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General English - Questions & Answers - 6

General English - Questions & Answers - 6

751. Which word is wrongly spelt?
(a) Magnificient (b) Rheumatism
(c)Bureau (d) Perseverence
Answer: (a)

752. This is ___ unusual matter.
(a) an (b) the
(c) a (d) of
Answer: (a)

753. Is he ___ heir to the throne?
(a) the (b) an
(c) a (d)  article not required
Answer: (b)

754. One who works for free:
(a) Sinecure (b) Mercinary
(c) Volunteer (d)  Gourmet
Answer: (c)

755. The meaning of ‘Proscribe’:
(a) Write (b) List medicine
(c) Allow (d) Banish
Answer: ()

756. There ____ three cows in the field.
(a) are (b) is
(c) was (d) has
Answer: (a)

757. Choose the word which is opposite in meaning to the given word ‘MONOGAMY’:
(a) Polyandry (b) Bigamy
(c) Polygamy (d) Matrimony
Answer: (c)

758. One who is easily deceived:
(a) Charlatan (b) Gullible
(c) Veteran (d) Cynic
Answer: (b)

759. The opposite of ‘Assemble’:
(a) Disperse (b) Group
(c) Repel (d) Deny
Answer: (a)

760.Seema and Sita …… now.
(a) slept (b) were sleeping
(c) had slept (d) are sleeping
Answer: (d)

761. The word ‘ecstasy’ means:
(a) Great sorrow (b) Great happiness
(c) Hope (d) Faith
Answer: (b)

762.A speech delivered without any previous preparation:
(a) Extempore (b) Maiden
(c) Prologue (d) Spinster
Answer: (a)

763.If dogs bark; then sparrows ___.
(a) scream (b) talk
(c) twitter (d) roar
Answer: (c)

764.A person who hates the institution of marriage:
(a) Misogynist (b) Misologist
(c) Misogamist (d) Misnomer
Answer: (c)

765.The opposite of ‘Attach’:
(a) Abstract (b) Detach
(c) Attend (d) Match
Answer: (b)

766.If they really tried, they ___ the prize.
(a) will win (b) can win
(c) could win (d) could have won
Answer: (c)

767.‘Diffident’ best means:
(a) not confident (b) difficult
(c) different (d) bold
Answer: (a)

768.I shall be there __ 4p.m. on Friday.
(a) on   (b) in  (c) at (d) upon
Answer: (c)

769.We ….. a very enjoyable holiday in Ooty last summer.
(a) have had (b) had
(c) were (d) was
Answer: (b)

770.My mother usually cooks food in the morning, but today she ….. in the evening.
(a) cooks (b) has been cooking
(c) is cooking (d)  would have cooked
Answer: (c)

771.Everyone cheered the winner, …..?
(a) did he (b) didn’t they
(c) didn’t he (d) did they
Answer: (b)

772.The antonym of ‘Behave’:
(a) Misbehave (b) Unbehave
(c) Disbehave (d) Nonbehave
Answer: (a)

773.‘Plethora’ means:
(a) Pliant (b) Platform
(c) Excess (d) Lack
Answer: (c)

774.Parents have to provide ….. their children.
(a) with (b) for
(c) by (d) to
Answer: (b)

775.Have you ever …… to Calcutta?
(a) gone (b) been
(c) went (d) go
Answer: (b)

776. Choose the correct form of the word from the following:
(a) Interpriter (b) Interpritor
(c) Interpreter (d) Interpretor
Answer: (c)

777. That which can be carried:
(a) Handy (b) Portable
(c) Potable (d) Bearable
Answer: (b)

778. Find the correctly spelt word:
(a) Roomour (b) Rumour
(c) Roumur (d) Rummor
Answer: (b)

779. This is a matter ____ little importance.
(a) on   (b) by   (c) for  (d)  of
Answer: (d)

780. Which sentence is grammatically correct?
(a) He insisted on me joining a college
(b) The teacher asked me what is my name
(c) One cannot be indifferent to one’s health, can’t one?
(d)  He is good at mathematics, but week in English
Answer: (d)

