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Information Technology (Questions & Answers ) - 04

Information Technology (Questions & Answers ) - 04

451. An example of a telecommunication device:
(a) Printer  (b) Mouse 
(c) Keyboard (d) Modem in 
Answer: (d)

452. A high-level language developed for business data processing applications: 
Answer: (a)

453. Processors contain a control unit and a(n):
(a) Adapter card (b) Arithmetic Logic Unit 
(c) CD Drive  (d) Monitor 
Answer: (b)

454. The valid maximum zoom size available in MS Word:
(a) 200%  (b) 300% 
(c) 400%  (d) 500% 
Answer: (d)

455. A --------- is a small handheld computer that helps you to surf the web and perform simple tasks: 
(a) Mobile phone (b) Desktop computer
(c) Minicomputer  (d) Notebook computer 
Answer: (d)

456. The options Minimise, Maximise and Close are located in the ----------- bar. 
(a) Menu Bar  (b) Title Bar 
(c) Status Bar  (d) Tool Bar 
Answer: (b)

457. Incorrect information is generated by ----------------- in the information system. 
(a) Unreliable hardware (b) Incorrect data
(c) Untested software (d) Unskilled people 
Answer: (b)

458. Which menu is selected to print a document?
(a) File  (b) Edit 
(c) Tools  (d) Format
Answer: (a)

459. Most application soft wares today come with an interface called a(n): 
(a) Character user interface (b) Graphical user interface
(c) Icon user interface (d) Button user interface 
Answer: (b)

460. In Excel, charts are created using_ .
(a) Bar Chart (b) Chart Wizard 
(c) Pie Chart  (d) None of these 
Answer: (b)

461. To move the cursor at the end of the document press:
(a) Ctrl+Esc  (b) Ctrl+B 
(c) Ctrl+Home  (d) Ctrl+End 
Answer: (d)

462. A website containing stories and articles relating to current events, life, sports, money and weather is considered as a(n) --------- website. 
(a) Business/marketing (b) Portal
(c) Informational (d) News 
Answer: (c)

463. Which menu is selected for the option Borders and Shading? 
(a) View   (b) Format 
(c) File   (d) Table 
Answer: (b)

464. Which one of the following is a part of the system unit?
(a) Monitor   (b) Floppy disc 
(c) Keyboard (d) Memory 
Answer: (d)

465. Which menu is used to insert a row or column in Excel Work Sheet? 
(a) Format (b) Edit 
(c) Insert  (d) Tools 
Answer: (c)

466. You must instruct to start the application software: 
(a) Processor  (b) Operating system 
(c) Memory   (d) Utility Program. 
Answer: (b)

467. Toolbar option is available in ------------- menu.
(a) View  (b) Tools 
(c) File  (d) Edit 
Answer: ()

468. Storage that retains its data after the power is turned off is referred to as:
(a) Mobile storage (b) Direct storage 
(c) Volatile storage  (d) Non-volatile storage 
Answer: (d)

469. Which option in PowerPoint allows you to carry slides from one computer to another: 
(a) Web & go  (b) Save & go 
(c) Save as p (d) Pack & go 
Answer: (d)

470. In Excel, data can be arranged in ascending or descending order by: 
(a) Sort option from tool menu (b) Sort option from the table menu 
(c) Sort option from data menu  (d) None of these 
Answer: (c)

471. Every component of your computer is:
(a) Input device or output device (b) Software or CPU/RAM 
(c) Hardware or software   (d) Application software or system software 
Answer: (c)

472. The diameter of the commonly used floppy disc:
(a) 35mm  (b) 75mm 
(c) 70mm  (d) 90mm 
Answer: (d)

473. Oracle is an example of ____ application software.
(a) Word processing (b) Database:
(c) Project Management (d) Presentation Graphics 
Answer: (b)

474. How many types of cell references are available in Excel? 
(a) 8  (b) 6
(c) 4   (d) 3
Answer: (d)

475. You may be required to insert the program disc into the drive while you use, or -------- the software. 
(a) install  (b) activate 
(c) run  (d) register
Answer: (a)

476. Professional designers can create sophisticated documents that contain text, graphics and many colours, using --------- software. 
(a) Illustration   (b) Image editing 
(c) Computer-aided design(d) Powerpoint 
Answer: (c)

477. Which command helps to repeat the last changes made in the document? 
(a) Ctrl+D  (b) Ctrl+H 
(c) Ctrl+Z  (d) Ctrl+Y 
Answer: (d)

478. The rectangular area of the screen that displays a program, data or information is called: (a) Window  (b) Dialogue box 
(c) Button  (d) Drive 
Answer: (a)

