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Modern India - 2200 Questions & Answers Degree Level / KAS Questions and Answers (Chapter 10)

Modern India- Questions & Answers 2202 Questions and Answers - 10

Modern India Questions and Answers -10

2001. Gandhiji conducted his first Satyagraha in India, at Champaran in: 

2002. Gandhiji conducted his first Satyagraha in SouthAfrica to protest against: 
Asiatic Law Amendment Ordinance Bill

2003. Gandhiji confessed his guilt of stealing for the purpose of smoking in a letter, promising never to steal in future and asking for adequate punishment. to whom was this letter addressed?

2004. Gandhiji established ....... in Johannesburg in1910
 Tolstoy Farm

2005. Gandhiji founded Satyagraha Sabha in the year:

2006. Gandhiji met Tagore for the first time in:

2007. Gandhiji opposed the Communal Award because he thought that this would bring: Division of the Hindu Society

2008. Gandhiji published Indian Opinion from: 

2009. In which organisation did Gandhiji become a member when he was a student in England?
vegetarian society

2010. In which prison did Gandhiji spend the longest duration?

2011.In which railway station of South Africa, Gandhiji was thrown out of a train? Pietermaritzburg

2012. In which year did Bal Gangadhar Tilak form Indian Home Rule League with its headquarters at Pune?

2013. In which year Bal Gangadhar Tilak was deported to Mandalay in charge of Sedition? 1908

2014. Gandhiji had ...... sons. 

2015. Gandhiji launched the Civil Disobedience Movement in:

2016. Gandhiji led the Khilafat movement along with:
 Ali brothers

2017. Hindustan Republican Association was formed in1924 at:

2018. Holding of the ICS examination simultaneously in England and India was done for the first time in ____.

2019. How did Gandhiji help during the Zulu Rebellion in South Africa?
By nursing the wounded rebels

2020. How did Gandhiji write the manuscript of his book Hind Swaraj”? 
using both hands alternatively

2021. How long did Gandhiji’s first journey by ship to South Africa take?
 24 days

2022. How long did Gandhiji’s marriage life with Ba(Kasturba) last? 
62 years

2023. In which year Chapekar Brothers assassinated two unpopular British officials at Pune? 1897

2024. In which year did Clement Atlee announce British Government’s decision to grant independence to India?  

2025. In which year did Congress pass the Quit India Resolution? 

2026. In which year did Calcutta medical college started functioning? 

2027. Indian Broadcasting Corporation was renamed in 1936 as: 
All India Radio

2028. Indian Evidence Act 1872 was passed during the period of: 

2029. Indian National Congress took the swadeshi call first at the Benarus session, 1905. It was presided over by:
Gopal Krishna Gokhale

2030.IndianUniversitiesActof 1904 was passed during the tenure of:
Lord Curzon

2031. Revolutionary terrorism in India came to a virtual end after the martyrdom of:
Surya Sen

2032. Revolutionary youth Madanlal Dhingra shot dead:
Curzon Wylie

2033.RoaBharmal, who rose in revolt due to the interference of the British in the internal affairs of the state, was the ruler of:

2034.RobertKnight is related to the magazine/newspaper?
The Statesman

2035.SadathKhan BarhanulMulk founded the state of:

2036. In which year Gandhiji was nominated for the Nobel prize for the first time?

2037. In which year did Gandhiji go to England to study law?

2038. In which year did Gandhiji go to South Africaforthefirst time?

2039.FirstMarathi monthly “Digdarshan” was published by:
Balshastri Jambhekar

2040. first Sikh war (1845-46) was held during the period of:
Hardinge I

2041.FollowingGandhiji’ssuggestion, the KhilafatCommitteeunanimously adopted a resolution to launch a non-violent non-cooperation movement, at its meeting held at:

2042. For how many days Gandhiji was imprisoned in South Africa?

2043. Gandhiji called for the Quit India movement in:

2044. Gandhi conducted Champaran Satyagraha for:
Indigo farmers

2045. Gandhiji returned Kaizer-e- Hind to the British to protect against:
Jallianwallabagh Massacre

2046. Gandhiji started the non-cooperation movement on:
1 August 1920

2047. Gandhiji was assassinated at the age of : 

2048. Dayanand Anglo-Vedic College of Lahore and Gurukul University of Kangri at Haridwar was founded by:
 Arya Samaj

2049. Dayananda was born on February 12 in 1824, in the town of Tankara, near Morvi (Morbi) in the Kathiawar region of the princely state of…………… 

2050. Delhi became the new capital of India in: 

2051. Delhi Durbar was conducted in:

2052. Department of Agriculture and Commerce was during the period of: 

2053. Editor of ‘Maryada’ was: 
MM Malavya

2054.The Viceroy who believed in free trade and abolished all export duties except those on rice, oil, indigo and lac: 

2055. Elections to the Constituent Assembly was held in the year:

2056. The establishment of a separate Public Works Department in every province was during the period of:

2057.Fakir-Sannyasi Resistance against East IndiaCompany dominance in ……

2058. Faraizi Movement (1838) was led by:
 Haji Shariat Ullah

2059. Find out the education commission which recommended the segregation of education from academic to vocational:
Hunter Commission

2060.The Viceroy when Vernacular Press Act was introduced?

