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General English - Questions & Answers - 3

General English - Questions & Answers - 3

301. Boswell’s Life of Johnson is considered to be the greatest ____ ever written.
(a) novel (b) essay (c) autobiography (d)  biography
Answer: (d)

302. Find out the mis-spelt word:
(a) Picknic (b) Supersede
(c) Grateful (d)  Relieve
Answer: (a)

303. He takes pride ____ his son.
(a) of   (b) in  (c) about   (d) for
Answer: (b)

304. Choose the word that is most opposite in meaning to ‘PHILANTHROPIST’:
(a) Man-hater (b) Cynic (c) Misanthropist (d) Egotist
Answer: (c)

305. Few government officials do their job without a monetary ______.
(a) bribe (b) grant (c) loan (d) inducement
Answer: (d)

306. Having become a mature woman, she began _____ for a husband.
(a) pined (b) yearning
(c) longed (d) wished
Answer: (b)

307. It was his _____ nature which made him continue where the most would have given up.
(a) good (b) ill   (c) divine  (d) stubborn
Answer: (d)

308. community:
(a) Anthropology (b) Demography
(c) Gerentology (d)  Psephology
Answer: (b)

309. The correctly spelt word is:
(a) Encroachment (b) Encrochment
(c) Encroachement (d) Enkroachment
Answer: (a)

310. The correctly spelt word is:
(a) Rapprochment  (b) Raprochement
(c) Rapprochement (d) Rapproachement
Answer: (c)

311. The verb form of the word ‘RICH’:
(a) Richen (b) Enrich
(c) Richened (d) Richness
Answer: (b)

312. Choose the word that is most opposite in meaning to ‘WEARY’:
(a) Alert (b) Agressive
(c) Energetic (d)  Quick
Answer: (c)

313. Joint sovereignty exercised over a country by two or more countries.
(a) Pandemonium (b) Colonialism
(c) Enclave (d)  Condominium
Answer: (d)

314. One word for: Incapable of being wounded:
(a) Impregnable (b) Invincible
(c) Infallible (d) Invulnerable
Answer: (d)

315. Pick out the correct group for the single word ‘Spectators’:
(a) People at a solemn meeting
(b) People at a street
(c) People who watches a match
(d) People at a lecture
Answer: (c)

316. She told her son  ____ she had often told him not to play with fire.
(a) that (b) which (c) as (d) but
Answer: (a)

318. The synonym of ‘AVOIDANCE’:
(a) Fly (b) Evasion
(c) Avocation (d) Eschew
Answer: (b)

318. The synonym of ‘DAMSEL’:
(a) Witch (b) Maiden
(c) Widow (d) Bitch
Answer: (b)

319. Which part of the sentence has an error?
(a) I shouldn’t/ (b) have done that/
(c) if I was you. (d)  No error
Answer: (c)

320. The meaning of the idiom ‘To play to the gallery’:
(a) Trying to get appreciation from least intelligent people
(b) To work hard to achieve the best
(c) Use wrong means to achieve success
(d) To be able to do a work easily
Answer: (a)

321. Here are your shoes; I _____ them.
(a) just cleaned (b) just clean
(c) have just cleaned (d) had cleaned
Answer: (c)

322. My friend  ____ to temple now. His mother ____ everyday.
(a) goes, has gone  (b) has gone, had gone
(c) is going, goes  (d)  goes, is going
Answer: (c)

323. One who eats everything:
(a) Omniscient (b) Omnipotent
(c) Omnivorous (d) Omniverse
Answer: (c)

324.  Select the correct sentence:
(a) Which is the best of the two?
(b) Which is the better of the two?
(c) Which is the best among the two?
(d) Which is the better among the two?
Answer: (b)

325. A sea abounding in islands:
(a) Strait (b) Gulf (c) Archipelago (d) Isthumus
Answer: (c)

326. Choose the right sentence in indirect speech. He said to me, “what are you doing?”
(a) He asked me what I was doing
(b) He asked me what he was doing
(c) He asked me what I did
(d) He asked me what I were doing of
Answer: (a)