479. Which of the following is an example of connectivity? 
(a) Internet  (b) Power cord 
(c) Data  (d) Floppy disc 
Answer: (a)

480. Graphics are inserted in:
(a) Box  (b) Page 
(c) Frame  (d) All of these 
Answer: (d)

481. Decreasing the amount of space required to store data and programmes is accomplished by:
(a) Crashing   (b) File compression 
(c) Pressing  (d) Burning 
Answer: (b)

482. Which of the following groups consists of only output devices? 
(a) Scanner, Printer, Monitor (b) Keyboard, Printer, Monitor
(c) Mouse, Printer, Monitor (d) Plotter, Printer, Monitor 
Answer: (d)

483. Any hardware component that allows you to enter data or  instructions into a computer is called a(n): 
(a) Output device (b) Storage device 
(c) Input device  (d) System unit 
Answer: (c)

484. Sending an e-mail is similar to:
(a) Picturing an event (b) Narrating a story
(c) Writing a letter (d) Creating a drawing 
Answer: (c)

485. ------------ is the process of carrying out commands:
(a) Decoding  (b) Executing 
(c) Storing  (d) Fetching 
Answer: (b)

486. Data in floppy disc is recorded in rings called:
(a) Sectors  (b) Rounds 
(c) Tracks  (d) Segments 
Answer: (c)

487. Which part of the computer helps to store information?
(a) Printer  (b) Keyboard 
(c) Monitor .  (d) Disk drive 
Answer: (d)

488. With -------------, the computer's modem uses a standard telephone line to connect to the internet: 
(a) Dial-up access. (b) Downloading 
(c) Hacking (d) Uploading 
Answer: (a)

489. A collection of related information sorted and dealt with as a unit is: 
(a) Floppy  (b) File 
(c) Data  (d) Disk 
Answer: (b)

490. An essential ingredient for effective multimedia presentations incorporates user participation or: 
(a) Button  (b) Speed 
(c) Interactivity  (d) Links 
Answer: (c)

491. IT stands for:
(a) Information Technology(b) Integrated Technology
(c) Intelligent Technology (d) Interesting Technology
Answer: (a)

492. Video-conferencing requires a microphone, speakers and an attached to computer. 
(a) Mouse (b) Scanner 
(c) Video camera (d) Keyboard 
Answer: (c)

493. The maximum zoom percentage of MS-Power Point:
(a) 400   (b) 300 
(c) 200   (d) 100 
Answer: (a)

494. The shortcut keys used to restart a computer:
(a) Ctrl+Y  (b) Ctrl+Alt+Del 
(c) Ctrl+F1  (d) Ctrl+Home
Answer: (b)

495. A device that copies or reproduces text and images is also called a(n): 
(a) Optical scanner (b) Bar code reader
(c) Digital camera (d) Monitor 
Answer: (a)

496. Which one of the following is not a valid data type in Excel? 
(a) Number  (b) Label 
(C) Character  (d) Date/Time 
Answer: (c)

497. The valid minimum zoom size available in MS Word
(a) 10%  (b) 20% 
(c) 50%  (d) 100% 
Answer: (a)

498. Which of the following is a secondary storage device?
(a) Optical disks . (b) Microprocessor 
(c) Monitor  (d) Scanner 
Answer: (a)

499. Which of the following shortcut keys is used to check to spell? 
(a) F5  (b) F6 
(c) F7  (d) F8 
Answer: (c)

500. Which of the following is another name for the chip?
(a) Semi conductor (b) Power point 
(c) Integrated circuit (d) Vacuum tube
Answer: (c)

501. The brain of a Computer System is 
(A) Arithmetic and Logic Unit (B) Central Processing Unit 
(C) Peripheral Devices (D) Control Unit 
Answer: (B)

502. An input device that interprets pencil/pen marks on paper media is 
(A) Optical Mark Reader (B) Punch Card Reader 
(C) Optical Scanners (D) Plotters 
Answer: (A)

503. The term phishing is 
(A) An attempt for unauthorized access to a user’s system by pretending to be the user. 
(B) An attempt to obtain sensitive information from the computer system. 
(C) The process of sending the same message to a large number of internet users. 
(D) None of the above. 
Answer: (B)

504. IT Act in India was amended in 
(A) 2004 (B) 2006 
(C) 2011 (D) 2008 
Answer: (D)

505. “URL” stands for 
(A) Uniform Resource Locator (B) Universe Reform Locator 
(C) Uniform Reform Locator (D) Universe Resource Locator 
Answer: (A)

