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General English - Questions & Answers - 5

General English - Questions & Answers - 5

601. Choose the correctly spelt word:
(a) annihilate                                             (b) anihilate
(c) annihillate                                            (d) annihilate
Answer: (a)

602. Deliberate damage to property:
(a) Masochism                                          (b) Vandalism
(c) Censure                                                (d) Nepotism
Answer: (b)

603. The sound made by  Ducks:
(a) Quack                                                        (b) Coo
(c) Mew                                                           (d) Bray
Answer: (a)

604. ‘To leave no stone unturned’ means:
(a) To keep clean and tidy                         (b) To try utmost
(c) To work enthusiastically                     (d) To change the things
Answer: (b)

605. The opposite of ‘Tentative’:
(a) Immediate                                                (b) Urgent
(c) Developed                                                 (d) Final
Answer: (d)

606. In a democracy everyone _____ obey the laws of the country.
(a) can                                                          (b) ought to
(c) may                                                         (d) could
Answer: (b)

607. Everybody claims to be right, _____?
(a) isn’t it                                                   (b) don’t they
(c) aren’t they                                            (d) won’t they
Answer: (b)

608. The opposite of ‘derange’ is:
(a) Arrange                                               (b) Disarrange
(c) Disorder                                                 (d) Dislocate
Answer: (a)

609. A book fell _____ the shelf:
(a) off                                                           (b) down
(c) onto                                                         (d) along
Answer: (a)

610. Is there _____ hospital in your village.
(a) the                                                             (b) an
(c) a                                                                  (d) and
Answer: (c)

611. _____ enough food for all?
(a) Are there                                                (b) Is there
(c) Where there                                          (d) Were there
Answer: (b)

612. Sheela swam _____ the river.
(a) on top of                                               (b) beneath
(c) across                                                     (d) over
Answer: (c)

613. Idleness and luxury _____ poverty and want.
(a) bring in                                                 (b) bring out
(c) bring up                                                 (d) bring forth
Answer: (d)

614. List and explanation for several words:
(a) Agendum                                              (b) Glossary
(c) Appendix                                              (d) Addendum
Answer: (b)

615. Neither the students nor the teacher _____come.
(a) are                                                         (b) have
(c) was                                                         (d) has
Answer: (d)

616. The illicit partner of a married man or woman:
(a) Bride                                                  (b) Fiance
(c) Spinster                                             (d) Paramour
Answer: (d)

617. Political leaders should think of the people_____ they are accountable.
(a) to who                                                  (b) to whom
(c) who                                                       (d) which
Answer: (b)

618. Something that cures any evil or trouble:
(a) Manna                                                     (b) Elixir
(c) Panacea                                                  (d) Potion
Answer: (c)

619. A lot of time _____ wasted.
(a) has                                                            (b) was
(c) are                                                              (d) have been
Answer: (b)

620. Few girls know his house, _____?
(a) do they                                                        (b) did they
(c) don’t they                                                   (d) didn’t they
Answer: (a)

621. Select the word opposite in meaning to ‘right’:
(a) Incorrect                                                      (b) Mistake
(c) Sin                                                                  (d) Wrong
Answer: (d)

622. When Raju reached the hall , the meeting ____ already ____.
(a) have, begun                                                 (b) has, begun
(c) had, begun                                                  (d) have, beginning
Answer: (c)

623. Which of the following words is wrongly spelt?
(a) Efficient                                                    (b) Reverance
(c) Dilemma                                                     (d) Privilege
Answer: (b)

624. A system of naming things:
(a) Horticulture                                            (b) Miniature
(c) Genocide                                                  (d) Nomenclature
Answer: (d)

625. The meaning of ‘Lethargy’:
(a) Danger                                                     (b) Energy
(c) Enthusiasm                                             (d)  Dullness
Answer: (d)

626. A subsequent edition _____ in 1976.
(a) has been published
(b) was published
(c) had been published
(d) was being published
Answer: (b)

627. A great deal of money _____ on repairs.
(a) were spent (b) were being spent
(c) have been spent (d) has been spent
3. ‘The tempest’ is supposed to be
Answer: (d)