2061. In which language, the autobiography of Gandhiji was published for the first time? Gujarati

2062. In which medicinal system Gandhiji believe?

2063. During Swadeshi Movement ‘National EducationCouncil’ was formed by the freedom fighters in:

2064.During the 1857 Revolt, who was betrayed by one of his friends Man Singh? 
Tanta Tope

2065. During the British reign ‘Downward FiltrationTheory’ is related to: 

2066.During the British reign who appointed the Governor of the Presidencies of Madras, Bombay and Calcutta? 

2067. During the decline of the Mughal Empire, the Jats were organized into a political force by: 

2068. During the first Round Table Conference, _____favoured the move of the British Government to provide a separate electorate for the oppressed classes as was done in the case of other minorities like Muslims, Sikhs etc.

2069. In which year did Dadabhai Naoroji put forward his “Drain of Wealth’ theory? 

2070. In which year did the British Parliament pass an that made the Governor-General the Commander-in-chief?

2071. Name the Governor-General who adopted a policy of the Europeanisation of bureaucracy and exclusion of Indians from higher posts:

2072. Name the Governor-General who was called Akbar of British India’?

2073. Name the historical who stated that the Revolt of1857 was a conflict between civilization and barbarism?

2074. Name the nationalist leader who was born in mecca: 
Maulana Azad

2075. Name the nationalist leader who was born on Christmas day:
MM Malavya

2076. In which year did Gandhi attend the Second RoundTable Conference?

2077.“With this, I am shaking the foundations of the British empire”-On which occasion did Mahatma Gandhi make this statement?

2078. A British Committee of Indian National Congress was formed in 1889 under the chairmanship of:
William Wedderburn

2079. A concrete outcome of the Wavell Plan was the :
Summoning of the Shimla Conference

2080. A Law Member was added to Governor General’sCouncil without the power to vote through an Act named:
Charter Act of 1833

2081. Advancing the date of transfer of power from June1948 to 15th August 1947 was the most controversial decision of: 
Lord Mountbatten

2082.The Viceroy during the partition of Bengal:

2083. In which year Gandhi-Irwin Pact was signed?

2084.In 1885 who established the All India National Conference in Calcutta? 
Surendranath Banerjee

2085. After the attainment of political independence in1947, Gandhiji felt that the Congress, as a propaganda vehicle and a parliamentary machine, had outlived its usefulness. So to keep the Congress away from the unhealthy competition with political parties and communal bodies, Gandhiji towards the end of January 1948 sketched a draft constitution for the Congress to transform itself into......
Lok Sevak Sangh

2086. After the demise of which leader, Gandhiji was merged as the eminent leader of the Indian National Congress? 
Bal Gangadhar Tilak

2087.“Comrade’ was launched by:
 Muhammad Ali

2088.“For that light represented something more than the immediate past, it represented the living, the eternal truths, reminding us of the right path, drawing us from error, taking this ancient country to freedom.” Who said these words when Gandhiji passed away? 
Jawaharlal Nehru

2089.“Mahatma” is a title. What is the meaning of “Mahatma”?
Great soul

2090.____, who led the Congress party, introducedMahatma Gandhi to the concerns in India and the struggle of the people. 
Gopal Krishna Gokhale

2091.‘The Vedas contain all the truth’ was interpreted by : 
Swami Dayananda

2092.C.R.Das was elected the Mayor of the city of:

2093. Cabinet Mission visited India in the year:

2094. Calcutta Madrasa (also called Madrasa Aliah) was founded to cater to the educational demands of Muslims in: 

2095. Campbell Commission was appointed in: 

2096. Chakravarthi Viraraghavacharya was the first Indian to draft a Swaraj constitution for Indi. It was presented at the Madras session in _____. 

