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Information Technology (Questions & Answers ) - 03

Information Technology (Questions & Answers ) - 03

301. Which is the exact opposite of the ‘space’ key?
(a) Delete (b) Insert
(c) Shift (d) Backspace
Answer: (d)

302. The father of computer:
(a) Blaze Pascal (b) Charles Babbage
(c) Jack Kilby (d) James T.Russel
Answer: (b)

303. Father of e-mail:
(a) Ray Tomlinson (b) Glen Recort
(c) Sabir Bhatia (d) Pascal
Answer: (a)

304. The invention related to Jack Kilby:
(a) Integrated Circuit (b) Floppy Disc
(c) Compact Disc (d) Calculator
Answer: (a)

305. Which device is used to display graphics and information on video screen?
(a) CPU (b) Modem
(c) Scanner (d) Monitor
Answer: (d)

306. WWW stands for:
(a) Web Wide World (b) World Wide Web
(c) Wide Web World (d) World Web Wide
Answer: (b)

307. The brain of computer:
(a) Floppy disc (b) C.P.U.
(c) Monitor (d) Keyboard
Answer: (b)

308. The first computer game:
(a) Spacecraft (b) Space bar
(c) Space War (d) Space Shuttle
Answer: (c)

309. Who discovered Calculator?
(a) Christopher Sholes (b) Jack Kilby
(c) James T.Russel (d) Blaise Pascal
Answer: (d)

310. The programs or instructions that tell the computer what to do:
(a) Software (b) Hardware
(c) Virus (d) mailmerge
Answer: (a)

311. The first electronic computer:
(c) Abacus (d) Param
Answer: (a)

312. ROM stands for:
(a) Readability of Memory (b) Read-Only Memory
(c) Ready Online Memory (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

313. The home page of a website is:
(a) the largest page (b) the last page
(c) The first page (d) most colourful page
Answer: (c)

314. ‘DOS’ means:
(a) Data Operating System
(b) Device Operating System
(c) Disc Operating System
(d) Direct Operating System
Answer: (c)

315. The first personal computer:
(a) The Altair (b) ENIAC
(c) UNIVAC (d) Lenovo
Answer: (a)

316. In the abbreviation ‘HTML’, the letter ‘m’ stands for:
(a) Markup (b) Method
(c) Meta (d) Machine
Answer: (a)

317. ‘Google’ is a:
(a) Word processor (b) Search engine
(c) Operating system (d) Presentation Software
Answer: (b)

318. Which one of the following is not a hardware?
(a) Motherboard (b) Keyboard
(c) Computer Mouse (d) e-mail
Answer: (d)

319. Floppy Disc is usually located in—— drive.
(a) A (b) B
(c) C (d) D
Answer: (a)

320. RAM stands for:
(a) Random Approach Memory
(b) Random Access Memory
(c) Read Access Memory
(d) Rapid Access Memory
Answer: (b)

321. Compact Disc was invented by:
(a) James T.Russel (b) Sabir Bhatia
(c) Ray Tomlinson (d) Marcony
Answer: (a)

322. In the abbreviation ‘KBPS’, the letter ‘S’ stands for:
(a) System (b) Seconds
(c) Software (d) Security
Answer: (b)

323. A device for converting digital data into sound signals
which can be transmitted over telephone wires.
(a) scanner (b) modem
(c) printer (d) monitor
Answer: (b)

324. URL stands for:
(a) Uniform Resource Locator
(b) Universal Reference Locator
(c) Universal Resource Language
(d) None of these
Answer: (a)

325. The width of an A4 sheet of paper:
(a) 210 mm (b) 297mm
(c) 250 mm (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

