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General English - Questions & Answers - 1

General English - Questions & Answers - 1

General English - 2525 Questions & Answers / PSC 10th, +2, Degree Level Questions and Answers / All Exam Questions

1. Choose the correct word

(a) Grammer (b) Gramer
(c) Gramar (d) Grammar
Answer: (d)

2. Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the word ‘Menace’:
(a) Threat (b) Request
(c) Prayer (d) Curse
Answer: (d)

3. I have not seen my brother …… six months.
(a) since (b) for  (c) in  (d) from
Answer: (b)

4. One who supports the claims of women for rights:
(a) Womanish (b) Feminist
(c) Pessimist (d) Feminize
Answer: (b)

5. The word which is nearest in meaning to the word ‘Economical’:
(a) Extravagant (b) Wealthy
(c) Thrifty (d) Lavish
Answer: (c)

6. This juice is made ….. fresh oranges.
(a) of  (b) by (c) with (d) from
Answer: (d)

7. To be extremely interesting:
(a) Captivate (b) Capture
(c) Cantankerous (d) Dazzling
Answer: (a)

8. Choose the wrongly spelt word:
(a) Transgress (b) Total
(c) Tresspass (d) Train
Answer: (c)

9. It …… heavily when I woke up yesterday.
(a) is raining (b) was raining
(c) has been raining (d) had been raining
Answer: (b)

10. It was with great difficulty he gained entry into the auditorium, but he made a sudden ……
(a) exit (b) departure
(c) arrival (d) passage
Answer: (a)

11. Roshan was so absorbed ….. his work that he didn’t even raise his head.
(a) on      (b) at      (c) in    (d) by
Answer: (c)

12. Since 1980 women’s fashions.... a lot.
(a) changed (b) have changed
 (c) are changing (d) will have changed
Answer: (b)

13. The old man was too weak to travel ….. himself.
(a) for      (b) on      (c) with     (d) by
Answer: (d)

14. The thieves not only robbed the travelers ……. , beat them up.
(a) but   (b) and   (c) also (d) but also
Answer: (d)

15. The word which is nearest in meaning to the word ‘Profound’:
(a) Mysterious (b) Profitable
(c) Deep (d) Complex
Answer: (c)

16. By this time tomorrow, I …….. this job.
(a) will finish (b) shall finish
(c) will have finished (d) will be finishing
Answer: (c)

17. Choose the correctly spelt word:
(a) Accademy (b) Academy
(c) Acadamy (d)  Accadamy
Answer: (b)

18. My brother is good ….. boxing.
(a) in  (b) with  (c) at  (d) about
Answer: (c)

19. The opposite of the word ‘Cheap’ is:
(a) Uncheap (b) Dear
(c) Expensive (d) Unavailable
Answer: (c)

20. The wind blew …….. the leaves fell.
(a) when  (b) with  (c) and  (d) so
Answer: (c)

21. They are not …… all the facts.
(a) beware of (b) aware for
(c) aware of (d) beware for
Answer: (c)

22. What …….. you…… when I knocked at the door
(a) were, doing (b) have, done (c) (d) will, do
Answer: (a)

23. I shall come ….. Easter.|
(a) for  (b) at  (c) on (d) during
Answer: (c)

24. I will find you ……. you may be hiding.
(a) what (b) wherever
(c) in which (d) whichever
Answer: (b)

25. Rabia could not ……. her fear of spiders.
(a) put off (b) put in
(c) put up (d)  put away
Answer: (d)

26. The ……of the ass is not sweet at all.
(a) roaring (b) screeching
(c) braying (d) howling
Answer: (c)

27. The family had lived …… for several years:
(a) abroad (b) in abroad
(c) in the abroad (d) on the abroad
Answer: (a)

28. The pride of the … the glory of God.
(a) Cat  (b) Peacock
(c) Rat (d) Dandy
Answer: (b)

29. The word which is more or less similar in meaning to ‘FOREFEITURE’ is:
(a) Cinema (b) Loss
(c) Cancellation (d) Defeat
Answer: (c)