628. Shakespeare’s swan song (meaning of the phrase underlined).
(a) last achievement (b) chief work
(c) most popular work (d) most interesting work
Answer: (a)

629. There is no cure _____  common cold.
(a) of (b) to
(c) from (d) for
Answer: (d)

630. I am too tired to help you (Use so …that).
(a) So that I am tired I cannot help you
(b) I am too tired so that I cannot help you
(c) I am tired so that I cannot help you
(d) I am so tired that I cannot help you
Answer: (d)

631. Scarcely ___had an umbrella with him.
(a) someone (b) no one
(c) any one (d) somebody
Answer: (c)

632. The noun of ‘Obey’:
(a) Obedience (b) Obediently
(c) Obeisance (d) Obedient
Answer: (a)

633. The boys have been playing ___ a long time.
(a) since (b) about
 (c) for (d) in
Answer: (c)

634. The noun form of ‘perform’:
(a) Performing (b) Perfume
(c) Perfumery (d) Performance
Answer: (d)

635. Ramu _____ a snake yesterday evening.
(a) has killed (b) killed
(c) had killed (d) was killed
Answer: (b)

636. The place where bricks are baked:
(a) Foundry (b) Mint
(c) Cemetery (d) Kiln
Answer: (d)

637. ‘To save one’s face’ means:
(a) To hide oneself (b) To oppose
(c) To evade disgrace (d) To say plainly
Answer: (c)

638. Which part of the sentence has an error?
(a)The climbers will try again /
(b) to reach the summit of the mountain/
(c) their chances of doing so are /
(d) more better than they were last week.
Answer: (d)

639. Choose the correctly spelt word:
(a) Embarrassing (b) Embarassing
(c) Embarrasing (d) Embarasing
Answer: (a)

640. The synonym of ‘Promptly’:
(a) Obediently (b) Quickly
(c) Successively (d) Cleverly
Answer: (b)

641. He …to all his friends that he was getting married.
(a) told (b) related
(c) announced (d) called
Answer: (c)

642. The song had a SOPORIFIC effect on the child (Select the synonym of the word given in CAPITAL letters)
(a) Soothing (b) Terrific
(c) Supreme (d) Sleep-inducing
Answer: (d)

643. Don’t park your car _____ the gate.
(a) in between (b) at front of
(c) in the middle of (d) in front of
Answer: ()

644. The correctly spelt word:
(a) Vorecious (b) Varocious
(c) Voracious (d)  Varoceous
Answer: (c)

645. _____ beautiful she is!
(a) Oh (b) Why
(c) How (d) What
Answer: (c)

646. A new series of hundred-rupee notes _____ been issued.
(a) has (b) have
(c) had (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

647. Kindly allow me to say _____ words.
(a) a few (b) the few
(c) few (d) any few
Answer: (a)

648. Hundred years is called a _____.
(a) Centaury (b) Century
(c) Sanctuary (d) Sentuary
Answer: (b)

649. The antonym of ‘Diligent’:
(a) Committed (b) Sharp-witted
(c) Slumber (d) Lazy
Answer: (d)

650. The synonym of ‘Vigilant’: 
(a) Watchful (b) Vivacious
(c) Zealous (d) Vague
Answer: (a) 

651. Choose the antonym of ‘Recalcitrant’:
(a) Unruly (b) Hasty
(c) Amenable (d) Cautious
Answer: (c)

652. ‘Ipso jure’ means:
(a) By the law (b) Note below
(c) Without a day (d) As things were before
Answer: (a)

653. Choose the correctly spelt word:
(a) Pronounciation (b) Prononciation
(c) Prenunciation (d) Pronunciation
Answer: (d)

654. You gained an advantage ____ me.
(a) over  (b) on  (c) of  (d) at
Answer: (a)

655. The meaning of ‘Momentous’:
(a) For a moment (b) Worth remembering
(c) Important(d) Weak
Answer: (c)

656. I will send you the money ___ the end of
the month.
(a) at   (b) in   (c) on   (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

657. Select the correctly spelt word:
(a) Courtesey (b) Courtsy
(c) Courtecy (d) Courtesy
Answer: (d)

658. Where does Usha work? ____the sales department.
(a) in  (b) at   (c) on    (d)  by
Answer: (a)

659. Choose the word which is most opposite in  meaning to the word ‘ENRICH’:
(a) Poor (b) Courage
(c) Diminish (d) Poison
Answer: (c)