506. Which of the following programming language is classified as low-level language? 
Answer: (D)

507. DES stands for 
(A) Digital Evaluation System (B) Digital Encryption System 
(C) Digital Encryption Standard (D) Digital Evaluation Standard 
Answer: (C)

508. The program that monitors users activity on the internet and transmits that information in the background to somewhere else is termed as 
(A) Spyware (B) Adware 
(C) Malware (D) Firmware 
Answer: (A)

509. The process of recovering deleted and damaged files from criminal’s computers comes under : 
(A) Computer Animation (B) Computer Graphics 
(C) Computer Forensics (D) Computer Organisation 
Answer: (C)

510. HTML is an acronym for 
(A) Hyper Text Machine Language 
(B) Hyper Transfer Machine Language 
(C) Hyper Text Markup Language 
(D) Hyper Transfer Markup Language
Answer: (C)

511. The full form of ‘PDF”:
(a) Printable Document Formatting
(b) Portable Document Format
(c) Page Document Format 
(d) Printable Document Format
Answer: (b)

512. The full form of IBM:
(a) Indian Business Machines
(b) International Business Machines
(c) International Business Management
(d) None of these
Answer: (b)

513. Which one of the following is not an input device?
(a) Mouse (b) Keyboard
(c) Barcode reader (d) Monitor
Answer: (d)

514. The first key on the left-hand side of the first row of the keyboard:
(a) Escape (b) Shift
(c) Control (d) Alt
Answer: (a)

515. The key which is used to move the cursor to the beginning part of the matter:
(a) Page up (b) Home
(c) Alt (d) Enter
Answer: (b)

516. Which company developed ‘WINDOWS’?
(a) Microsoft (b) Apple
(c) LG (d) HCL
Answer: (a)

517. The domain name for ‘industries’:
(a) firm (b) int
(c) org (d) net
Answer: (a)

518. Determining whether an Internet site is a commercial
(.com) or governmental (.gov) site helps determine its...
(a) Accuracy (b) Purpose
(c) Objectivity (d) Expertise
Answer: (b)

519. One Kilo byte= ..... bytes
(a) 1204 (b) 1024
(c) 1440 (d) 512
Answer: (b)

520. The first modem was invented by:
(a) Bell Company (b) Microsoft
(c) Apple (d) Lenovo
Answer: (a)

521. The full form of C.D.
(a) Computer Disc (b) Compact Disc
(c) Compact Device (d) Compact Document
Answer: (b)

522. The oldest device for calculation:
(a) Calculator (b) Modem
(c) Mouse (d) Abacus
Answer: (d)

523. The domain name for government institutions:
(a) org (b) gov
(c) com (d) firm
Answer: (b)

524. The domain name for India:
(a) ind (b) in
(c) id (d) hin
Answer: (b)

525. The full form of U.P.S.
(a) Uniform Power Supply
(b) Uninterrupted Power Supply
(c) Universal Power Supply
(d) Unidirectional Power Supply
Answer: (b)

526. What is used for computer communication between users?
(a) e-mail (b) SMS
(c) Tele mail (d) Phonogram
Answer: (a)

527. The most common input device nowadays:
(a) Joystick (b) Keyboard
(c) Mouse (d) Barcode reader
Answer: (b)

528. Who discovered ‘Mouse’?
(a) Douglas Engelbart (b) Alen Shugart
(c) Charles Babbage (d) Edison
Answer: (a)

529. The longest key of the keyboard:
(a) Enter (b) Shift
(c) Ctrl (d) Space bar
Answer: (d)

530. In the history of computers, the fifth generation was started in:
(a) 1980 (b) 1976
(c) 1966 (d) 1956
Answer: (a)

531. WINDOWS is a:
(a) Operating system (b) Hardware
(c) Virus (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

532. Which company developed MS WORD?
(a) Linux (b) Apple
(c) Compac (d) Microsoft
Answer: (d)

533. Laser Printer was first introduced by:
(a) IBM (b) Samsung
(c) Canon (d) HP
Answer: (a)

534. All physical equipment and accessories of a system:
(a) Software (b) Hardware
(c) Peripherals (d) Internet
Answer: (b)

535. A marker used to indicate where the next character will be printed?
(a) Tab (b) Alt
(c) Cursor (d) Indicator
Answer: (c)

536. Which is the exact opposite of the ‘space’ key?
(a) Delete (b) Insert
(c) Shift (d) Backspace
Answer: (d)

537. The father of computer:
(a) Blaze Pascal (b) Charles Babbage
(c) Jack Kilby (d) James T.Russel
Answer: (b)

538. Father of e-mail:
(a) Ray Tomlinson (b) Glen Recort
(c) Sabir Bhatia (d) Pascal
Answer: (a)

539. The invention related to Jack Kilby:
(a) Integrated Circuit (b) Floppy Disc
(c) Compact Disc (d) Calculator
Answer: (a)