781. Cutting for stone in the bladder:
(a) Lithotomy (b) Vasectomy
(c) Tubectomy (d) Dichotomy
Answer: (a)

782. I don’ t like to deal ___ him .
(a) up    (b) in   (c) for (d) with
Answer: (d)

783. Being awarded an Oscar marked a  ____  in her life.
(a) yardstick (b) milestone
(c) sign-post (d) memorial
Answer: (b)

784. Be careful when you cross the road ,____ ?
(a) will you (b) shall we
(c) won’t you (d) shall I
Answer: (c)

785. I have my bed room _____.
(a) on upstairs (b) at upstairs
(c) in upstairs (d) upstairs
Answer: (d)

786. Many a ____  injured.
(a) passengers were (b) passengers was
(c) passenger were (d) passenger was
Answer: (d)

787. I drove there without ____.
(a) to stop (b) stopping
(c) stopped (d) none of these
Answer: (b)

788. A person who has difference of opinion:
(a) Dissenter (b) Pagan
(c) Pedant (d) Philistine
Answer: (a)

789. One cannot get by in a city without learning those sophisticated ways of dealing with people(Choose the meaning of the idiom underlined):
(a) get a job (b) survive
(c) cope up      (d) continue your way of life
Answer: (b)

790.___ ship is not in a condition to make a long voyage.
(a) The   (b) A   (c) An (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

791.Indifference to pleasure or pain:
(a) Patience (b) Stoicism
(c) Reticence (d) Docility
Answer: (b)

792.____ being the best player in the world, he failed to win the tournament.
(a) Barring (b) Unless
(c) Despite (d) Since
Answer: (c)

793.The idiom ‘it’s all Greek and Latin to me’ means:
(a) Something I understand
(b) Something I don’t understand
(c) Something simple
(d) Something easy
Answer: (b)

794.A child usually has ____ trust in its mother.
(a) great  (b) much 
(c) absolute  (d) little
Answer: (c)

795.Everyone had warned me about the weather before I went to Delhi. This sentence, when changed into passive voice form, becomes:
(a) Everyone had been warned about the weather before I went to Delhi
(b) I was warned about the weather before I went to Delhi
(c) I had been warned about the weather before I went to Delhi
(d) I had been warned about the weather before I had gone to Delhi
Answer: (c)

796.Which is the correct spelling?
(a) Forcast (b) Forcaste
(c) Forcaust (d) Forecast
Answer: (d)

797.Part of a church in which bells hang:
(a) Chapel (b) Minaret
(c) Spire (d)  Belfry
Answer: (d)

798. One of the bangles ___ removed from the box.
(a) have been (b) are being
(c) has been (d) were being
Answer: (c)

799.“Beware of that wolf in sheep’s skin”- The closest meaning of the idiom is:
(a) Hypocrite (b) Hippocrite
(c) Hippocrete (d) Hypocrete
Answer: (a)

800.When a person has an infectious disease, he is usually ___.
(a) separated (b) removed
(c) isolated (d) discharged
Answer: (c)

801. The French have a reputation ___ politeness.
(a) for   (b) to   (c) in (d) with
Answer: (a)

802. The opposite of ‘APPOSITE’:
(a) Intelligent (b) Proper
(c) Suitable (d) Inappropriate
Answer: (d)

803. ‘A square peg in a round hole’ means:
(a) A misfit (b) Very apt
(c) Modern (d) Fashionable
Answer: (a)

804. ‘Artificer’ means:
(a) Born talent
(b) Pretender
(c) Exponent in some form of art
(d) Skilled workman
Answer: (d)

805. The meaning of ‘RUSTIC’:
(a) Civlilzed (b) Cultured
(c) Unsophisticated (d) Strange
Answer: (c)

806. The science of philosophy of beauty:
(a) Aesthetics (b) Calisthenics
(c) Eugenics (d) Ethics
Answer: (a)

807. The young one of deer:
(a) Cub   (b) Puppy  (c) Kitten  (d) Fawn
Answer: (d)

808. There is some difficulty ___ reaching a conclusion.
(a) in   (b) to   (c) by (d)  over
Answer: (a)

809. I am not one of those who believe everything ____ hear.
(a) I    (b) he    (c) they  (d) me
Answer: (c)

810.‘VERACIOUS’ means:
(a) Greedy (b) Insatiable
(c) Speedy (d) Truthful
Answer: (d)

