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General English - Questions & Answers - 7

General English - Questions & Answers - 7

901. Leather goods are made in:
(a) Brewery (b) Kiln
(c) Mill (d) Tannery
Answer: (d)

902.  Which one of the following is not a palindrome?
(a) Noon (b) Deed
(c) smiles (d) Shahs
Answer: (c)

903. The plural form of ‘Ox’:
(a) Ox (b) Oxes
(c) Oxen (d) Oxii
Answer: (c)

904.  The word ‘Xanthic’ means:
(a) Reddish (b) Yellowish
(c) Blackish (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

905. Select the correctly spelt word:
(a) Voluntier (b) Voluntear
(c) Volunteer (d) Volanteer
Answer: (c)

906.  ‘Valetudinarian’ means:
(a) Seeking to recover health
(b) One who wandering idly
(c) One has age above eighty
(d) A strict disciplinarian
Answer: (a)

907.  The word ‘Covenant’ means:
(a) Agreement (b) Enemy
(c) Advice (d) Secret
Answer: (a)

908. The noun form of ‘endure’:
(a) Endurably (b) Endurable
(c) Enduring (d) Endurance
Answer: (d)

909. Choose the correctly spelt word:
(a) Enginier (b) Engeneer
(c) Engineer (d) Engineir
Answer: (c)
910. A statement with a hidden meaning:
(a) Enigma (b) Acknowledgement
(c) Oath (d) Pangram
Answer: (a)

911.  Select the mis-spelt word:
(a) Enmity (b) Enterpreneur
(c) Equivalent (d) Etiquette
Answer: (b)

912. ‘Hard cash’ means:
(a) Ready money (b) foreign currency
(c) Loan with high rate of interest (d) Borrowed money
Answer: (a)

913. The opposite of ‘import’ is:
(a) Expert (b) Port
(c) Export (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

914. The water tank _____ and much water was wasted.
 (a) overflowed (b) overloaded
(c) overflew (d) overtook
Answer: (a)

915. Which of the following word is wrongly spelt?
(a) Anarchy (b) Slunk
(c) Trespass (d) Hilareous
Answer: (d)

916. The word ‘anticipate’ means:
(a) Accompany (b) Satisfy
(c) Foresee (d) Divide
Answer: (c)

917. She bought a present for her mother.  The direct object in this sentence is:
(a) She (b) Her mother
(c) bought (d) a present
Answer: (d)

918. Choose the correct sentence:
(a) He came back yesterday
(b) He has come back yesterday
(c) He is coming back yesterday
(d) He comes back yesterday
Answer: (a)

919. I cannot bear people _____ are always complaining about this or that:
(a) whom (b) who
(c) that (d) which
Answer: (b)

920. Opposite of the word ‘Perilous’:
(a) Safe (b) Natural
(c) Contributory (d) Precarious
Answer: (a)

921. The workers _____ it since yesterday morning.
(a) have been doing (b) did
(c) are doing (d)  have done
Answer: (a)

922. The meaning of ‘Defer’:
(a) Disagree (b) Unlike
(c) Postpone (d) Cancel
Answer: (c)

923. He did _____ useful thing, but _____ one man tribunal gave _____ verdict against it.
(a) a,a,a (b) a,an,a
(c) an,a,a (d) an,an,a
Answer: (a)

924. The son of your brother is your:
(a) Brother- in-law (b) Niece
(c) Son-in-law (d) Nephew
Answer: (d)

925. The meaning of ‘weary’:
(a) causing tiredness (b) showing firmness
(c) bearing marks (d) enthusiasm
Answer: (a)

926. The meaning of ‘Sanitise’:
(a) Pleasant (b) Disinfect
(c) Pious (d) Crazy
Answer: (b)

927. ‘To be above board’ means:
(a) to have a good height (b) to be honest in any business deal
(c) to have no doubts (d) try to be beautiful
Answer: (b)

928. All of us must endeavour to ___ the miseries of poor.
(a) augment (b) elaborate
(c) discourage (d) mitigate
Answer: (d)