660. Everyone has heard of ‘phrasal verbs’, ___?
(a) haven’t they (b) hasn’t they
(c) will they (d)  do them
Answer: (a)

661. Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the word
(a) Pre-eminence (b) Dominance
(c) Domineering (d) Preoccupation
Answer: (b)

662. Manu is a lawyer. He specialises ___ company law.
(a) at   (b) on  (c) in    (d)  with
Answer: (c)

663. Pick out the word which is closest in meaning to the word ‘ASTONISHMENT’:
(a) Wonder (b) Offence
(c) Realization (d) Interest
Answer: (a)

664. The reported speech of : ‘Don’t shout’, I said to Nancy.
(a) I told Nancy don’t shout
(b) I told Nancy not to shout
(c) I told Nancy didn’t shout
(d) I told Nancy not shout
Answer: (b)

665. I can’t find my binoculars. Do you know where _____?
(a) it is (b) it was
(c) it has been (d) they are
Answer: (d)

666. We complained ____ the editor of the news paper about the news.
(a) about (b) at (c) to (d)  in
Answer: (c)

667. It was a public holiday, so there were ___ shops open.
(a) no   (b) none  (c) any   (d) nothing
Answer: (a)

668. Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the word ‘SQUANDER’:
(a) Expensive (b) Waste
(c) Litter (d) Economical
Answer: (b)

669. The club committee is ____ of the president, secretary and seven other members.
(a) setup (b) set out
(c) made out (d)  made up
Answer: (d)

670. Which is incorrect?
(a) A ten-rupee note     (b) A four-week course
(c) Two 12-years-old girls  (d) A five page letter
Answer: (c)

671. Choose the word opposite in meaning to the word ‘PRELIMINARY’:
(a) Final  (b) First
(c) Secondary (d) Initial
Answer: (a)

672. Geetha suggested ____ to the cinema.
(a) to go   (b) going 
(c) is going (d) went
Answer: (b)

673. Choose the incorrectly spelt word:
(a) Grammer (b) Hammer
(c) Stammer (d) Manner
Answer: (a)

674. Are you excited____ going away next week?
(a) at   (b) on   (c) about   (d) by
Answer: (c)

675. I couldn’t answer ____ of the questions they asked me.
(a) no    (b) none 
(c) nothing  (d) any
Answer: (d)

676. A woman who is in charge of nursing and domestic arrangement in a hospital:
(a) Maid (b) Warden
(c) Matron (d) Midwife
Answer: (c)

677. Raju bought ____ flowers to decorate the hall.
(a) flocks of (b) heaps of
(c) bunches of (d) clumps of
Answer: (c)

678. Which word is correctly spelt?
(a) Traverse (b) Traverce
(c) Traverze (d) Traverrse
Answer: (a)

679. _____ is a very good form of exercise.
(a) Running (b) The run
(c) To run (d) Is running
Answer: (a)

680. He is always ____ in replying the letters.
(a) fast (b) swift
(c) immediate (d)  prompt
Answer: (d)

681. Choose the word opposite in meaning to the word ‘ENMITY’:
(a) Important (b) Unnecessary
(c) Friendship (d) Likeness
Answer: (c)

682. Rajiv Gandhi _____ Indira Gandhi as Prime Minister.
(a) acceded (b) receded
(c) exceeded (d) succeeded
Answer: (d)

683. Woman who trained  to help other women in child birth:
(a) Matron (b) Midwife
(c) Nurse (d) Concubine
Answer: (b)

684. Choose the word opposite in meaning to the word ‘RESERVED’:
(a) Popular (b) Companionable
(c) Likeable (d) Talkative
Answer: (d)