326. The computer memory which is essentially empty is:
(a) RAM (b) ROM
( c) Floppy disc ( d) Mouse 
Answer: (b)

327. Paintbrush belongs to:
(a) Accessories group (b) Application group
( c) Main group ( d) None of these 
Answer: (b)

328. Which of the following is not a high-level Janguage?
Answer: (b)

329. Multiplication in computer is done by: 
(a) Reverse division (b) Repeated addltlon
(c) Reverse subtraction (d) None of the above 
Answer: (b)

330. Which of the following is a virus?
(a) Worm (b) Trojan horse
(c) File Infecter (d)All of these 
Answer: (d)

331. Computer is a/an:
(a) Mechanical device (b) Electrical device
( c) Electronic device ( d) None of tl1ese 
Answer: (c)

332. Which of the following is the only language that a computer can understand?
(a) High level language (b) Pseudocode
(c) Machine language (d) Assembly language 
Answer: (c)

333. What command prepares a disk for holding information?
(a) Prepare disc (b) Copy disc 
( c) Disc copy · ( d) Format a disk 
Answer: (d)

334. A computer virus is a software program which has essential ability to: 
(a) Clone itself (b) Damage programs 
( c) Hide itself ( d) None of these
Answer: (a)

335. The heart of any computer is: 
(a) Memory (b) CPU 
(c) 1/0 Unit (d) Discs
Answer: (b)

336. A personal computer is designed to meet the computing needs of a(n):
(a) Individual (b) Department
(c) Company (d) City 
Answer: (a)

337. Which of the following standards is followed in India?
(a) IFIP (b) CCITI 
(c) ISO . (d) ANSI 
Answer: (b)

338. An association of several entities in" an entry-relation model is called: 
(a) Tuple (b) Record
( c) Relationship ( d) Field 
Answer: ()

339. Which of the following is not a goal of computer network? 
(a) Resource sharing (b) Low reliability
(c) Load sharing (d) To avoid physical movement 
Answer: (b)

340. Hacker is a person:
(a) Who spends hours at a computer and enjoys doing so
(b) Who repairs a computer
(c) Who designs the software which are threat to the system 
( d) None of these
Answer: (c)

341. Satellite to ground communication takes place through: 
(a) medium wave (b) short wave
(c) microwave (d) optical signal 
Answer: (c)

342. Signals that involve human communications are generally: 
(a) Digital (b) Analog
( c) Either digital or analogue (d) None of these 
Answer: (b)

343. Spot the odd one amongst the following:
(c) DOS (d) UNIX 
Answer: (a)

344. Messages are transmitted in a computer network through:
(a) Circuit switching (b) Message switching
( c) Packet switching ( d) Multiplexing
Answer: (c)

345. A large-sized network is termed as:
(a) MAN (b) WAN 
(c) LAN (d) VAN
Answer: (b)

346. CPU gets the address of the next instruction to be processed from: . 
(a) Instruction register (b) Memory addressregister
( c) Index register ( d) Program register 
Answer: (d)

347. An assembler is a:
(a) Program (b) Person who assembles the parts
( c) Symbol ( d) Language
Answer: (a)

348. The language developed for string manipulation is: 
(a) SNOBOL (b) Ada
(c) LISP (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

349. A class that inherits a base class containing virtual function is called: 
(a) Virtual (b) Polymorphic
(c) Derived (d) Base
Answer: (b)

350. A bootstrap ls: 
(a) A memory device 
(b) A program to start up a computer
(c) Hardware of computer used to check memory 
(d) An assembler 
Answer: (b)

351. The internet allows you to:
(a) send electronic mail (b) view web pages 
(c) connect servers all around the world 
(d) All of these 
Answer: (d)

352. The concept of stored program was given by: 
(a) Von Neuman (b) Charles Babbage
(c) Blaise Pascal (d) None of these 
Answer: (d)

353. Computers in a computer network is connected via: 
(a) Satellite channel only (b) Telephone line only 
(c) Either telephone or satellite channel or both 
(d) Coaxial cable only 
Answer: (c)

354. The instruction of a program that is currently being executed is sorted in: · 
(a) Secondary memory (b) Main memory 
(c) Read only memory (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