929. Lack of enough blood:
(a) Allergy (b)  Anaemia
(c)Insomnia (d) Amnesia
Answer: (b)

930. If you run away from justice or law, you are called a____.
(a) Cynic (b) Murderer
(c) Usurer (d) Fugitive
Answer: (d)

931. The sound made by monkeys:
(a) Chatter (b) Grunt
(c) Bray (d) Yelp
Answer: (a)

932. ‘To be at sea’ means:
(a) To punish (b) ill feeling
(c) cause of dispute (d) Confused
Answer: (d)

933. A bad workman blames his _____.
(a) stars (b)  tools
(c)  master (d)  wife
Answer: (b)

934. The noun form of ‘applaud’:
(a) Applause (b) Applandment
(c)  Application (d)   Appliancee
Answer: (a)

935.   The man became nervous  because it was the first speech delivered by him.  Select the one word for the words underlined:
(a) Maiden (b) Matin
(c) Malign (d) Manacle
Answer: (a)

936. An object or portion serving as a sample:
(a) Specification (b) Specimen
(c) Spectacle (d) Spectre
Answer: (b)

937. Rao is 53. He’ll be retiring from his job ____ two year’s time.
(a) at   (b) on   (c) in   (d) about
Answer: (c)

938. Pick out the word which is closest in meaning to the word ‘NOTION’:
(a) Rules (b) Clothes
(c) Advice (d) Thoughts
Answer: (d)

939. Everybody’s coming to the wedding, ______ ?
(a) aren’t they (b) isn’t they
(c) aren’t he (d) isn’t it
Answer: (a)

940. The meaning of ‘Jittery’:
(a) Angry (b) Rash
(c) Quarrelsome (d) Nervous
Answer: (d)

941. Don’t look out of the window. Concentrate ___ your work.
(a) at   (b) with   (c) on   (d) by
Answer: (c)

942. Select the correctly spelt word:
(a) Defination (b) Definition
(c) Defenition (d) Definetion
Answer: (b)

943. Choose the word opposite in meaning to the word ‘DIVULGE’:
(a) Conceal (b) Disguise
(c) Oppress (d)  Reveal
Answer: (a)

944. Maya was wearing a silver ring ___ her little finger.
(a) in   (b) at   (c) on   (d) into
Answer: (c)

945. The house is empty. _____ lives there.
(a) Nobody (b) Nothing
(c) Anybody (d)  Anything
Answer: (a)

946. Which is not  an adjective synonym of
(a) Mistrustful (b) Suspicious
(c) Unconvinced (d)  Trusting
Answer: (d)

947. Pick out the word which does not agree with the group:
(a) Encyclopaedia (b) Dictionary
(c) Novel (d) Directory
Answer: (c)

948. Which is nearly opposite in meaning to the word ‘Sure’?
(a) Uncertain (b) Unfaithful
(c) Indefinite (d) Promising
Answer: (c)

949. He said he was sorry ____ the situation, but there was nothing he could do.
(a) at   (b) about   (c) with (d) from
Answer: (b)

950. There are a lot of fish ____ this river.
(a) in   (b) at   (c) on  (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

951. The opposite of ‘Encouraged’ is:
(a) Couraged (b) Incouraged
(c) Discouraged (d) Of courage
Answer: (c)

952. She ____ for eight hours last night.
(a) has slept (b) slept
(c) is sleeping (d) has been sleeping
Answer: (b)

953. A ___ of puppies.
(a) litter (b) crowd
(c) pack (d) flock
Answer: (a)

954. Raju could not get ____ sugar.
(a) few (b) the few
(c) little (d) any
Answer: (d)

955. An expert in choice of food:
(a) Gourmand (b) Gourmet
(c) Glutton (d)  Garrulous
Answer: (b)

956. Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the word ‘CANDID’:
(a) Sweet (b) Dishonest
(c) Frank (d) Able
Answer: (c)