685. Arbiter means:
(a) Priest (b) Despot
(c) Very bitter (d)  Appointed by two parties to settle a dispute
Answer: (d)

686. Point out the nearest antonym of the word
(a) Minimal (b) Exorbitant
(c) Large (d)  Costly
Answer: (b)

687. I expect my friend ____ the third of next month.
(a) from   (b) in  (c) by (d)  at
Answer: (c)

688. Choose the correctly spelt word:
(a) Ineligible (b) Inelligibal
(c) Inelligible (d) Inegibil
Answer: (a)

689. Two dozen oranges ____ only twenty rupees.
(a) cost (b) costing
(c) costs (d) costed
Answer: (a)

690. I met a lot of people ____ my stay in New York.
(a) at   (b) by  (c) during  (d) till
Answer: (c)

691. Substance that prevents putrefaction:
(a) Antidote (b) Antiseptic
(c) Antonym (d) Anaemic
Answer: (b)

692. I dislike ____ to my house.
(a) his coming (b) he coming
(c) him coming (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

693. He ____ reply to your letter as soon as possible.
(a) has (b) could
(c) has been (d)  will
Answer: (d)

694. When I opened the envelope, I was delighted to find a cheque ___ Rs.1000.
(a) by   (b) at  (c) in   (d) for
Answer: (d)

695. Students looked very bored _____ the lesson.
(a) while (b) for
(c) during (d)  None of these
Answer: (c)

696. The river divides the city ____ two parts.
(a) with (b) by
(c) between (d) into
Answer: (d)

697. Nobody believed Smitha at first but he ____ to be right.
(a) came out (b) turned out
(c) worked out (d) carried out
Answer: (b)

698. Money isn’t the solution ____ every problem.
(a) to   (b) with   (c) in   (d) by
Answer: (a)

699. Extreme old age when a man behaves like a fool:
(a) Imbecility (b) Senility
(c) Dotage (d) Superannuation
Answer: (c)

700. Select the correctly spelt word:
(a) Disiplin (b) Discipline
(c) Disciplin (d) Dissipline
Answer: (b)

701. The river ____ (flow) very fast today much faster than usual:(Use the correct
Form of the verb given)
(a) flow (b) flows
(c) is flowing (d)  flown
Answer: (c)

702. He’s lazy. He never does _____ work.
(a) no   (b) any 
(c) some (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

703. The plane was badly damaged ____ lighting.
(a) in   (b) on   (c) with (d) by
Answer: (d)

704. Riny is _____ than Sheen.
(a) more courageous (b) most courageous
(c) courage (d)  very courageous
Answer: (a)

705. A person who forsakes religion:
(a) Pagan (b) Renegade
(c) Stoic (d) Pedant
Answer: (b)

706. Ultra sonic waves ___ able the bats to locate objects.
(a) in   (b) dis   (c) en  (d) un
Answer: (c)

707. The word ‘Adjourn’ means:
(a) Postpone (b) Arrange
(c) Collect (d) Add
Answer: (a)

708. A person who works when his fellow workers are on strike.
(a) Black amoor  (b) Black leg
(c) Black guard (d) Black out
Answer: (b)

709. We tried to catch the thief, but he decided to get away. (The meaning of the
underlined words)
(a) escape (b) surrender
(c) attack (d) fight
Answer: (a)

710. _____ is his favourite leisure activity.
(a) To read (b) Readings
(c) Reading (d) Read
Answer: (c)

711. He has no _____; he demands bribe.
(a) conscience (b) conscious
(c) consciousness (d) constancy
Answer: (a)

712. One who speaks for others:
(a) Speaker (b) Taciturn
(c) Reticent (d) Spokesman
Answer: (d)

713. He was annoyed ___ your behavior.
(a) in   (b) with   (c) at  (d) in
Answer: (c)

714. Chandigarh is ____ than Patna.
(a) further (b) farther
(c) fewer (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

715. A person who pays too much respect to social position and wealth or who despise people of lower social position is called:
(a) Snob (b) Sceptic
(c) Sadist (d)  Sorcerer
Answer: (a)

716. We should always show respect for _____
(a) elderly (b) the olderly
(c) the elderly (d) old
Answer: (c)

717. ‘Agenda’ means:
(a) Additional (b) Urgent
(c) Meeting (d) Things to be done
Answer: (d)