30. The wrongly spelt word is :
(a) Glazier (b) Glazed
(c) Glacial (d) Geology
Answer: (a)

31. A manhunt may be also for a ……
(a) cat (b) woman
(c) stolen car (d) ghost
Answer: (b)

32. He …… in the middle of the speech:
(a) put on (b) set out
(c) ran down (d) broke out
Answer: (d)

33. I want to avoid …… him.
(a) to meet (b) from meeting
(c) meeting       (d) meets
Answer: (c)

34. I will catch the man who hurt you ……. may be the price.
(a) however (b) whenever
(c) whatever (d) whichever
Answer: (c)

35. I’m afraid that the soup is ……. cold.
(a) fairly  (b) more (c) most (d) rather
Answer: (d)

36. The correctly spelt word is:
(a) Crusifixion (b) Crucifixion
(c) Crucifiction (d) Crusification
Answer: (b)

37. The Indian cricket team was in a tight spot, but their bowlers ….. to the occasion.
(a) rose up (b) rising
(c) descended (d) lived
Answer: (a)

38. The opposite of ‘Artless’:
(a) Embroidered (b) Crafty
(c) Circumlocuted (d) Plain
Answer: (b)

39. The opposite of the word ‘chaos’:
(a) Order (b) Conceit
(c) Miracle (d) Caution
Answer: (a)

40. The synonym of ‘Salute’ is:
(a) Pollute (b) Dilate (c) Greet (d) March
Answer: (c)

41. A car and a bike …… my means of transportation.
(a) had  (b) will  (c) are  (d) is
Answer: (d)

42. Choose the correct sentence from the following.
(a) The boys have gone to a cinema last night
(b) The boys went to a cinema last night
(c) The boys had gone to a cinema last night
(d) The boys will go to a cinema last night
Answer: (b)

43. I am using my pen (change to passive).
(a) My pen is being used (b) My pen is using
(c) My pen used by me (d) My pen being used
Answer: (a)

44. One who abstains from completely from alcohol:
(a) Pagan (b) Hypocrite
(c) Cynic (d)  Teetotaller
Answer: (d)

45. Personal belongings, or accessories, equipment associated with a trade or hobby:
(a) Paraphernalia (b) Etiquette
(c) Stereotype (d) Credentials
Answer: (a)

46. The box of books ….. yesterday.
(a) were opened (b) was opened
(c) had opened (d) had been opened
Answer: (b)

47. The Ex-Prime Minister exchanged some reminiscences with his former aides (Select the word that is closest in meaning to the underlined):
(a) Thoughts (b) Comments
(c) Anecdotes (d) Recollections
Answer: (d)

48. The factory ……… twenty thousand metres of cloth every day.
(a) works out (b) runs out
(c) turns out (d)  makes out
Answer: (c)

49. Which word means ‘rough or wild person’?
(a) Cynic (b) Barbarian
(c) Pedant (d) Truant
Answer: (b)

50. You can swim well, ……?
(a) would you (b) can’t you
(c) can you (d) could you
Answer: (b)

51. ‘One should never live beyond one’s means’-What does means in the sentence mean?
(a) way  (b) ends  (c) sense  (d) wealth
Answer: (d)

52. An ideal community or society possessing a perfect sociopolitical-legal system:
(a) Dystopia (b) Utopia
(c) Eldorado (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

53. I have borrowed this motorbike ……. a friend:
(a) of            (b) from             (c) by          (d) to
Answer: (b)

54. I have MALICE towards none (Select the antonym of the word given in CAPITAL letters)
(a) Sympathy (b) Goodwill
(c) Friendship (d)  Attraction
Answer: (b)

55. Is there ….. hospital in your village.
(a) the  (b) an (c) a  (d) and
Answer: (c)

56. The phrase that means ‘have little or only observational involvement in something’:
(a) Take a back seat
(b) At one’s beck and call
(c) The bottom line
(d) Cloud nine
Answer: (a)

57. The synonym of ‘Wrath’:
(a)Anger (b) Love
(c) Affinity (d)  Support
Answer: (a)

58. They now wished they …… harder at school. Then they wouldn’t have failed their examinations.
(a) worked (b) will work
(c) had worked (d)  would have worked
Answer: (c)