811. Shyam was late ____ work again. He may be fired.
(a) on   (b) at   (c) for   (d)  to
Answer: (c)

812.The branch of government concerned with executing laws, decrees and sentences :
(a) Judiciary (b) Legislature
(c) Cabinet (d) Executive
Answer: (d)

813.Slaves were freed from ____ only after they died.
(a) bondage (b) Pilferage
(c) Agreement (d) Ablution
Answer: (a)

814.The synonym of ‘Louse’:
(a) Lukewarm (b) Infant
(c) Beast (d) Parasitic insect
Answer: (d)

815.The soldier yielded ___ the enemy.
(a) to   (b) for   (c) in (d) on
Answer: (a)

816.I find these mathematical puzzles too _____ and prefer the more straightforward type.
(a) abject (b) abortive
(c) abounding (d) abstruse
Answer: (d)

817. Over and above the household work, she works in a factory on a part time basis. (The underlined words mean):
(a) In addition to (b) In place of
(c) Beside (d) Together with
Answer: (a)

818.The total loss of voice:
(a) Aphonia (b) Amnesia
(c) Anaemia (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

819.The land belonging to a nobleman:
(a) Manor (b) Intestate
(c) Personalty (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

820.A sleeping room for a number of people.
(a) Creche (b) Cache
(c) Dormitory (d) Dormant
Answer: (c)

821.I could _____ her if I wanted to.
(a) have married (b) marry
(c) married (d) be marrying
Answer: (a)

822.Choose the option which is the antonym of
(a) Lovable (b) Basal
(c) Necessity (d) Lucidity
Answer: (d)

823.He spoke _____ his travels.
(a) on   (b) along  (c) of (d) about
Answer: (d)

824.A peculiarity of temperament or constitution:
(a) Inveigh (b) Incriminate
(c) Idiosyncrasy (d) Stoic
Answer: (c)

825.His thirst for knowledge left him no leisure _____ anything else.
(a) for   (b) till  (c) unless  (d) but
Answer: (a)

826. The phrase/idiom that means ‘One who argues against a cause or position, not as a committed opponent but simply for the sake of argument or to determine the validity of the cause or position’:
(a) A doubting Thomas (b) Dark horse
(c) Devil’s advocate (d) Against the clock
Answer: (c)

827. ‘Per capita’ means:
(a) For each person (b) For each student
(c) For each woman (d) For each boy
Answer: (a)

828. He takes pride ____ his son.
(a) of (b) in
(c) about (d) for
Answer: (b)

829. The meaning of ‘COMMEND’:
(a) Order (b) Praise
(c) Remark (d) Perform
Answer: (b)

830. Joint sovereignty exercised over a country by two or more countries.
(a) Pandemonium (b) Colonialism
(c) Enclave (d) Condominium
Answer: (d)

831. Which part of the sentence has an error?
(a) The behaviour/ (b) of the/
(c) children were/ (d) excellent
Answer: (c)

832. The synonym of ‘EXTRICATE’:
(a) Intricate (b) Tie
(c) Difficult (d) Free
Answer: (d)

833. ‘Pillar to post’ means:
(a) Home to post office (b) Office to office
(c) Home to office (d) Place to place
Answer: (d)

834. The opposite of ‘Capricious’:
(a) Mercurial (b) Unreliable
(c) Impulsive (d) Predictable
Answer: (d)

835.‘Per diem’ means:
(a) Per year (b) Per day
(c) In a body (d) Everybody
Answer: (b)

836. A teacher ______ friendly with the students.
(a) should (b) should be
(c) can (d) must
Answer: (b)

837.He did not qualify _____ the job.
(a) for (b) to
(c) against (d)  with
Answer: (a)

838.I’m late for the meeting. It started about ten minutes _____.
(a) ago (b) before
(c) since (d) ahead
Answer: (a)

839.____ Dutch defeated ____ Portuguese in the battle.
(a) A,the (b) A,a
 (c) The,the (d) The, an
Answer: (c)

840. Find out which part of the sentence has an error?
(a) Bad husbands (b) often have
(c) good wife (d) No error
Answer: (c)