2097. Chapekar Brothers in Indian history include:
Damodar and Balkishan

2098.The Viceroy who adopted a policy of ‘intrusive surveillance’ towards the Indian princes: Curzon

2099. Competitive examination for the Indian Civil Services began during the Governor-Generalship of:

2100. Congress ministries came into power in the provinces of British India in the year:

2101. In 1885, the Fergusson College at Pune was founded by: 
Deccan Education Society

2102. In which year Gandhiji withdrew from active politics and devoted to constructive programmes:

2103.The leader of the Ramos rebellion of Satara: 

2104.The leader of the Hindu Mahasabha who directed the Hindus not to participate in the Quit India movement:

2105.The leader of the poly gar rebellion of Kurnool (1846-47): 
Narasimha Reddy

2106.The leader who ended Satyagraha at Guruvayuras directed by Gandhiji: 

2107.The leader who escaped from the custody of the British and went to Germany secretly to meet Hitler:
Subhas Chandra Bose

2108.The leader who initially opposed the non-cooperation movement, but accepted it at the Nagpur session of 1920?

2109. The leader who is related to the statement“Britain’s peril is India’s opportunity:
 Subhas Chandra Bose

2110.The leader who is remembered as the ‘patron saint’ of India’s civil servants for establishing the modern all India services:
 Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel

2111. The leader who passed away the previous day of Gandhiji launched the Non-cooperation movement:
Bal Gangadhar Tilak

2112. The leader was born on the birth anniversary of Gandhiji i.e. October 2:
Lal Bahadur Shastri

2113. In which year did Gandhiji establish the Satyagraha ashram at Kochrab near Ahmedabad? 1915

2114. In which year Ghadr Party was formed, inSan Francisco?

2115. In which year did Gopala Krishna Gokhale, the political guru of Gandhiji, pass away?

2116. In which year did INC adopt the non-cooperation resolution?

2117. In which year Indian National Congress approved the Basic Education System Gandhiji?

2118. In which year Kasturba Gandhi passed away?

2119.‘After me, he will speak my language’ Gandhiji made this statement on 15th January 1941 before AICC, intending:
Jawaharlal Nehru

2120.After reading which book, Gandhiji founded the phoenix settlement? 
Unto This Last

2121. ‘Asbab-iBaghawat-iHind’ was authored by: 
Syed Ahmed Khan

2122. After the election in 1937, non-congress parties took office in: 
Madras, Orissa, Sind and Punjab

2123.After the notice had expired the Non-Cooperation movement was launched formally on 1st August ____

2124. After the pact between Gandhiji and Lord Irwin inMarch, 1931 many leaders became critical of Gandhiji's leadership. What was the main reason?
The civil disobedience movement was called off

2125. After the Revolt of 1857, Begum of Avadh escaped:

2126. India’s first newspaper Hickey’s Gazette started: 

2127.The Governor-General during the Sepoy Mutiny:

2128.The Governor-General during the third Mysore war: 

2129.The Governor-General during the Vellore Mutiny(1806):
 George Barlow

2130.The Governor-General during whose period Police was taken away from the control of Zamindarsandhanded over to the Superintendent of Police district level:

2131.The Governor-General when Calcutta medical college was founded:
 William Bentinck

2132.The Governor-General when Coorg was annexed to British India: 
William Bentinck

2133. Interim Government with Jawaharlal Nehru as the vice President assumed power in: 

2134. Introduction of the ryotwari settlement in MadrasPresidency by the governor, Thomas Munro (1820)was during the tenure of:
 Lord Hastings

2135.‘Janma Bhoomi’ was started b:

2136. Joseph François Dupleix was the commander of the ______ forces in India

2137.In 1888, who founded United Indian Patriotic Association, mainly with a view to opposing Congress?
Syed AhmedKhan

2138. In 1905, Bhavani Mandir was published by:
Barindrakumar Ghosh

2139.The Viceroy when the Second World War was ended: 

2140. Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee was formed in: 

2141. The culmination of the series of the uprisings was the Mappila revolt of ……….

2142.The Viceroy when India got independence:

2143.The date on which Gandhiji started the Dandi March: 
1930 March 12

2144. Belgaum, where the INC session in which Gandhiji presided was held, is in the state of: 

2145. For how many years did Gandhiji live in SouthAfrica? 

2146.For how many years was Mahadev Desai associated with Gandhiji?
25 years

2147.The Viceroy who resigned in 1876 over the Afghan question:

2148.The Viceroy who ruled for the longest period:

2149.The Viceroy who survived a bomb explosion at Chandni Chowk in New Delhi in 1912: Hardinge

2150.The viceroy who took steps for the restoration of Mysore, which had been annexed by William Bentinck on the charge of misgovernment, to its ruling family after 50 years of British administration:
Lord Ripon

2151.The Viceroy who undertook the restoration of the Taj Mahal:

2152. Fort William College was established by Lord Wellesley in: 

2153.Founder of Banaras Hindu University:
 Madan Mohan Malavya

2154. Bengal led in most of the reform movements because:
The people were educated and enlightened

2155.‘Bengalee’ was started by:

2156. Bethune School in Kolkata was established in:

2157. The Treaty of Bassein was signed between BajiRao II the last Peshwa and the ____ English

2158. The Treaty of Kabul was signed on 21stMarch1905 by:
 Sir Louis Dane and Habibullah

2159. In 1924 Gandhiji became the president of the Indian National Congress. The session was held at:

2160. In 1933, Gandhiji started Harijan Yatra from:

2161.In 1934, at which place in Kerala, a girl namedKaumudi donated her ornaments to Gandhiji?

2162.In association with which conspiracy case 31prominent trade union and communist leaders were arrested? 
Meerut conspiracy case

2163. In the 1937 elections, out of the eleven provincesCongress formed ministries in ____ provinces.

2164. Name the freedom fighter who stated in his will that his body be cremated and a handful of ashes be thrown into the Ganga river at Allahabad because of the lifelong attachment he felt to the Ganga and Yamuna rivers: 
Jawaharlal Nehru

2165. The Treaty of Mysore was signed between Tipu and the British in:

2166. The Treaty of Purandhar was signed between the English and the Peshwa in:

2167. The trial of INA prisoners in Red Fort was held in:

2168.The tribal leader who came to be known as Bhagawan’:
 Birsa Munda

2169.Bethune School, set up in 1849, is associated with:
 John Elliot Drinkwater Bethune. 

2170. Between the period 1858-1947, how many GovernorsGeneral ruled over India? 

2171.BhagatSinghwas hanged in:

2172.BiharVidyapeethwas founded by
Rajendra Prasad

2173.Birla Mandir, where Gandhiji was assassinated, in:
 New Delhi

2174.The date in which Gandhijiviolated salt law in Dandi beach:
1930 April6

2175.TheDev Samaj founded in 1887 had its headquarters at:

2176. Name the person who resigned his position as viceroy of India in August1905 because of a difference of opinion with Lord Kitchener, the British military Commander-in-Chief in India:

2177. Name the Peshwawhose reign was dominated by the political intrigues of Nana Fadnavis:
Madhav Rao II

2178. Name the residence of Mahatma Gandhi in Ahmedabad from where he began his salt satyagraha in 1930:
Hriday Kunj

2179.The name the revolutionary leader who turned into an ascetic in the later years of his life:
Aurobindo Ghosh

2180. Name the revolutionary who was shot dead in an encounter with police at a public park in Allahabad:
Chandrasekhar Azad

2181. Name the ruler who was deposed in 1875 on charges of ‘gross misrule’.
 MalharRao Gaekwad Baroda

2182. Name the Viceroy who delegated W.W.Hunter
to prepare the ‘Imperial Gazetteer of India’?

2183.The disciple of Gandhiji who started BhoodanMovement?

2184.The disciples who were with Gandhiji when he passed away:
Manu and Aabha

2185. The Dual System of Government in Bengal was an abrasion child of:
 Robert Clive

2186. In 1922 Gandhiji was sentenced to —— years imprisonment.

2187. Name the nationalist leader whose birthday august 15:
 Aurobindo Ghosh

2188. Name the Viceroy who was called the Aurangzeb of British India’? Curzon989. Name the Viceroy who was the supreme commander of the allied forces in South East Asia during the Second WorldWar: 

2190.NationalHerald was started by:
Jawaharlal Nehru

2191.NehruReport was prepared by Motilal Nehru as a reaction to the:
Simon Commission

2192. Aurobindo Ghosh was trialled in connection with.....conspiracy case

2193. Baba Ram Chandra Das was a leader of

2194.BahadurShah Zafar who was deported by the British after the 1857 mutiny, died in the Rangoon jail in:

2195. Bal Gangadhar Tilak published ‘Mahratha’in.....language:

2196. Before becoming the GovernorGeneral in India who had served in America and commanded the British generals in the American civil war:

2197. Before independence who served as the president of the Indian National Congress for the longest continuous period?
Moulana Abul Kalam Azad

2198.‘BombayChronicle’ was started by:
Feroz ShahMehta

2199. All India Khilafat Committee observed Khilafat dayon_____, 1919. 

2200.TheViceroywho used to write poems with the pen name ‘Owen Meredith’:

2201. For how much duration Gandhiji was sentenced for the first time in South Africa? 
Two months

2202. In which year the first son of Gandhiji was born?

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