59. To lead a simple life:
(a) Sparse (b) Spartan
(c) Scurrilous (d) Spawn
Answer: (b)

60. ……. do you get up in the morning?
(a) At what (b) When
(c) What (d) Were
Answer: (b)

61. …….. enough food for all?
(a) Are there (b) Is there
(c) Where there (d) Were there
Answer: (b)

62. Choose the correct sentence:
(a) He came back yesterday
 (b) He has come back yesterday
(c) He is coming back yesterday
 (d) He comes back yesterday
Answer: (a)

63. Monkeys enjoy ….. on the branches of tree.
(a) swings (b) swinging
(c) swing (d) Swung
Answer: (b)

64. Rumours ……. very fast.
(a) spread (b) spred
(c) widespread (d) spreads
Answer: (a)

65. She bought a present for her mother.  The direct object in this sentence is:
(a) She (b) Her mother
(c) bought (d) a present
Answer: (d)

66. Sheela swam …… the river.
(a) on top of (b) beneath
(c) across (d) over
Answer: (c)

67. Ten kilograms of rice …….. over two hundred rupees.
(a) costs (b) coast
(c) coasts (d) cost
Answer: (a)

68. The snake crept into a ……..
(a) whole (b) holl
(c) howl (d) hole
Answer: (d)

69. The synonym of ‘frugal’:
(a) Strong (b) Stingy
(c) Tranquil (d) Extravagant
Answer: (b)

70. The word ‘anticipate’ means:
(a) Accompany (b) Satisfy
(c) Foresee (d) Divide
Answer: (c)

71. Carcass means:
(a) An animal  (b) Dead body of an animal
(c) A bird    (d) A reptile
Answer: (b)

72. Everyone knows that she is very intelligent…is a :
(a) Compound sentence
(b) Simple sentence
(c) Complex sentence
(d) Compound complex sentence
Answer: (c)

73. He …… to climb the coconut tree.
(a) tryed  (b) tired  (c) tried  (d) try
Answer: (c)

74. I cannot bear people …… are always complaining about this or that:
(a) whom (b) who (c) that (d) which
Answer: (b)

75. If I were a bird I ….. fly.
(a) will      (b) would  (c) may     (d)  can
Answer: (b)

76. Opposite of the word ‘Perilous’:
(a) Safe (b) Natural
(c) Contributory (d) Precarious
Answer: (a)

77. She was surprised by his amiability (Choose the word which is most nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined word):
(a) Prudence (b) Petulance
(c) Pessimistic (d) Sincerety
Answer: (b)

78. The antonym of ‘honest’ is:
(a) Unhonest (b) Dishonest
(c) Nonhonest (d) Mishonest
Answer: (b)

79. The weather is ……. hot.
(a) quite  (b) quiet  (c) qiuet  (d)  queit
Answer: (a)

80. The workers …… it since yesterday morning.
(a) have been doing (b) did
(c) are doing (d)  have done
Answer: (a)

81. Unless you hurry, you …… late.
(a) would have been (b) will be
(c) would be (d) can be
Answer: (b)

82. Which is the correctly spelt word?
(a) Posession (b) Possession
(c) Possesion (d) Posesion
Answer: (b)

83. Which of the following words correctly spelt?
(a) Elvation (b) Elevation
(c) Elavation (d) Elevetion
Answer: (b)

84. Which word is wrongly spelt?
(a) Bourgeois (b) Assasination
(c) Mandate (d) Commissioner
Answer: (b)

85. He failed ____ his best efforts.
(a) in addition to (b) owing to
(c) in spite of (d) not mentioning
Answer: (c)

86. In which part of the sentence is the mistake? Mumbai is
(a) /one of the most
(b) /densely populated
(c) /place in India
(d) none of these
Answer: (d)