327. Government by the Gods:
(a) Theocracy (b) Thearchy
(c) Plutocracy (d) Kakistocracy
Answer: (b)

328. There might have been a great flood if the rains ____.
(a) would stop (b) did not stop
(c) had not stopped (d) do not stop
Answer: (c)

329. They now jeered ___ him whom they once acclaimed as their hero.
(a) by (b) in (c) at (d) into
Answer: (c)

330. Very few cities in India ____ so busy as Delhi.
(a) am (b) are (c) are (d) was
Answer: (c)

331. Which part of the sentence has an error?
(a) He speaks / (b) the English /
(c) fluently. / (d) No error
Answer: (b)

332. Sciennce of printing:
(a) Calligraphy (b) Typography
(c) Cryptography (d) Topography
Answer: (b)

333. I ____ an interview yesterday.
(a) have faced (b) faced (c) had faced (d) would face
Answer: (b)

334. The meaning of ‘AMBIT’:
(a) Extent (b) Desire (c) Gap (d) Piece
Answer: (a)

335. The meaning of the idiom ‘To change colour’:
(a) To break ties with someone
(b) To change appearance
(c) To settle a dispute
(d) To shift allegiance to
Answer: (d)

336. The pilot had been warned about the storm before he _____.
(a) took off (b) took up
(c) took up (d)  took over
Answer: (a)

337. The rainy season has set ____.
(a) on (b) off (c) out (d) in
Answer: (d)

338. Which word has the correct spelling?
(a) Precision (b) Precition
(c) Presicion (d) Precicion
Answer: (a)

339. ‘Swan-song’ means:
(a) A person’s last performance
(b) A person’s first performance
(c) A person’s worst performance
(d) A very bad song
Answer: (a)

340. Complete the proverb: The best fish swim near the _____.
(a) shore (b) edge  (c) surface  (d)  bottom
Answer: (d)

341. A formal written charge against a person for some crime or offence:
(a) Indictment (b) Allegation
(c) Verdict (d) Acrimony
Answer: (a)

342. A person who makes love without serious intentions.
(a) Consort (b) Romeo
(c) Goon (d) Philanderer
Answer: (d)

343. The song at a burial:
(a) Dirge (b) Elegy
(c) Ballad (d) Ode
Answer: (a)

344. The synonym of ‘LYNCH’:
(a) Killed (b) Shoot
(c) Hang (d) Mad
Answer: (c)

345. Whoever acts contrary ____ nature does not go unpunished.
(a) in (b) to (c) from (d) by
Answer: (b)

346. The violence in the plant _____ Maruti’s net profit by 5.41%.
(a) mark  (b) push in  (c) boost  (d) dip
Answer: (d)

347. I _____ playing tennis with Sania for a week now.
(a) has played (b) played
(c) have been playing (d) was playing
Answer: (c)

348.  The synonym of ‘SLIP’:
(a) Escaped (b) Erred
(c) Misstep (d)  Stroll
Answer: (c)

349. The word that is more or less similar in meaning to ‘FORFEITURE’:
(a) Cinema (b) Loss
(c) Cancellation (d) Defeat
Answer: (c)