355. Email stands for: 
(a) Educational mail (b) Electronic mail  
(c) Entertainment mail (d) Excess mail 
Answer: (b)

356. Where is the disc put in a computer? 
(a) in the modem  (b) in the hard drive·
(c) in the CPU  (d) In the disc drive 
Answer: (d)

357. Dos is: 
(a) Single-user operating system(b) Multiuser OS 
(c) Multithreaded OS (d) None of these  
Answer: (d)

358. Coaxial cables are widely used in: 
(a) Telephone networks 
(b) Cable TV networks 
(c) Both in telephone and Cable TV networks 
(d) Computer networks 
Answer: (c)

359. Which of the following is not a programming language? 
(c) LOTUS (d) None of these 
Answer: (c)

360. In network terminology 'SAP' refers to:
(a) Secured application (b) Service access points 
(c) Simple access protocol (d) Service access protocol 
Answer: (b)

361. What displays the contents of the active ceH in Excel? 
(a) Namebox (b) Row Heading
(c) Formula bar (d) Task pane 
Answer: (c)

362. The most powerful type of computer is:
(a) Mainframe computers (b) Microcomputers
(c) Mini computers (d) Supercomputers 
Answer: (d)

363. The contents of ·are lost when· the computer is turned off
(a) storage (b) input 
(c) output  (d) memory 
 Answer: (d)

364. What are the speakers attached to your computer used for: 
(a) Displaying images (b) Sending messages 
(c) Storing messages (d) Handling sound and music
Answer: (d)

365. Personal computers can be connected together to form a: 
(a) Server (b) Supercomputer  
(c) Network ( d) Enterprise
Answer: (c)

366. Help Menu ts available at which button? 
(a) End  (b) Start 
(C) Turnoff (d) Restart 
Answer: (b)

367. The --------tell us the rest of the computer how to carry out a  program's lnstructlons
(a) ALU  (b) System Unit 
( e) Control Unit ( d) Motherboard 
Answer: (c)

368. The............folder retains copies of messages that you have started but are not yet ready to send: 
(a) Drafts (b) outbox
(c) Address book  ( d) Sent items
Answer: (d)

369. Connection or link to other documents or Web Pages that contains related information is called: 
(a) Dial up (b) E-commerce 
(c) Hyperlink (d) Domain name 
Answer: (c)

370. The computer abbreviation KB usually means:
(a) Key Block (b) Key Byte 
(c) Kit Bit (d) Kilo Byte 
Answer: (d)

371. The smallest unit in the computer which represents information is: 
(a) Byte (b) Bit 
(c) Character (d) Digit 
Answer: (b)

372. What do you call a program used to eliminate viruses from a disc? 
(a) Vaccine (b) Back up 
(c) Disaster Recovery plan (d) Defragmentation program 
Answer: (d)

373. Division is carried out in computer by:
(a) Reverse multiplication (b) Repeated subtraction
(c) Repeated addition (d) None of these 
Answer: (b)

374. Screen savers program prevent:
(a) Brownouts (b) Burn-in 
(C) Screen flickering (d) Bad sectors 
Answer: (b)

375. Secondary memory device is:
(a) ALU (b) CPU 
(C) Floppy disc (d) Mouse
Answer: (c)

376. Which of the following is not true about computer files? 
(a) They are collections of data saved to a storage medium
(b) Every file has a filename 
(c) A file extension is established by the user to indicate the computer on which it was saved
(d) All files contain data 
Answer: (c)

377. Peripheral devices such as printers and plotters are considered to be: 
(a) Hardware (b) Software 
(c) Data (d) Information 
Answer: (a)

378. Which part of the computer can display the user's work? 
(a) Mouse (b) Keyboard 
(c) Disc drive (d) Monitor 
Answer: (d)