540. Which device is used to display graphics and information on the video screen?
(a) CPU (b) Modem
(c) Scanner (d) Monitor
Answer: (d)

541. WWW stands for:
(a) Web Wide World (b) World Wide Web
(c) Wide Web World (d) World Web Wide
Answer: (b)

542. The brain of computer:
(a) Floppy disc (b) C.P.U.
(c) Monitor (d) Keyboard
Answer: (b)

543. The first computer game:
(a) Spacecraft (b) Space bar
(c) Space War (d) Space Shuttle
Answer: (c)

544. Who discovered Calculator?
(a) Christopher Sholes (b) Jack Kilby
(c) James T.Russel (d) Blaise Pascal
Answer: (d)

545. The programs or instructions that tell the computer what to do:
(a) Software (b) Hardware
(c) Virus (d) mailmerge
Answer: (a)

546. The first electronic computer:
(c) Abacus (d) Param
Answer: (a)

547. ROM stands for:
(a) Readability of Memory (b) Read-Only Memory
(c) Ready Online Memory (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

548. The home page of a website is:
(a) the largest page (b) the last page
(c) The first page (d) most colourful page
Answer: (c)

549. ‘DOS’ means:
(a) Data Operating System
(b) Device Operating System
(c) Disc Operating System
(d) Direct Operating System
Answer: (c)

550. The first personal computer:
(a) The Altair (b) ENIAC
(c) UNIVAC (d) Lenovo
Answer: (a)

551. In the abbreviation ‘HTML’, the letter ‘m’ stands for:
(a) Markup (b) Method
(c) Meta (d) Machine
Answer: (a)

552. ‘Google’ is a:
(a) Word processor (b) Search engine
(c) Operating system (d) Presentation Software
Answer: (b)

553. Which one of the following is not hardware?
(a) Motherboard (b) Keyboard
(c) Computer Mouse (d) e-mail
Answer: (d)

554. Floppy Disc is usually located in—— drive.
(a) A (b) B
(c) C (d) D
Answer: (a)

555. RAM stands for:
(a) Random Approach Memory
(b) Random Access Memory
(c) Read Access Memory
(d) Rapid Access Memory
Answer: (b)

556. Compact Disc was invented by:
(a) James T.Russel (b) Sabir Bhatia
(c) Ray Tomlinson (d) Marcony
Answer: (a)

557. In the abbreviation ‘KBPS’, the letter ‘S’ stands for:
(a) System (b) Seconds
(c) Software (d) Security
Answer: (b)

558. A device for converting digital data into sound signals which can be transmitted over telephone wires.
(a) scanner (b) modem
(c) printer (d) monitor
Answer: (b)

559. URL stands for:
(a) Uniform Resource Locator
(b) Universal Reference Locator
(c) Universal Resource Language
(d) None of these
Answer: (a)

560. The width of an A4 sheet of paper:
(a) 210 mm (b) 297mm
(c) 250 mm (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

561. The social network system founded by Mark Zuckenberg:
(a) Orkut (b)Netlog
(c) Twitter (d)  Facebook
Answer: (d)

562. Where was India’s first computer installed?
(a) IIT, Delhi
(b) Indian Institute  of Science, Bangalore
(c) Indian Iron and Steel Company, Burnpur
(d)  Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta
Answer: (d)

563. Which of the following refers to a small, single-site network?
(a) LAN (b) DSL
(c) RAM (d)  USB
Answer: (a)

564. The default font available in MS WORD is:
(a) Arial (b) Verdana
(c) Courier new (d) Times New Roman
Answer: (d)

565. How are data organised in a spreadsheet?
(a) Lines and spaces (b) Layers and planes
(c) Height and width (d) Rows and columns
Answer: (d)

566. Which is not the basic function of a computer?
(a) Copy text (b) accept input
(c) Process data (d) Store data
Answer: (a)

567. Which of the following groups consists of only input devices?
(a) Mouse, Keyboard,Monitor
(b) Mouse,Keyboard,Printer
(c) Mouse,Keyboard,Plotter
(d)  Mouse, Keyboard,Scanner
Answer: (d)

568. The blinking symbol on the computer screen is called:
(a) Mouse (b) Logo
(c) Hand (d) Cursor
Answer: (d)

569. Which process checks to ensure the components of the computer are operating and connected properly?
(a) Booting (b) Processing
(c) Saving (d) Editing
Answer: (a)