718. Words written on the tomb of a person:
(a) Epitaph (b) Cenotaph
(c) Epilogue (d) Epigram
Answer: (a)

719. Step by step the veterinarian taught the little puppy to obey her (select the
alternative which best expresses the meaning of idiomatic expression underlined)
(a) hastily (b) reluctantly
(c) slowly and methodically  (d) with great hesitation
Answer: (c)

720. Sports shall start after ____ lunch.
(a) a (b) an
(c) the     (d) no preposition needed
Answer: (d)

721. A life history written by oneself:
(a) History (b) Biography
(c) Monologue (d) Autobiography
Answer: (d)

722. Everybody brought ____ wife with ____
(a) their, them (b) his, him
(c) their, him (d) his, them
Answer: (b)

723. The answer ____ you gave is not right.
(a) who (b) whom
(c) which (d) whose
Answer: (c)

724. ‘A long face’ means:
(a) A happy expression (b) A pleasant face
(c) A sad expression (d) An ugly face
Answer: (c)

725. Books were scattered ____ the room.
(a) across (b) under
(c) without (d) about
Answer: (a)

726. There was complete peace during his ____.
(a) rain (b) rein
(c) reigne (d) reign
Answer: (d)

727. Teaching is a ____ profession.
(a) respectful (b) respective
(c) respectable (d) respectfully
Answer: (c)

728. A Government by the rich:
(a) Aristocracy (b) Plutocracy
(c) Theocracy (d) Oligarchy
Answer: (b)

729. Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the word CHARGES:
(a) Income (b) Payment
(c) Fee (d) Profit
Answer: (c)

730. When he was about to be arrested he ___ the police.
(a) went in (b) went for
(c) went to (d)  went by
Answer: (b)

731. Go at once ____ you will be late.
(a) since (b) although
(c) and (d) or
Answer: (d)

732. That which cannot be imitated:
(a) Inevitable (b) Invincible
(c) Inimitable (d) Incapable
Answer: (c)

733. Which is the correctly spelt word?
(a) Succesful (b) Successful
(c) Successfull (d) Succesfull
Answer: (b)

734. Do we have ____ food for a fortnight?
(a) any (b) many
(c) indeed (d) sufficient
Answer: (d)

735.He comes here now and then : The underlined words means:
(a) Frequently  (b) Occasionally
(c) Always (d) Suddenly
Answer: (b)

736. That bag is too heavy for you.  Let me ___ you.
(a) help (b) to help
(c) helping (d)  helped
Answer: (a)

737.That was_____ meal I’ve ever eaten.
(a) the more delicious (b) the delicious
(c) most delicious (d)  the most delicious
Answer: (d)

738.Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of ‘AFFABLE’:
(a) Glum (b) Polite
(c) Reserved (d) Cordial
Answer: (d)

739.A dog barks; a cat ____.
(a) croaks (b) bleats
(c) mews (d) grunts
Answer: (c)

740.The opposite of ‘Appoint’ is:
(a) Disappoint (b) Refuse
(c) Decline (d) Dismiss
Answer: (d)

741. The study of races:
(a) Ethology (b) Ethnology
(c) Etymology (d) Morphology
Answer: (b)

742.All but ____ were present in the station.
(a) I   (b) mine  (c) me (d) I am
Answer: (c)

743.My friend is good at Hindi, but he is weak ___ grammar.
(a) by   (b) at   (c) in   (d) from
Answer: (c)

744.Even the new drug could not cure him ____ his illness.
(a) of   (b) from   (c) in (d) at
Answer: (a)

745. If you think or speak too much of yourself, you are ____
(a) a pedant (b) a glutton
(c) a pacifist (d) an egotist
Answer: (d)

746. Those who are jealous ___ others never get peace in life.
(a) by (b) from
(c) in (d)  of
Answer: (d)

747.____ learning a dangerous thing, says Alexander the Great.
(a) Little (b) Few
(c) A little (d) A few
Answer: (c)

748.The meaning of ‘Erratic’:
(a) Cunning (b) Abnormal
(c) Hardened (d) Deadly
Answer: (b)

749.____ is one who studies the sky and stars.
(a) An astrologer (b) A geologist
(c) An astronomer (d) A prophet
Answer: (c)

750. It’s late.  I must ____ now.
(a) go (b) to go
(c) going (d) gone
Answer: (a)

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