379. The software tools that enable a user to interact with a computer for specific purposes are known as: 
(a) Hardware (b) Network software 
(c) Shareware (d) Applications 
Answer: (d)

380. Which of the following is a secondary memory device? 
(a) Keyboard (b) Disc 
(C) ALU (d) Mouse 
Answer: (b)

381. A -------------- shares hardware, software, and data among authorised users: 
(a) Network (b) Protocol 
(c) Hyperlink (d) Transmitter 
Answer: (a)

382. Which of the following is not related to Internet? 
(a) Function Key (b) Link 
(c) Browser (d) Search Engine 
Answer: (a)

383. Users can use ------------- commands to search for and correct words in a computer. 
(a) Print and Print Preview(b) Header and Footer
(c) Find and Replace (d) Spelling and Grammar
Answer: (d)

384. Which of the following is not true about RAM? 
(a) RAM is a temporary storage area
(b) RAM is the same as hard disc storage
(c) RAM is volatile 
(d) Information stored in RAM is gone when you turn the computer off. 
Answer: (b)

385. The result of the formula in a cell is: 
(a) label (b) value 
(C) range (d) disvalued display 
Answer: (b)

386. Which of the following Excel charts represents only one value for each variable? 
(a) Function (b) Line 
(c) Pie (d) Bar 
Answer: (c)

387. The main directory of a disc is called:
(a) Root  (b) Sub 
(c) Folder (d) Network 
Answer: (a)

388. The motherboard is also known as: 
(a) Computer board (b) System device. 
(c) Central Board (d) System board
Answer: (d)

389. To move data from one part of the document to another, the following is used: 
(a) Cut and Paste (b) Copy and paste 
(c) Cut and Delete (d) Copy and Undo 
Answer: (a)

390. Which of the following is hardware but not software? 
(a) Excel (b) Operating system 
(c) Power point (d) Mouse 
Answer: (d)

391. is the part of the computer that does the arithmetical calculations. 
(a) OS (b) ALU
(c) CPU (d) memory
Answer: (b)

392. In word processing, and efficient way to move the 3rd paragraph to place it after the 5th paragraph is: 
(a) Copy and paste (b) Copy, cut and paste
(c) Cut, copy and paste (d) Cut and paste 
Answer: (d)

393. A set of choices on the screen is called a(n): 
(a) Menu (b) Template 
(c) Action plan (d) Editor 
Answer: (a)

394. Which justification aligns the text of a document on both left and right side margins? (a) Right (b) Justify 
(c) Both sides (d) Balanced 
Answer: (b)

395. When a computer prints a report, this output is called: 
(a) Program (b) Soft Copy 
(c) Hard Copy (d) Execution 
Answer: (c)

396. Which of the following is not a storage medium? 
(a) Hard disc (b) Flash drive 
(c) DVD (d) Monitor 
Answer: (d)

397. To see the documents before the printout is taken, use
(a) Print Preview (b) Format Printer 
(c) Paste (d) Insert Table 
Answer: (a)

398. What does an electronic spreadsheet consist of (Choose the best answer): 
(a) Rows (b) Columns 
(c) Cells (d) All of these 
Answer: (d)

399. To save a document for the first time, the ___option is used. 
(a) Save first (b) Save 
(c) Save on (d) Copy 
Answer: (b)

400. Which of the following is not an example of hardware? 
(a) WORD (b) Printer 
(c) Monitor (d) Mouse
Answer: (a)

401. ------------- Handles communication between computers on the network 
(a) Computer (b) A network server 
(c) CPU (d) Storage unit 
Answer: (b)

402. The computer which is used for massive amounts of calculations like weather forecasting, engineering design and economic forecasting etc,is known as 
(a) Supercomputer (b) Minicomputer 
(c) Notebook (d) Desktop computer 
Answer: (a)

403. What makes a computer powerful
(a) Speed (b) Reliability 
(c) Storage (d) All of these 
Answer: (d)

404. PDA refers to
(a) personal digital assistant
(b) personal device assistance
(c) Personal digital assistance
(d) Personal data assistance 
Answer: (a)