350. Which part of the sentence has an error?
(a) We / (b) went there /
(c) on last Tuesday. / (d) No error
Answer: (c)

351. I wish I _____  taller.
(a) would be (b) could be
(c) had been (d) were
Answer: (d)

352. He has aptitude ____  such a work.
(a) of (b) in
(c) for (d)  to
Answer: (c)

353. The sun_____  at six this morning.
(a) rose (b) raised
(c) arose (d) aroused
Answer: (a)

354. Have complete trust _____ god.
(a) for (b) on
(c) in (d) upon
Answer: (c)

355. He has put _____ the meeting.
(a) up (b) off
(c) away (d) out
Answer: (b)

356. I prefer doing things to _____ television.
(a) has watched (b) watch
(c) watching (d) watched
Answer: (c)

357. The opposite of ‘Proud’:
(a) Bombastic (b) Slavish
(c) Grovelling (d) Humble
Answer: (d)

358. The wrongly spelt word is :
(a) Gloucoma (b) Glazed
(c) Glacial (d) Geology
Answer: (a)

359. The pride of the ___ is the glory of God.
(a) Cat (b) Peacock
(c) Rat (d) Dandy
Answer: (b)

360. The _____of the ass is not sweet at all.
(a) roaring (b) screeching
(c) braying (d) howling
Answer: (c)

361. Rumours _____very fast.
(a) spread (b) spred
(c) widespread (d) spreads
Answer: (a)

362. Ten kilograms of rice _____ over two hundred rupees.
(a) costs (b) coast
(c) coasts (d) cost
Answer: (a)

363. Monkeys enjoy _____ on the branches of tree.
(a) swings (b) swinging
(c) swing (d) Swung
Answer: (b)

364. He _____ to climb the c
(a) tryed (b) tired
(c) tried (d) try
Answer: (c)

365. I _____ go to movies.
(a) was (b) happen
(c) everyday (d) seldom
Answer: (d)

366. The synonym for the word ‘recur’ is:
(a) Reverse (b) Repeat
(c) Receive (d) Recede
Answer: (b)

367. A ___ of bees.
(a) Fleet (b) Swarm
(c) Crowd (d) Flock
Answer: (b)

368. ‘Recreation’ is similar to:
(a) Amusement (b) Encouragement
(c) Happiness (d) Enthusiasm
Answer: (a)

369. Dogs generally faithful ___ their master.
(a) at (b) to
(c) on (d) with
Answer: (b)

370. This is the ____ monument in the city. It was constructed in 1850.
(a) elder (b) older
(c) eldest (d) oldest
Answer: (d)

371. ‘His voice gets on my nerves’ means:
(a) makes me ill          (b) Pierces my ear drums
(c) makes me sad        (d) irritates me
Answer: (d)

372. I ____ to the teacher for coming to the school.
(a) went (b) blamed
(c) apologized (d)  wished
Answer: (c)

373. From here we can watch the ____ of the sun.
(a) rise (b) rising
(c) risen (d) roseoconut tree.
 Answer: (b)

374. One who does not marry, especially as a religious obligation:
(a) Bachelor (b) Celibate
(c) Virgin (d) Recluse
Answer: (b)

375. Vagrant is the synonym of:
(a) Vagabond (b) Various
(c) Vague (d) Virtuous
Answer: (a)

376. As a general rule, politicians do not ____ centre stage.
(a) forward (b) forbid(c) forgive (d) forsake
Answer: (d)

377. The stranger asked Sarah where she _____
(a) lived (b) live
(c) has lived (d) have lived
Answer: (a)

378. It _____ (stop) raining for a while, but now it’s raining again. (Use the correct form of verb).
(a) stops (b) is stopping
(c) stopped (d) was stopping
Answer: (c)

379. Our flat is ____ the second floor of the building.
(a) at (b) on
(c) in (d) to
Answer: (b)

380. I didn’t watch the news on television. But I heard it ___ the radio.
(a) in (b) by
(c) on (d) with
Answer: (c)

381. A student in the second year of a course at a college or university.
(a) Sophomore (b) Alumni
(c) Truant (d) Pedant
Answer: (a)

382. The post man comes twice a day,____?
(a) doesn’t he (b) don’t he
(c) does he (d)  is it
Answer: (a)

383. ‘Of a bride’ is:
(a) Bridle (b) Bridel
(c) Bridal (d)  Braid
Answer: (c)

384.  I wonder what he has done with the book I ___ him.
(a) lend (b) was lent
(c) lent (d)  was lending
Answer: (c)

385. The movement of the train was so _____ that all the passengers slept very well.
(a) noisy (b) soothing
(c) fast (d)  distracting
Answer: (b)

386. The soil of Kuttanad is more fertilethan ____
(a) Kottayam                       (b) of Kottayam
(c) that of Kottayam    (d) At Kottayam
Answer: (c)

387. In accordance ____ the provisions of law, it is inadmissible.
(a) to (b) at
(c) with (d) of
Answer: (c)

388. Which is correct?
(a) The French speak French
(b) French speak the French
(c) The French speak French language
(d) French speak the French language
Answer: (a)

389. A friend of mine ____ is a lawyer helped me.
(a) what (b) who
(c) which (d) that
Answer: (b)

390. The synonym of ‘Draft’:
(a) Drought (b) Craft
(c) Print (d) Outline
Answer: (d)

391. By this day next year my brother ____ his course.
(a) completes (b) will complete
(c) will be completing (d) will have completed
Answer: (d)