957. The word meaning ‘tolerate’ is:
(a) endure (b) enormous
(c) eternal (d) emphasise
Answer: (a)

958. I shall go there ____ you like it or not.
(a) if (b) but
(c) before (d) whether
Answer: (d)

959. One who speaks less:
(a) Intestate (b) Reticent
(c) Fatalist (d) Veteran
Answer: (b)

960. We are driving ____ a tunnel.
(a) beyond (b) above
(c) through (d) in between
Answer: (c)

961. The opposite of ‘Wholesale’:
(a) Retail (b) Factory
(c) Profit (d) Cheap
Answer: (a)

962. I am content ___ what I have.
(a) for (b) with
(c) to (d)  in
Answer: (b)

963. Do you like ____ music?
(a) classical (b) classic
(c) classy (d) classed
Answer: (a)

964. An animal who preys on other animals:
(a) Pachyderm (b) Parasite
(c) Predator (d)  Hermaphrodite
Answer: (c)

965. A group of people ___ waiting outside to see you.
(a) are (b) have
(c) be (d) is
Answer: (d)

966. He has ten toes ___ his feet.
(a) in (b) on
(c) at (d) with
Answer: (b)

967. A place for sick people who need long periods of treatment or rest:
(a) Clinic (b) Hospital
(c) Sanatorium (d) Asylum
Answer: (c)

968. The former minister is under a cloud now.
‘Under a cloud’ means:
(a) In a sad situation (b) Under suspicion
(c) Bed-ridden   (d) In oblivion
Answer: (b)

969. I look forward to _____ you again.
(a) seeing (b) saw
(c) have seen (d) see
Answer: (a)

970. Use the collective noun : Fish
(a) Shoal (b) Flock
(c) Herd (d) Pool
Answer: (a)

971. The weather has turned very _____
(a) warmly (b) warm
(c) warmth (d) warmful
Answer: (b)

972. Policemen riding on motor cycles as guards to a VIP:
(a) Outriders (b) Servants
(c) Commandos (d) Attendants
Answer: (a)

973. The antonym of ‘Professional’:
(a) Amateur (b) Tradesman
(c) Labour (d) Customer
Answer: (a)

974. The meaning of ‘Rivalled’:
(a) Hatred (b) Revised
(c) Competed (d) Contradicted
Answer: (c)

975. The correctly spelt word is:
(a) Envirenment (b) Enveronment
(c) Environment (d) Environmant
Answer: (c)

976. The girl is very keen ____
(a) for cycling (b) in cycling
(c) over cycling (d) on cycling
Answer: (b)

977. An assembly of hearers.
(a) Audience (b) Crowd
(c) Congregation (d) Assemblage
Answer: (a)

978. The meaning of ‘BECKON’:
(a) Signal (b) Hear
(c) Light (d)  Beg
Answer: (a)

979. The thief together with his accomplice _____ into the strong room.
(a) have broken (b) have been broken
(c) is broken (d)  has broken
Answer: (d)

980. The habitat of hens is:
(a) Kennel (b) Coop
(c) Den (d) Lair
Answer: (b)

981. His friends disagreed _____ him on that point.
(a) at (b) for
(c) with (d)  in
Answer: (c)

982. ‘Alumni’ means:
(a) Old students of an institution      (b) Intimate friend
(c) Wonderful year         (d) Military assistant
Answer: (a)

983. Choose the word opposite in meaning to
(a) Uncooperative (b) Subdued
(c) Docile (d) Aggressive
Answer: (d)

984. Two and two _____ four.
(a) make (b) makes
(c) has made (d)  None of these
Answer: (a)

985. She held the bag ____ even though her arm hurt ____.
(a) tight, bad (b) tightly, badly
(c) tight, badly (d) tightly, bad
Answer: (b)

986. We feel sympathy for people afflicted ___ leprosy.
(a) for (b) of (c) at (d) with
Answer: (d)

987. I’m glad to know that you have ____ me for what I have done.
(a) forgive (b) forgives
(c) forgiven (d) forgave
Answer: (c)

988. I shall be glad to help everyone of my boys in _____ studies.
(a) his (b) their (c) him (d)  our
Answer: (a)

989. ‘Over and above’ means:
(a) Repeatedly (b) Comprehensively
(c) In addition to (d) Concisely
Answer: (c)

990. Chloroquin is specific ____ malaria.
(a) in (b) on (c) with (d)  for
Answer: (d)

991. The battle of Haldighati _____ in sixteenth century.
(a) fought (b) has fought
(c) had fought (d) was fought
Answer: (d)