405. Information on a computer is stored as what?
(a) Analog data .. (b) Digital data
(c) Modem data (d) Watts data 
Answer: (b)

406. The pattern of printed lines in most products are called:
(a) Prices (b) Stripping 
(C) Scanners (d) Bar Codes 
Answer: (d)

407. Generally, you access the Recycle Bin through an icon located 
(a) on the desktop (b) on the hard drive
(c) on the shortcut menu (d) in the Properties dialogue box 
Answer: (a)

408. The term related to sending data to a satellite:
(a) downlink (b) modulate
(c) demodulate (d) uplink 
Answer: (d)

409. The primary purpose of software is to turn the data into: 
(a) Websites (b) information 
(c) Graph (d) Programs
Answer: (b)

410. -------- Is the heart of a network of terminals, which allow people to work all the same time on the same data? 
(a) Supercomputer (b) Minicomputer
(C) Personal computer (d) Mainframe computer 
Answer: (d)

411. C, BASIC, COBOL and Java are examples of .........languages. 
(a) low-level  (b) computer 
(C) system programming (d) high-level 
Answer: (d)

412. A(n) ------------- is a collection of information that determines which files you can access and which settings you use. 
(a) network (b) user account 
(c) operating system (d) file system 
Answer: (b)

413. ---------- hard drives are permanently located inside the system unit and are not designed to be removed unless they need to be repaired or replaced. . 
(a) Static (b) Internal 
(c) External (d) Remove 
Answer: (b)

414. The Recycle Bin stores discarded items until
(a) another user logs on (b) the computer is shut down
(c) the end of the day (d) you empty it 
Answer: (d)

415. A --------- is a collection of information saved as a unit.
(a) folder (b) file 
(c) path  (d) file extension 
Answer: (b)

416. CD ROM stands for:
(a) Compactable Read Only Memory (b) Compact Data Read 
(c) Compactable Disc Read-Only Memory
(d) Compact Disc Read-Only Memory 
Answer: (d)

417. ASCII stands for:
(a) American Stable Code for International Exchange
(b) American Stable Case for International Exchange 
(c) American Standard Code for Information interchange
(d) American Standard Code for Interchange Information 
Answer: (c)

418. Input, output, and processing devices grouped together to represent a(n)
(a) mobile device (b) information processing cycle 
(c) circuit board  (d) computer system 
Answer: (d)

419. The chief component of first-generation computers was:
(a) Transistors (b) Vacuum Tubes and Valves 
(c) Semi-Conductors (d) None of these 
Answer: (b)

420. Computers that are portable and convenient to users for travel are known as: 
(a) Supercomputers (b) Planners 
(c) Minicomputers (d) Lap Tops 
Answer: (d)

421. QWERTY is used with reference to:
(a) Keyboard (b) Mouse 
(c) Printer (d) Scanner 
Answer: (a)

422. One advantage of dial-up internet access is:
(a) It utilises broadband (b) It is Indian
(c) It uses router  (d) It utilises existing telephone service 
Answer: (d)

423. The taskbar is located
(a) on the Start menu (b) at the bottom of the screen 
(c) on the Quick Launch toolbar  (d) at the top of the screen 
Answer: (b)

424. What is a modem connected to ?.
(a) Processor  (b) Mother board 
(c) Printer  (d) Phone line 
Answer: (d)

425. An email account includes a storage area, often called a(n)
(a) attachment (b) hyperlink 
(c) mailbox (d) IP address
Answer: (c)

426. The physical arrangements of elements on a page is referred to as: 
(a) Features (b) Format 
(c) Pagination (d) Grid 
Answer: (b)

427. While creating a hierarchical structure other folders named can be in folders. 
(a) Mini folder (b) Tierd folder 
(c) Subfolders (d) Objects 
Answer: (c)