841. Which is opposite in meaning to
(a) Vacant (b) Seldom
(c) Distinct (d) Unusual
Answer: (c)

842. _____ does UNO stands for?
(a) What (b) Which
(c) Where (d)  Who
Answer: (a)

843. The crowd threw stones at the police, heedless ___ the consequences.
(a) of (b) with
(c) at (d)  over
Answer: (a)

844. She was surprised that he knew her name.
She _____ never met him before.
(a) was (b) were
(c) did (d)  had
Answer: (d)

845. The world needs to depend on other energy resources, _____ oil and other natural resources.
(a) beside (b) likewise
(c) besides (d) also besides
Answer: (c)

846. ‘Flying colours’ means:
(a) Great victory (b) Dark colours
(c) Light colours (d) Cowardice
Answer: (a)

847. His views are do not accord ____ mine.
(a) in (b) by
(c) for (d)  with
Answer: (d)

848. The correctly spelt word is:
(a) Obsene (b) Obseen
(c) Obscene (d) Obzene
Answer: (c)

849. A vehicle for carrying dead body at a funeral:
(a) Hearse (b) Coffin
(c) Bier (d)  Cenotaph
Answer: (a)

850. These are books without ____  you cannot write the examination.
(a) which (b) that
(c) whom (d) who
Answer: (a)

851. Any medicine which produces insensitivity:
(a) Anaesthetics (b) Antibiotics
(c) Anaemic (d) Antiseptic
Answer: (a)

852. The higher you climb a Himalayan peak, ____ you feel.
(a) the most cold (b) the colder
(c) colder (d) more cold
Answer: (b)

853. The reward is a ____ of her service to mankind.
(a) memento (b) memorial
(c) witness (d) recognition
Answer: (d)

854. Which is the correct spelling?
(a) Euthanasia (b) Euthanacia
(c) Yuthanasia (d)  Euthanatia
Answer: (a)

855.  I understand ____  you want to learn English.
(a) but (b) because
(c) that (d) yet
Answer: (c)

856. I shall inform you as soon as he ____ (arrive) here (Use the correct form of verb given in bracket):
(a) will arrive (b) is arriving
(c) will be arrived (d) arrives
Answer: (d)

857. The synonym of ‘EVOLVE’:
(a) Involve (b) Develop
(c) Envisage (d) Except
Answer: (b)

858. I asked the porter where  _____.
(a) was the ticket counter
(b) the ticket counter were
(c) the ticket counter was
(d) in the ticket counter
Answer: (c)

859. I haven’t ____ friends here.
(a) many (b) some
(c) a few (d)  few
Answer: (a)

860. He asked whether such a thing was possible.  The direct form of the sentence is:
(a) He asked “is such a thing possible?”
(b) He asked “was such a thing possible?”
(c) He said “will such a thing be possible?”
(d) He said “whether such thing was possible?”
Answer: (a)

861. With a view to ____ properly, a detailed list is appended to.  Fill up the blank with the correct form of ‘verify’ from the following:
(a) verify (b) verifying
(c) verified (d) being verified
Answer: (b)

862.The meaning of ‘Ratify’:
(a) Fix the price of (b) Reject
(c) Approve (d) Turn into a rat
Answer: (c)

863.Invaluable means:
(a) Not valuable (b) Very valuable
(c) Negatively valuable (d) Valuable at present
Answer: (b)

864. He is married ____.
(a) with my sister (b) my sister
(c) to my sister (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

865. He has great reputation ___ honesty.
(a) for (b) in
(c) about (d) of
Answer: (a)

866. One who believes that everything is predestined:
(a) Optimist (b) Fatalist
(c) Palmist (d) Pedant
Answer: (b)

867. He was detained from the class ____ attendance.
(a) due to (b) for want of
(c) owing to (d)  on account of
Answer: (b)

868. A span of ten years.
(a) score (b) annual
(c) century (d)  decade
Answer: (d)

869.  He came in looking as if he (see) a ghost (Use the correct form of verb given in bracket)
(a) saw (b) seen
(c) had seen (d) has seen
Answer: (c)

870. If I were a bird I ____ fly.
(a) would (b) will
(c) should (d) could
Answer: (a)
871. Find the misspelt word:
(a) Believe (b) Grieve
(c) Relieve (d) Decieve
Answer: (d)

