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General English - Questions & Answers - 2

General English - Questions & Answers - 2

151. A typical example or pattern of something.
(a) Paradox (b) Orbit 
(c) Paradigm (d) Excerpt
Answer: (c)

152. Find the correctly spelt word:
(a) Paradigam (b) Paradigom
(c) Paradigum (d)  Paradigm
Answer: (d)

153. He is innocent ____ the crime.
(a) at (b) by (c) with (d) of
Answer: (d)

154. Do not envious ____ brilliant students.
(a) about (b) off (c) of (d)  at
Answer: (c)

155. Either Ram ____ his brother has taken your bicycle.
(a) and (b) but (c) nor (d) or
Answer: (d)

156. India ____ her independence in 1947.
(a) won (b) has won (c) wins (d) have won
Answer: (a)

157. Once she was poor, so she knows what ______ is like.
(a) fortune (b) poverty (c) money (d) world
Answer: (b)

158. Pyrophobia means fear of:
(a) Fire (b) Darkness (c) Noise (d) Water
Answer: (a)

159. Find out which part of the sentence has an error?
(a) ‘Malgudi Days’ (b) have been made
(c) into a film (d) No error
Answer: (b)

160. Choose the word opposite in meaning to ‘PROFUSION’:
(a) Ample (b) Dearth (c) Plethora
Answer: (b)

161. (d)  Excess3. Delhi is ______ to Jaipur than Mumbai.
(a) near (b) nearer
(c) nearest (d) more near
Answer: (b)

162. He neither achieves victory nor deserves it
(Find out what type of sentence is this).
(a) Simple (b) Complex
(c) Compound (d) Compound-complex
Answer: (c)

163. I _____ my work by tomorrow.
(a) finish (b) have finished
(c) finished (d)  shall have finished
Answer: (d)

164. I _____ read ‘Chemmeen’.
(a) did (b) have (c) has (d) does
Answer: (b)

165. I _____ the job if you had paid me enough.
(a) will do (b) would do
(c) would have done (d) will have done
Answer: (c)

166. Write the synonym of the word ‘Benign’:
(a) Proudly (b) Kindly 
(c) Sadly (d)  Strongly
Answer: (b)

167. ‘Barring’ means:
(a) Excepting (b) Allowing
(c) Considering (d) Yielding
Answer: (a)

168. ‘To drive home’  means:
(a) To emphasise
(b) Back to original position
(c) To return to place of rest
(d) To find one's roots
Answer: (a)

169. In the sentence ‘I have seldom seen such large crowds’-the word ‘seldom’ means:
(a) often (b) sometimes (c) rarely (d)  frequently
Answer: (c)

170. What is the passive voice form of: This shop sells non-fiction books.
(a) Non-fiction books is sold in this shop
(b) Non-fiction books was sold in this shop
(c) Non-fiction books are sold in this shop
(d)  Non-fiction books were sold in this shop
Answer: (c)

171. Science of heredity:
(a) Hereditary (b) Genetics (c) Genesis (d) Inheritance
Answer: (b)

172. She _____ well.
(a) speak (b) speaking (c) to speak (d) speaks
Answer: (d)

173. Suffering is the inevitable consequence of bad deeds (Choose the word from those given which has the same meaning as the word given in italics).
(a) Unavoidable (b) Unnecessary
(c) Unkind (d)  Impossible
Answer: (a)

174. The teacher asked him whether he _____ give him the correct answer.
(a) will (b) could (c) can (d)  had
Answer: (b)

175. In which part of the sentence is the mistake?
(a) He         (b) has delivered
(c) a best speech (d) on the topic
Answer: (c)

176. ‘Nom de plume’ means:
(a) With equal pace (b) On the way
(c)  Without any definite date (d)  Pen name
Answer: (d)

177. A commonplace remark.
(a) Dialogue (b) Epigram
(c) Prologue (d) Platitude
Answer: (d)

178. A person who considers himself superior to others in culture and intellect:
(a) Fastidious (b) Highbrow
(c) Pragmatist (d) Pedant
Answer: (b)

179. A poem written on the death of someone loved and lost.
(a) Elegy (b) Ode (c) Sonnet (d) Epic
Answer: (a)

180. Spare the _____ and spoil the child.
(a) road (b) rhod (c) rode (d) rod
Answer: (d)

181. The officials must ____ the identity card.
(a) wear (b) wore  (c) wearing (d)  be
Answer: (a)

182. _____ war food was rationed.
(a) In   (b) By (c) Of (d)  During
Answer: (d)

183. The pen that I have lost has ____ gold cap.
(a) the   (b) a (c) an (d) No article
Answer: (b)

184. The policy of extending a country’s empire and influence:
(a) Patriotism (b) Capitalism
(c) Imperialism (d) Communism
Answer: (c)

185. To run away with a lover (Give one word)
(a) Deceive (b) Cheat (c) Escape (d) Elope
Answer: (d)

186. Which of the following is a noun form?
(a) Bathe (b) Clothe(c) Wreathe (d) Pride
Answer: (d)

187. My elder brother pokes his nose into all my affairs (Correct meaning of the words italicised)
(a) Disturbs (b) Interferes
(c) Opposes (d) Prevents
Answer: (b)

188. A collection of specialized terms with their meanings.
(a) Dictionary (b) Glossary
(c) Directory (d) Compartment
Answer: (b)

189. He restored the article ____ its rightful owner.
(a) to (b) at (c) in (d)   with
Answer: (a)

190. Which word is similar in meaning to ‘Status’?
(a) Right (b) Law (c) Position (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