992. A secret agreement to deceive:
(a) Collision (b) Collusion
(c) Colossal (d) Collegium
Answer: (b)

993. Due to his age, everyone thinks he should find a suitable mate and settle _____.
(a) on (b) along (c) down (d)   up
Answer: (c)

994. Can’t you brush yourself  up a little (Choose the meaning of the idiom underlined):
(a) Rest
(b) Reconsider your views
(c) Rejuvenate yourself
(d)  Improve your appearance
Answer: (d)

995. One who does not care for literature or art:
(a) Primitive (b) Barbarian
(c) Philistine (d) Illiterate
Answer: (c)

996. ___ doctor should be humane.
(a) The (b) An
(c) All (d) A
Answer: (d)

997. Which is the correct spelling?
(a) Hindrance (b) Hinderance
(c) Hindrence (d)  Hinderence
Answer: (a)

998. One who treats diseases by performing operations:
(a) Physician (b) Physicist
(c) Oncologist (d) Surgeon
Answer: (d)

999. Our vacation ____ tomorrow.
(a) started (b) has started
(c) have started (d) starts
Answer: (d)

1000. Pranav is negligent ____ attending his classes.
(a) about (b) towards
(c) in (d) to
Answer: (c)

1001. I wish I _____ how to make cakes.
(a) know (b) knew
(c) knows (d) knowing
Answer: (b)

1002. The noun of ‘succeed’ is:
(a) Success (b) Successful
(c) Successfully (d) Successive
Answer: (a)

1003. My sister speaks to me (use never at the appropriate place):
(a) never my (b) never speaks
(c) never to  (d)  me never
Answer: (b)

1004. Advertise the notification (Change into passive voice):
(a) The notification be advertised
(b) The notification has to be advertised
(c) Advertisement to be given
(d)  Let the notification be advertised
Answer: (d)

1005. I don’t mind helping you with your home work. The gerund in the sentence is:
(a) mind (b) you
(c) helping (d)    homework
Answer: (c)

1006. I don’t mind going ____ car, but I don’t want to go ____ your car.
(a) by,on   (b) by,by  (c) by,in  (d)  in,by
Answer: (c)

1007. The antonym of ‘Knowledge’:
(a) Ignorance (b) Lethargic
(c) Intelligent (d) Scholar
Answer: (a)

1008. She could not help ____ tears.
(a) to shed (b) to be shed
(c) shed (d) shedding
Answer: (d)

1009. Devote more attention to _____ consumers.
(a) a  (b) an  (c) the (d)  None of these
Answer: (c)

1010. These photographs were taken ____ a very good camera.
(a) by   (b) for  (c) to  (d) with
Answer: (d)

1011. ‘Improvident’ means:
(a) Not likely to happen
(b) Not influenced by others
(c) Not looking to future needs
(d)  Not capable of being excited
Answer: (c)

1012. That was the ____ question in the paper.
(a) most difficult (b) more difficult
(c) difficulty (d) difficultest
Answer: (a)

1013. ‘Efficacious’ means:
(a) Well adapted   (b) likely to catch fire easily
(c) Producing the desired result (d)  Spreading by touch
Answer: (c)

1014. There are some differences _____ British and American English.
(a) over   (b) on   (c) among    (d) between
Answer: (d)

1015. They were not aware of his magnanimous act. (select the word which conveys almost the same meaning as italicized word)
(a) Generous (b) Charitable
(c) Insulting (d) Magnificent
Answer: (a)

1016. Students looked very bored _____ the lesson.
(a) while  (b) for  (c) during (d)  None of these
Answer: (c)

1017. The river divides the city ____ two parts.
(a) with   (b) by    (c) between   (d) into
Answer: (d)

1018. Choose the word OPPOSITE in meaning to the word ‘CALLOUS’:
(a) Capable (b) Sensitive
(c) Sentimental (d) Confident
Answer: (b)

1019. He has been in Trivandrum ____ Thursday.
(a) on    (b) after    (c) since   (d)  for
Answer: (c)

1020. Use the proper form of the word given in bracket: You should be ____ in your daily work (punctuality)
(a) punctual (b) punctuality
(c) punctually (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