872. Before we reached the theatre the tickets ____.
(a) were sold out (b)  had been sold out
(c) has been sold out (d)  will be sold out
Answer: (b)

873. Richard bought ___ ice pile from the shop.
(a) a (b) an
(c) the (d) and
Answer: (b)

874. The word opposite in meaning to ‘DECEIT’:
(a) Simplicity (b) Gentility
(c) Sincerity (d) Honesty
Answer: (d)

875. Russia has a lot to offer India in her efforts to leap ____ the 21  century.
(a) over (b) to
(c) into (d) overst
Answer: (c)

876. I don’t mind going ____ car, but I don’t want to go ____ your car.
(a) by,on (b) by,by
(c) by,in (d)  in,by
Answer: (c)

877. The antonym of ‘Knowledge’:
(a) Ignorance (b) Lethargic
(c) Intelligent (d) Scholar
Answer: (a)

878. She could not help ____ tears.
(a) to shed (b) to be shed
(c) shed (d) shedding
Answer: (d)

879. Devote more attention to _____consumers.
(a) a (b) an
(c) the (d)  None of these
Answer: (c)

880. These photographs were taken ____ avery good camera.
(a) by (b) for
(c) to (d) with
Answer: (d)

881. ‘Improvident’ means:
(a) Not likely to happen
(b) Not influenced by others
(c) Not looking to future needs
(d)  Not capable of being excited
Answer: (c)

882. That was the ____ question in the paper.
(a) most difficult (b) more difficult
(c) difficulty (d) difficultest
Answer: (a)

883. ‘Efficacious’ means:
(a) Well adapted
(b) likely to catch fire easily
(c) Producing the desired result
(d)  Spreading by touch
Answer: (c)

884. There are some differences _____ British and American English.
(a) over (b) on
(c) among (d) between
Answer: (d)
885. They were not aware of his magnanimous act. (select the word which conveys almost the same meaning as italicized word)
(a) Generous (b) Charitable
(c) Insulting (d) Magnificent
Answer: (a)

886. Although he was tired, he _____ working.
(a) was going on (b) is going on
(c) went on (d) goes on
Answer: (c)

887. What did you have for ___ break fast?
(a) a (b) the
(c) an            (d)  No word is necessary
Answer: (d)

888. Choose the word OPPOSITE in meaning to the word ‘MASK’:
(a) Hit (b) Expose
(c) Injure (d) Deface
Answer: (b)

889. Use the proper form of the word given in bracket: Krishna shows great ___ in his work (sincere):
(a) sincerely (b) sincere
(c) sincerity (d)   None of these
Answer: (c)

890. Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the word ‘ADVANCE’:
(a) Progress (b) Payment
(c) Retreat (d) Attack
Answer: (a)

891. Since we brought a cat to the house, all the ____ have disappeared.
(a) mouse (b) mouses
(c) mices (d)  mice
Answer: (d)

892. I wanted to lend Rajiv some money, but I hadn’t got ___
(a) any (b) many
(c) none (d) some
Answer: (a)

893. A child of unusual or remarkable talent:
(a) Pedant (b) Prodigy
(c) Scholar (d) Freak
Answer: (b)

894. Which is most nearly similar in meaning as the word ‘DIFFERENCE’?
(a) Uniformity (b) Identity
(c) Variation (d) Agreement
Answer: (c)
895. Which is most nearly opposite in meaning as the word ‘ENDEAVOUR’?
(a) Abandon (b) Try
(c) Assay (d) Strive
Answer: (a)

896. The injured passenger ___ profusely before the ambulance arrived.
(a) bleeded (b) bleed
(c) bleeds (d) bled
Answer: (d)

897. The price of electricity is going up ____ October.
(a) at (b) on
(c) in (d)  to
Answer: (c)

898. Gandhiji was a humble man known for his ____.
(a) kindness    (b) modesty
(c) pleasantness  (d)sweetness
Answer: (b)

899. Choose the wrongly spelt word:
(a) Decametre (b) Hectometre
(c) Milimetre (d) Tonne
Answer: (c)

900. One who cannot die:
(a) Perennial (b) Stable
(c) Perpetual (d) Immortal
Answer: (d)

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