392. The antonym of ‘Illicit’:
(a) Illegal (b) Bootleg
(c) Legal (d) Unlawful
Answer: (c)

393. I ____ an interview yesterday.
(a) have faced (b) faced
(c) had faced (d) would face
Answer: (b)

394. ‘Swan-song’ means:
(a) A person’s last performance
(b) A person’s first performance
(c) A person’s worst performance
(d) A very bad song
Answer: (a)

395. Complete the proverb: The best fish swim near the _____.
(a) shore (b) edge
(c) surface (d)  bottom
Answer: (d)

396.Study of statistics of births, deaths,diseases to show the state of community:
(a) Anthropology (b) Demography
(c) Gerentology (d)  Psephology
Answer: (b)

397. The synonym of ‘SLIP’:
(a) Escaped (b) Erred
(c) Misstep (d)  Stroll
Answer: (c)

398. The correctly spelt word is:
(a) Encroachment (b) Encrochment
(c) Encroachement (d) Enkroachment
Answer: (a)

399. Few government officials do their job without a monetary ______.
(a) bribe (b) grant
(c) loan (d) inducement
Answer: (d)

400. The synonym of ‘DAMSEL’:
(a) Witch (b) Maiden
(c) Widow (d) Bitch
Answer: (b)

401. The cat is hiding _____ the t able.
(a)through (b) next
(c) under (d)  opposite
Answer: (c)

402. He manages to live _____ his small salary.
(a)by (b) with
(c) on (d)  about
Answer: (c)

403. Which is spelt correctly?
(a) Psuedonym (b) Pseudonym
(c) Pseudonim (d) Psuedonim
Answer: (b)

404. W e _____ (complete) the whole work by May (Supply the correct form of verb):
(a) completed (b) have completed
(c) complete (d)  shall have completed
Answer: (d)

405. I have to go to _____ the watch I bought yesterday as it is not working.
(a) put back (b) take back
(c) give back (d) p ay back
Answer: (b)

406. The synonym of ‘Eager ’:
(a) Curious (b) Mature
(c) Devoted (d) Clever
Answer: (a)

407. I forgot to send them a map.  However _____.
(a) cancelled the trip       (b) they still got there
(c) they got lost           (d) I forgot to phone them
Answer: (b)

408. Bag and _____ (coin the appropriate pair).
(a)luggage (b) burden
(c) baggage (d) umbrella
Answer: (c)

409. W ater ____ at 100 degree Celsius.
(a) is boiling (b) boil
(c) boils (d) does boil
Answer: (c)

410. ‘V ox populi’  means:
(a) V oice of God (b) Voice of People
(c) V oice of media (d)  Middle course
Answer: (b)

411. That bag is too heavy for you.  Let me ___ you.
(a) help (b) to help
(c) helping (d)  helped
Answer: (a)

412. That was_____ meal I’ve ever eaten.
(a) the more delicious     (b) the delicious
 (c) most delicious          (d)  the most delicious
Answer: (d)

413. Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of ‘AFFABLE’:
(a) Glum (b) Polite
(c) Reserved (d) Cordial
Answer: (d)

414. A dog barks; a cat ____.
(a) croaks (b) bleat s
(c) mews (d) grunts
Answer: (c)

415. The opposite of ‘Appoint’ is:
(a) Disappoint (b) Refuse(c) Decline (d) Dismiss
Answer: (d)

416. The study of races:
(a) Ethology (b) Ethnology
(c) Etymology (d) Morphology
Answer: (b)

417. Continuing fighting between parties, families, clans, etc.
(a) Enmity (b) Feud
(c) Quarrel (d) Skirmish
Answer: (b)

418. Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the word ‘LICENTIOUS’:
(a) Immoral (b) Intellectual
(c) Moral       (d) Without licence
Answer: (a)