1021. He is one of those brave soldiers who ___ never afraid of death.
(a) is   (b) was   (c) has (d) are
Answer: (d)

1022. Pick up the correct form:
(a) Begar  (b) Begger   (c) Beggar  (d) Beger
Answer: (c)

1023. Pick out the word or phrase nearest in meaning to the given word: ‘SUCCOUR’
(a) Help   (b) Blunder  (c) Serve  (d)  Oppose
Answer: (a)

1024. We _____ at 4 o’clock.
(a) have arrived (b) arrived
(c) have been arrived (d) had arrived
Answer: (b)

1025. Three times five ____ fifteen.
(a) is   (b) are  (c) were   (d) have
Answer: (a)

1026. Which is not  an adjective synonym of SCEPTICAL: 
(a) Mistrustful (b) Suspicious
(c) Unconvinced (d)  Trusting
Answer: (d)

1027. Pick out the word which does not agree with the group:
(a) Encyclopaedia (b) Dictionary
(c) Novel (d) Directory
Answer: (c)

1028. Which is nearly opposite in meaning to the word ‘Sure’?
(a) Uncertain (b) Unfaithful
(c) Indefinite (d) Promising
Answer: (c)

1029. He said he was sorry ____ the situation, but there was nothing he could do.
(a) at   (b) about   (c) with    (d) from
Answer: (b)

1030. There are a lot of fish ____ this river.
(a) in   (b) at   (c) on  (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

1031. Which is correctly spelt?
(a) Mathmatics (b) Theorem
(c) Tution (d)  Biographi
Answer: (b)

1032. My uncle _____ to London ten years ago:
(a) has gone (b) went
(c) had gone (d) was gone
Answer: (b)

1033. The first person who _____ the question will be awarded the prize.
(a) answer (b) answered
(c) answers (d)  answering
Answer: (c)

1034. Many parents are blind _____ their children’s faults.
(a) about   (b) for   (c) to   (d) by
Answer: (c)

1035. The word ‘Alien’ means:
(a) Foreigner (b) Intelligent
(c) Insider (d) Noble
Answer: (a)

1036. Which of the following words spelt correctly?
(a) Cermonius (b) Ceremonious
(c) Ceremonius (d) Ceremonus
Answer: (b)

1037. After working with him for sometime, I came _____ his efficiency.
(a) to admire (b) admired
(c) admiring (d) admires
Answer: (a)

1038. Idleness and luxury _____ poverty and want.
(a) bring in (b) bring out
(c) bring up (d) bring forth
Answer: (d)

1039. List and explanation for several words:
(a) Agendum (b) Glossary
(c) Appendix (d) Addendum
Answer: (b)

1040. Neither the students nor the teacher _____ come.
(a) are (b) have
(c) was (d) has
Answer: (d)

1041. Select the one word substitute for ‘Poison of snake’:
(a) Antidote (b) Venom
(c) Cyanide (d)  None of these
Answer: (b)

1042. It was careless ___ you to leave the door unlocked when you went out.
(a) of   (b) with  (c) at   (d) by
Answer: (a)

1043. ‘Quandary’ means:
(a) Mystery (b) Animal which is hunted
(c) State of doubt or perplexity   (d) Fancy
Answer: (c)

1044. Which sentence is correct?
(a) Write your answers with ink
(b) He has disposed off his property
(c) Flour is made of wheat
(d)  I met the director yesterday
Answer: (d)

1045. The meaning of ‘Dormant’:
(a) Silent  (b) Inactive (c) Peaceful  (d) Dull
Answer: (b)

1046. You should participate ____ me.
(a) to   (b) at   (c) by   (d) with
Answer: (d)

1047. It was ____ that the Prime Minister escaped the assassination attempt.
(a) misfortunate (b) fortunate
(c) difficult (d) advantage
Answer: (b)

1048. All  the board members were present with the ______ of the treasurer.
(a) exception (b) absence
(c) delay (d)  omission
Answer: (a)

1049. ‘Staunch’ means:
(a) Cranky (b) Virile
(c) Trustworthy (d) Intensive
Answer: (c)

1050. Many a person ____ done this sort of thing.
(a) has (b) have
(c) are (d)  were
Answer: (a)
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