to original position
(c) To return to place of rest (d) To find one’s roots
Answer: (a)

2476. In which part of the sentence is the mistake ?
(a)A clemency petition/ (b)was sent/
(c)to the president/ (d)as a last retort.
Answer: (d)

2477. Find out the synonym of ‘Synopsis’:
(a) Munificent (b) Superb
(c) Precis (d) Outdo
Answer: (c)

2478. I hope you succeed _____ your effort.
(a) in (b) on
(c) from (d) with
Answer: (a)

2479. If she had taken a taxi, she _____ the station in time.
(a) had reached (b) would reach
(c) would have been reached
(d) would have reached
Answer: (d)

2480. The synonym of ‘expiry’ is:
(a) Termination (b) Medicine
(c) Pharmacy (d) Medical Store
Answer: (a)

2481. Happy is the man ___ has few needs.
(a) where (b) who
(c) that (d) which
Answer: (b)

2482. The opposite of the word ‘Bestow’ is:
(a) Attract (b) Hate
(c) Pollute (d) Take away
Answer: (d)

2483. To free somebody from all blame:
(a) Liberate (b) Recluse
(c) Exonerate (d) Exhumate
Answer: (c)

2484. Mothers are always worried ____ their children.
(a) with (b) about
(c) upon (d) from
Answer: (b)

2485. Which means ‘the order of relations being reversed’:
(a) Vice versa (b) alter ego
(c) Via media (d) without end
Answer: (a)

2486. It is half past four ____ my watch.
(a) for (b) by
(c) on (d) at
Answer: (b)

2487. Choose the word opposite in meaning to the word ‘IGNOBLE’:
(a) Pious (b) Sophisticated
(c) Gentle (d)  Noble
Answer: (d)

2488. As the festival approaches, the number of customers ____
(a) increases (b) is increasing
(c) will be increased (d)  will have increased
Answer: (a)

2489. The past participle of ‘Hit’:
(a) Hit (b) Hitted
(c) Hat (d) Hitten
Answer: (a)

2490. I have an aversion  ____ visiting towns.
(a) for (b) to
(c) by (d) on
Answer: (b)

2491. The meaning of ‘Salient’:
(a) Agreement (b) Prominent
(c) Primitive (d) Unimportant
Answer: (b)

2492. One who takes delight in excessive cruelty:
(a) Anarchist (b) Nihilist
(c) Sadist (d)  Sophist
Answer: (c)

2493. There was opposition to the new policy by the rank and file of the Government (Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the underlined phrase/idiom):
(a) The official machinery (b) The ordinary members
(c) The majority (d) The cabinet members
Answer: (b)

2494. Choose the correct spelling:
(a) Equanimity (b) Equannimity
(c) Equanimmity (d) Equinimity
Answer: (a)

2495. The word opposite in meaning to ‘`VIGILANT’:
(a) Ignorant (b) Innocent
(c) Irresponsible (d) Careless
Answer: (d)

2496. Let’s make ____ our quarrel and be friends again.
(a) up (b) to
(c) of (d)  with
Answer: (a)

2497. The meaning of ‘SUPERANNUATED’:
(a) Experienced (b) Accepted
(c) Retired (d) Senile
Answer: (c)

2498. The sound made by clocks:
(a) Thunder (b) Tick
(c) Jingle (d)  Rattle
Answer: (b)

2499. Some public men ___ are corrupt should be exposed.
(a) who (b) which
(c) whose (d) those
Answer: (a)

2500. Which sentence is incorrect?
(a) Each boy and girl has to go
(b) Every man, woman and child was glad
(c) He and I am going
(d) Each day and each hour is important
Answer: (c)

2501. Rice and fish ____ my favourite dish.
(a) makes (b) make
(c) are made (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

2502. The wounded soldiers were ____ by their comrades.
(a) thrown (b) evacuated
(c) excavated (d) appalled
Answer: (b)

2503. He has a passion ____ arguing.
(a) for (b) with
(c) by (d) at
Answer: (a)

2504. We have been friends for ages. I _____ her since we were children.
(a) am knowing (b) are known
(c) have known (d)  is known
Answer: (c)

2505. ‘Barbarity’ means:
(a) Uncivilized state (b) Absence of culture
(c) Absence of civilization (d) Cruelty
Answer: (d)

2506. The idiom ‘lose heart’ means:
(a) break one’s heart (b) lose hope
(c) fall in love (d) weep
Answer: (b)

2507. Admitting a person to the citizenship of a state to which he does not belong:
(a) Alienation (b) Deprivation
(c) Naturalisation (d) Termination
Answer: (c)

2508. The baby loves ____ toys.
(a) his (b) her
(c) one’s (d) its
Answer: (d)

2509. You are placed under suspension untill ____ orders.
(a) farther (b) future
(c) further (d) next
Answer: (c)

2510. Hari’s house is bigger than ____
(a) my (b) their
(c) our (d) yours
Answer: (d)

2511. I met a lot of people ____ my stay in New York.
(a) at (b) by
(c) during (d) till
Answer: (c)

2512. Substance that prevents putrefaction:
(a) Antidote (b) Antiseptic
(c) Antonym (d) Anaemic
Answer: (b)

2513. I dislike ____ to my house.
(a) his coming (b) he coming
(c) him coming (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

2514. He ____ reply to your letter as soon as possible.
(a) has (b) could
(c) has been (d)  will
Answer: (d)

2515. When I opened the envelope, I was delighted to find a cheque ___ Rs.1000.
(a) by (b) at
(c) in (d) for
Answer: (d)

2516. The meaning of ‘Creditable’:
(a) Believable (b) Borrow money
(c) Praise-worthy (d) Insolvent
Answer: (c)

2517. Close the window, ____?
(a) will you (b) shall I
(c) do they (d)  don’t I
Answer: (a)

2518. I went to the Dentist ____ a checkup.
(a) to (b) for
(c) by (d) at
Answer: (b)

2519. Every dog has its ____
(a) food (b) kennel
(c) day (d) enemy
Answer: (c)

2520. Why is that man standing ___ the door?
(a) in (b) on
(c) above (d) at
Answer: (d)

2521. Choose the correctly spelt word:
(a) Milege (b) Damege
(c) Loqatious (d) Nefarious
Answer: (d)

2522.  He ____ for the past four hours.
(a) is writing (b) has been writing
(c) have been writing (d)  was writing
Answer: (b)

2523. Choose the word opposite in meaning to the word ‘GRACEFUL’:
(a) Rough (b) Expert
(c) Miserable (d) Awkward
Answer: (d)

2524. The nurses wanted better pay so they decided to go_______ strike.
(a) at (b) in
(c) on (d) by
Answer: (c)

2525. ‘Proximate’ means:
(a) Jest (b) Zest
(c) Jealous (d) Near
Answer: (d)
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