419. Have you ever considered _____ to live in another country?
(a) to go (b) gone
(c) going (d) went
Answer: (c)

420. The door must have been opened ____ a key.
(a) in (b) by
(c) at (d) with
Answer: (d)

421. My trousers  ___ too long.
(a) are (b) is
(c) has (d)  was
Answer: (a)

422. The reported speech of : The police officer said to us ‘Where are you going?’ is -The Police officer asked us where ______
(a)are you going (b) we were going
(c) he was going (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

423. I shall not desert him _____ all the world.
(a) for (b) by
(c) from (d) with
Answer: (a)

424. Choose the word opposite in meaning to the word ‘SPURIOUS’:
(a)Truthful (b) Authentic
(c) Credible (d) Original
Answer: (b)

425. Choose the incorrectly spelt word:
(a) Leisure (b) Nuisance
(c) Opineon (d) Mystery
Answer: (c)

426. The public have _____ a protest against the new rules of the budget.
(a) constructed (b) demonstrated
(c) pursued         (d) launched
Answer: (d)

427. The meaning of ‘ERUDITE’:
(a) Learned (b) Literate
(c) Uneducated (d) Bookish
Answer: (a)

428. A system in an organisation in which people are organised into dif ferent levels of importance from highest to lowest:
(a) Structure (b) Profile
(c) Hierarchy (d)   Matrix
Answer: (c)

429. Bitter or violent attack in words:
(a) Diaderm (b) Diatribe
(c) Dia Criticism (d) Diaspora
Answer: (b)

430.‘Gif t of the gab’  means:
(a)A t alent for speaking (b) Flattery
(c) A  huge attraction       (d) The final blow
Answer: (a)

431. The men who stood under the tree died as they were struck by:
(a) Lighting (b) Lightning
(c) Lightening (d) Light
Answer: (b)

432.‘Vegetate’ means:
(a) Feed on vegetables                                (b) Contemplate
(c) Live a dull life with little activity      (d) Medit ate
Answer: (c)

433. They opposed the motion ___ was proposed by the rival group.
(a) who (b) which
(c) where (d) when
Answer: (b)

434. The criminal was totally taken ____ when the police recognised him.
(a) aback (b) up
(c) for (d) away
Answer: (a)

435. C a p able of being drawn into wire:
(a) Brittle (b) Malleable
(c) Ductile (d) Prehensile
Answer: (c)

436. The meaning of ‘Fortitude’:
(a) Composure (b) Confidence
(c) Courage (d) Prudence
Answer: (c)

437. The young one of a butterfly is known as:
(a) Moth (b) Caterpillar
(c) Cub (d) Fawn
Answer: (b)

438. Which is  opposite in meaning to ‘Meticulous:
(a)Unmerited (b) Unimaginative
(c) Carefree (d) Careless
Answer: (d)

439. The train is arriving ___ plat form number 4:
(a)on    (b) before
(c) upon (d) at
Answer: (d)

440. Witty, ready reply:
(a)Repartee (b) Rhetoric
(c) Pun           (d)  Refrains
Answer: (a)

441. Choose the correctly spelt word:
(a) Farenheat (b) Farrenheat
(c) Fahrenheit (d) Fahrenheit
Answer: (d)

442. Ramu is interested _____ reading novels.
(a)in (b) on
(c) by (d) with
Answer: (a)

443. One of the boys _____ a thief.
(a) are (b) has
(c) is (d) have
Answer: (c)

444. W e _____ a very enjoyable holiday in Ooty last summer.
(a) have had (b) had
(c) were (d) was
Answer: (b)

445. My mother usually cooks food in the morning, but today she _____ in the evening.
(a) cooks          (b) has been cooking
(c) is cooking (d)  would have cooked
Answer: (c)

446.The person who has long experience:
(a) Pioneer (b) Scholar
(c) Veteran (d) Boss
Answer: (c)

447. The passive voice of ‘Did you do it?’:
(a)You were done by it      (b) He has done by it
(c) Was it done by you         (d) Were it done by you
Answer: (c)

448. It was _____  cats and dogs.
(a)rained (b) raining
(c) will rain (d)  had rain
Answer: (b)

449. The word ‘Alacrity’ means:
(a) Eagerness (b) Loud
(c) Critical (d) Pale
Answer: (a)

450. The boy cried aloud _____ he saw a snake:
(a) yet (b) and
(c) but (d) when
Answer: (d)
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