570. A set of instructions telling the computer what to do is called:
(a) Instructor (b) Mentor
(c) Program (d)  Compiler
Answer: (c)

571. A device that connects to a network without the use of a cable is said to be:
(a) Distributed (b) Centralised
(c) Open source (d) Wireless
Answer: (d)

572. Periferal devices such as printers and monitors are considered to be:
(a) Hardware (b) Software
(c) Data (d)  Information
Answer: (a)

573. An error is known as:
(a) Bug (b) Debug
(c) Cursor (d) Icon
Answer: (a)

574. Data going into the computer is called:
(a) Output (b) Algorithm
(c) Input (d) Calculations
Answer: (c)

575. The main system board of a computer is called:
(a) Integrated circuit (b) Motherboard
(c) Processor (d) Microchip
Answer: (b)

576. Antivirus software is an example of ____
(a) Business software (b) An operating system
(c)A security utility (d)  An office suite
Answer: (c)

577. Computers connected to a LAN :
(a) run faster (b) go online
(c) Share information and/or share peripheral equipment
(d) e-mail
Answer: (c)

578. A ____ shares hardware, software and data among authorised users:
(a) Protocol (b) Transmitter
(c) Hyperlink (d) Network
Answer: (d)

579. The ____ is the box that houses the most important parts of a computer system?
(a) Software (b) Hardware
(c) Input device (d) System unit
Answer: (d)

580. A website address is a unique name that identifies a specific ____ on the web.
(a) Web browser (b) Website
(c) PDA (d) Link
Answer: (b)

581. A collection of programs that controls how your computer system runs and processes information is called:
(a) Compiler (b) Interpreter
(c) Office (d)  Operating system
Answer: (d)

582. ____ is processed by the computer into information:
(a) numbers (b) processor
(c) input (d)  data
Answer: (d)

583. A ‘Menu’ contains a list of:
(a) commands (b) data
(c) objects (d) reports
Answer: (a)

584. Most websites have the main page, the _____, which acts as a doorway to the rest of the website pages:
(a) Search engine (b) Home page
(c) Browser (d) URL
Answer: (b)

585. Unsolicited commercial email is commonly known as:
(a) Spam (b) Junk
(c) Hoaxes (d) Hypertext
Answer: (a)

586. A computer program consists of:
(a) System flowchart
(b) Algorithms are written in computer’s language
(c) Program
(d) Discrete logical steps
Answer: (b)

587. The hard disc is logically organised as:
(a)Tracks (b) Cylinders
(c) Cylinders& Sectors (d) Both (1) and (2)
Answer: (c)

588. A special storage register associated with the Arithmetic Logic Unit is:
(a)CPU (b) Accumulator
(c) Primary store (d) Auxiliary store
Answer: (b)

589. Class members are ____ by default:
(a)private (b) protected
(c) public (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

590. Which of the following is not an advantage of Dynamic RAMs?
(a) High Density (b) Low cost
(c) High speed  (d)  No need for memory refresh
Answer: (c)

591. The diagram which represents the order of functions in a program is called a:
(a) Sequence of steps (b) Software design
(c) Algorithm (d) Flow chart
Answer: (d)

592. A network where the computers are within 100 to 300 metres is:
(a) LAN (b) WAN
(c) Internet (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

593. ERP is used in:
(a)Operating systems (b) Security passes
(c) Information environment  (d)  None of these
Answer: (c)

594. The instruction code in a machine language or assembler which specifies
the basic operations of the CPU is:
(a)Machine code (b) OP code
(c) Instruction code  (d)  None of these
Answer: (b)

595. Filename with the extension.VXD represents:
(a)Normal application file  (b) Text file
(c)Device drivers (d)  Picture file
Answer: (c)

596. The main memory of a computer is:
(a)Sequential device  (b) Random device
(c) Both of the above (d) Volatile
Answer: (c)

597. Another word that means to quit the program:
(a)Out (b) Escape
(c) Exit (d) Cancel
Answer: (c)

598. Space missions would most likely be controlled and monitored by what type of system?
(a)Supercomputer (b) Mainframe
(c) Mini computer  (d) Microcomputer
Answer: (a)

599. A flow chart has one to one correspondence with:
(a)Software design   (b) Program development
(c) Algorithm   (d) Requirement analysis
Answer: (c)

600. A beam of light used to record and retrieve data on optical discs is known as:
(a)Laser light (b) Polarised light
(c) Unpolarised light (d) Coloured light
Answer: (a)
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