428. All these are included in removable media text except:
(a) CD-ROM  (b) Disket 
(c) DVDs  (d) Hard Disc drive 
Answer: (d)

429. Programs from the same developer, sold bundled together, that provide better integration and share common features, toolbars and menus are known as: 
(a) Software suites (b) Integrated software packages 
(c) Software processing packages  (d) Personal information managers. 
Answer: (a)

430. System software is a set of programs that enables your computer's hardware devices and - software to work together. 
(a) Management (b) Processing 
(c) Utility (d) Application 
Answer: (d)

431. The most common input devices include:
(a) Monitor and keyboard (b) Monitor and Mouse
(c) Mouse and Keyboard (d) Printer and Mouse 
Answer: (c)

432. All of the following are examples of real security and - privacy risks except:
(a) Hackers   (b) Spam 
(C) Viruses (d) Identity theft 
Answer: (b)

433. A desktop computer is also called:
(a) Palm Pilot   (b) PC 
(C) Laptop   (d) Mainframe 
Answer: (b)

434. Using process named ------------- to change the name of a file is easy.
(a) Transforming (b) Cristaning
(c) Renaming  (d) Retagging 
Answer: (c)

435. ------------- are specially designed computer chips that reside inside other devices such as car or electronic thermostats: 
(a) Mainframes   (b) Servers 
(c) Embedded computers (d) Robotic computers 
Answer: (c)

436. Holding the mouse button down while moving an object or text is known as: 
(a) Moving     (b) Dragging 
(C) Dropping   (d) Highlighting 
Answer: (b)

437. ------------- helps to capture raw data and to enter in a computer system. 
(a) CPU      (b) Integrated unit 
(c) Input device  (d) Mother Board 
Answer: (a)

438. Documents converted to ____can be published to the Web:
(a) A.doc file   (b) http 
(c) Machine language (d) HTML 
Answer: (d)

439. Which of the following refers to the memory of your computer? 
(a) USB  (b) LAN. 
(C) RAM   (d) CPU 
Answer: (c)

440. Though many programs can be opened at the same time, yet only ---------- program can be active at a time. 
(a) Four  (b) Three 
(c) Two  (d) One 
Answer: (d)

441. A. ---------- is a collection of data that is stored electronically as a series of records in a table: 
(a) Spreadsheet: : (b) Presentation :
(c) Database A ' (d) Webpage: 
Answer: (a)

442. A data warehouse is which of the following?"
(a) Can be updated by end-users 
(b) Contains numerous naming conventions 
(c) Organised around important subject areas 
(d) Contains only current data
Answer: (c)

443. What is the storage area for email messages are called?
(a) Folder  (b) A directory 
(c) A mailbox  (d) The hard disc 
Answer: (c)

444. ----------- are destructive executable files transferred from one computer to another. 
(a) Viruses (b) Programs 
(C) Applications  (d) Software 
Answer: (a)

445. With the use of _ text can be entered and edited very skillfully. 
(a) Spreadsheet . (b) Typewriter 
(c) Word Processing Program  (d) Desk top publishing Program 
Answer: (c)

446. A -------------- is a professionally designed empty document that can be adapted to the user's needs: 
(a) File  (b) Guide 
(c) Template (d) User guide file 
Answer: (c)

447. The language used to design web pages:
(a) HTML (b) HTTP 
Answer: (a)

448. What is the intersection of a column and row on a worksheet is called? 
(a) Column (b) Value 
(C) Address (d) Cell 
Answer: (d)

449. When you create documents, graphs and pictures, your computer holds data in: 
(a) Restore file  (b) Back up drive 
(c) Clipboard  (d) Memory 
Answer: (d)

450. Data representation is based on the ------------- number system, which uses two numbers to represent all data: 
(a) Binary (b) Biometric 
(c) Byte  (d) Bicentennial
Answer: (a)
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