87. She ____ wearing a blue saree yesterday.
(a) has been (b) had been
(c) is (d) was
Answer: (d)

88. She is bent ___ mischief.
(a) for (b) in (c) on z(d) with
Answer: (c)

89. The ____ window was repaired:
(a) breaking (b) broken
(c) broke (d) breaken
Answer: (b)

90. The opposite of ‘Sharp’:
(a) Blunt (b) Weak
(c) Powerful (d) Strong
Answer: (a)

91. The sun ….. when I got up.
(a) rose (b) had risen
(c) is rising (d) would risen
Answer: (b)

92. This is the car …… my brother bought last week.
(a) what  (b) whom (c) if (d)  which
Answer: (d)

93. We should help ___ poor.
(a) a (b) this (c) the (d) an
Answer: (c)

94. What time…….?
(a) is it (b) it is (c) is now (d) now
Answer: (a)

95. Which is the sentence similar in meaning to “The Ganges is the holiest river in India’?
(a) No other river in India is as holy as the Ganges.
(b) The Ganges is a holy river
(c) The Ganges is the holier river
(d) The Ganges is holier than many rivers
Answer: (a)

96. Which of the following is wrongly spelt?
(a) Reciept (b) Neurology
(c) Pneumonia (d) Lieutenant
Answer: (a)

97. Even though it was hard at first , I came ____ the work in the factory.
(a) to enjoy (b) enjoyed
(c) enjoying (d) enjoys
Answer: (a)

98. How …. they beat an innocent child:
(a) should  (b) may  (c) might (d) dare
Answer: (d)

99. The patient is sinking. There is ……. a doctor can do to help him.
(a)little  (b) a little (c) much (d) enough
Answer: (a)

100. To make one feel less tired:
(a) Retire (b) Exhaust
(c) Suffer (d) Refresh
Answer: (d)

101. We thought that she _____ the job.
(a) gets (b) is getting
(c) would get (d) will get
Answer: (c)

102. He tried to avoid ____ my question.
(a)to answer (b) answering
(c) to be answered (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

103. Select the word opposite in meaning to ‘AUDACITY’?
(a)Quivering (b) Cowardice
(c) Bravado (d) Conciseness
Answer: (b)

104. He became the Governor of a province _____
(a)at times (b) little by little
(c) by and large (d) in the course of time
Answer: (d)

105. Which word is correctly spelt?
(a)Deceptive (b) Deseptive
(c) Dezeptive (d) Diseptive
Answer: (a)

106. I don’t have enough money to pay ___ the bill.
(a)at (b) for
(c) with (d) No preposition needed
Answer: (d)

107. He ____ to find a job, but he had no luck.
(a)tried hard (b) tried hardly
(c) hardly tried (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

108. Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the word ‘GENIAL’:
(a)Cordial (b) Unselfish
(c) Careful (d) Specific
Answer: (a)

109. The police fired at random at the violent crowd and several persons lost their lives (Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the underlined phrase/idiom):
(a)Intentionally (b) Unwillingly
(c) Aimlessly (d) Pointedly
Answer: (c)

110. There are many ____ in our society.
(a)costs (b) casts
(c) castes (d) costal
Answer: (c)

111. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a _____.
(a)single step (b) leap step
(c) firm step (d) slow step
Answer: (a)

112. Habitually silent or talking little:
(a)Synoptic (b) Unequivocal
(c) Taciturn (d)  Servile
Answer: (c)

113. I paid a bus ____ of twenty rupees to reach the central park.
(a)fair (b) feir
(c) fere (d) fare
Answer: (d)

114. ‘To catch a tartar’ means:
(a)To deal with a person who is more than one’s match
(b) To meet with disaster
(c) To catch a dangerous person
(d)  To trap wanted criminal with great difficulty
Answer: (c)

115. Which means ‘doing something that could lead to a negative or dangerous result’?
(a)Play with fire (b) Hit below the belt
(c) Between devil and deep sea  (d) Nodded off
Answer: (a)

116. This tank _____ contain 500 litres of water.
(a)has (b) can
(c) could (d) will
Answer: (b)

117. It was _____ that made the football fan attack the policeman.
(a)Dutch courage (b) in high spirits
(c) French leave (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

118. Choose the correct form:
(a) Disappearanse (b) Disappeerance
(c) Disappearence (d)  Disappearance
Answer: (d)

119. This is the _____ for a new school.
(a)site (b) cite
(c) Sight (d) sitte
Answer: (a)

120. _____ rose is a _____ beautiful flower.
(a)A,a (b) The, a
(c) The, the (d) A,the
Answer: (b)

121. The boy comes from an AFFLUENT family (Select the antonym of the word given in CAPITAL letters)
(a)Poor (b) Ordinary
(c) Infamous (d) Backward
Answer: (a)

122. The synonym of ‘Inquisitive’ is:
(a)Curious (b) Mature
(c) Brilliant (d) Complex
Answer: (a)

123. Violation of something holy and sacred:
(a)Pollution (b) Pilferage
(c) Sacrilege (d) Pittance
Answer: (c)

124. The meaning of  ‘Remorse’:
(a)Regret (b) Reproduce
(c) Reduce (d) Reserve
Answer: (a)

125. The phrase that means ‘extreme happiness’:
(a)Baker’s dozen (b) By and large
(c) Takes the bun (d) Cloud nine
Answer: (d)

126. The rain didn’t stop us ____ enjoying our holiday.
(a)with (b) to
(c) for (d)  from
Answer: (d)

127. He was there but I avoided ____ him.
(a)to see (b) to be seen
(c) seeing (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

128. ____ union is strength.
(a)The (b) an
(c) a (d) No article
Answer: (d)

129. ‘Indelible’ means:
(a)That which cannot be believed
(b) That cannot be tired out
(c) That cannot be rubbed out
(d) That cannot be destroyed
Answer: (c)

130. You need a lot of experience ____ do this job.
(a)to (b) for
(c) by (d)   from
Answer: (a)

131. India’s attitude towards China has all along been pusillanimous (select the word which conveys almost the same meaning as italicized word)
(a)Superficial (b) Generous
(c) Subversive (d) Faint hearted
Answer: (d)

132. The giving of special favour by a person in high position to his relatives:
(a)Nepotism (b) Chauvinism
(c) Vandalism (d) Incest
Answer: (a)

133. The doctor gave him an injection to _____ the temperature.
(a) put down (b) get down
(c) bring down (d) take down
Answer: (c)

134. It has been raining in Kerala _____ six months.
(a) since (b) by
(c) for (d) from
Answer: (c)

135. The opposite of ‘Advance’:
(a) Follow (b) Remain
(c) Retreat (d) Repel
Answer: (c)

136. It is natural ___man to make mistakes.
(a) that (b) about
(c) in (d) for
Answer: (d)

137. All that glitters is not ____
(a) silver (b) gold
(c) copper (d) alloy
Answer: (b)

138. Identify the conjunction in the given sentence: I ran fast but missed the train.
(a) but (b) ran
(c) fast (d) the
Answer: (a)

139. Killing of one’s own wife is known as:
(a) Homicide (b) Infanticide
(c) Genocide (d) Uxoricide
Answer: (d)

140. The meaning of ‘Duel’:
(a) Combat (b) Double
(c) Purpose (d) Dutiful
Answer: (a)

141. Choose the word which is a feminine gender:
(a) Actor (b) Hero
(c) Niece (d) Milkman
Answer: (c)

142. Choose the word which is nearest in meaning to the key word ‘NADIR’:
(a) Difficult obstacle (b) Lowest point
(c) Anniversary (d) Largest number
Answer: (b)

143. Which is opposite in meaning to ‘Fidelity’?
(a)Disloyalty (b) Diligent
(c) Sincerity (d) Freud
Answer: (a)

144. ‘Red-letter day’ means:
(a)Holiday (b) A special day
(c) A day on which accident happened (d) Independence day
Answer: (b)

145. In which part of the sentence is the mistake?
(a) Everyone/ (b)of my friends/
(c)own/ (d) a car.
Answer: (c)

146. Give one word for ‘non professional or unpaid’:
(a) Stoic (b) Amateur
(c) Alma mater (d)  Taciturn
Answer: (b)

147. Select the correctly spelt word:
(a)Eroneous (b) Erronius
(c) Erroneous (d) Erraneous
Answer: (c)

148. When I first met him, he _____ in a hotel.
(a)had been working (b) has been working
(c) was working (d) worked
Answer: (c)

149. ‘To end in fiasco’ means:
(a) Complete success
(b) Complete failure
(c) Complete blunder
 (d) Highly profitable
Answer: (b)

150. ‘I bought a book’ is the active form of:
(a) A book was bought by me
(b) I was bought by a book
(c) A book has been bought
(d) A book was bought by me
Answer: (d)
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