191. Choose the word opposite in meaning to ‘LATENT’:
(a) Real (b) Concealed
(c) Apparent (d) Dubious
Answer: (c)

192. It is a great loss for a man _____ he cannot laugh.
(a) if   (b) yet (c) till (d) although
Answer: (a)

193. ‘give up the ghost’ means:
(a) To terrify (b) To die
(c) To make false appearance (d) To go mad
Answer: (b)

194. ‘He is too proud to beg’ means:
(a) He is very proud and so he begs
(b) He is so proud that he cannot/won’t beg
(c) He is proud of begging
(d) He is proud to beg
Answer: (b)

195. The king said to his soldiers, “Take him away”. The king ____ his soldiers to take him away. (Select the one which makes the most accurate ‘reported’ version):
(a) ordered (b) requested
(c) advised (d) asked
Answer: (a)

196. The local language of a place is called:
(a) Verbose (b) Linguistics
(c) Phonetics (d) Vernacular
Answer: (d)

197. The meaning of ‘Sycophant’:
(a) Flatterer (b) Coward
(c) Sneaky (d) Deceitful
Answer: (a)

198. A person, especially a soldier, who avoids assigned duties or work:
(a) Pedant (b) Goldbrick
(c) Gourmet (d) Philistine
Answer: (b)

199. A man of lax moral:
(a) Ruffian (b) Pirate (c) Vagabond (d)  Licentious
Answer: (d)

200. Asoka is worthy ____ remembrance.
(a) to (b) with (c) at (d)  of
Answer: (d)

201. Choose the word having the meaning thoroughly wet with’:
(a) bathed (b) dipped(c) washed (d) soaked
Answer: (d)

202. Everyday I walk to school, but today I _____ by bus.
(a) am going  (b) go (c) went (d) going
Answer: (a)

203. Find the correcly spelt word:
(a) Medievel (b) Medeival
(c) Midieval (d) Medieval
Answer: (d)

204. Find the correctly spelt word:
(a) Catagory (b) Categary
(c) Category (d) Catagary
Answer: (c)

205. He can play ____ Sitar.
(a) the   (b) a (c) an (d)  None of these
Answer: (a)

206. Language difficult to understand because of bad form:
(a) Jargon (b) Rhetoric
(c) Verbose (d) Pedantic
Answer: (a)

207. Look me ___ when you are in India next year.
(a) down (b) up   (c) in (d) over
Answer: (b)

208. Complete the proverb:Those who live in _____ shouldn't throw stones
(a) palaces (b) glass houses
(c) huts (d) upstairs
Answer: (b)

209. Do not confide your secrets _____ everyone.
(a) with (b) at (c) for (d) to
Answer: (d)

210. Find out the correct form of the word from the alternatives:
(a) Compere (b) Compire
(c) Compari (d) Comperi
Answer: (a)

211. The meaning of ‘PUDDLE’:
(a) Fight (b) A small pool of water
(c) Freedom from war (d)  First meal of the day
Answer: (b)

212. The meaning of ‘TORPID’:
(a) Warlike (b) Gushing
(c) Argumentative (d) Sluggish
Answer: (d)

213. The opposite of the word ‘DISSENT’:
(a) Consent (b) Ascend
(c) Assent (d)  Approve
Answer: (c)

214. The Romans _____ the early Christians.
(a) prosecuted (b) persecuted
(c) prescribed (d) infested
Answer: (b)

215. Give one word for: Sad being away from home.
(a) Homesick (b) Melancholy
(c) Ennui (d) Sedation
Answer: (a)

216. He _____ asleep while he was driving.
(a) falls (b) fell (c) has fallen (d) has been fallen
Answer: (b)

217. Of unknown and unadmitted authorship:
(a) Unanimous (b) Invincible
(c) Posthumous(d) Anonymous
Answer: (d)

218. Procastinator is to time as extravagent is to:
(a) Spending (b) Wealth
(c) Stringiness (d) Money
Answer: (d)

219. Samuel retired _____ service last year.
(a) to (b) since (c) for (d)  from
Answer: (d)

220. Try to establish world peace is only _____.
(a) A fair play (b) An oily tongue
(c) A wet blanket  (d) A wild goose chase
Answer: (d)

221. Sole right to make and sell some invention.
(a) Potent (b) Credential
(c) Ex-gratia (d) Patent
Answer: (d)

222. They cried _____ for help.
(a) frantically (b) agony (c) despite (d) reluctant
Answer: (a)

223. When only ten Beethovan went ____ a tour _____ the Netherlands _____ his mother.
(a) on, to,with (b) with, on, to
(c) to, with, on (d) on, with, to
Answer: (a)

224. We have just interviewed an applicant _____ the committee believes is the best qualified for the position.  No one but _____ ever made a perfect score on the test also.
(a) who,she (b) whom,her
(c)  who,her (d) whom,she
Answer: (b)

225. ‘A pipe dream’ means:
(a) A bad dream (b) An impracticable plan
(c) A foolish idea   (d) A pleasant dream
Answer: (b)

226. ‘Autonomous’ means:
(a) Impulsive     (b) Incognito
(c) Self-governing   (d)  Authoritative
Answer: (c)

227. Find the correctly spelt word:
(a) Milage (b) Milleage
(c) Mileage (d) Milague
Answer: (c)

228. ‘Lapidary’ means:
(a) Small dog (b) Cutter of precious stones
(c) Eskimo fur scraper  (d) Jeweler’s Knife
Answer: (b)

229. The antonym of ‘VINDICATE’:
(a) Excuse (b) Condemn
(c) Imprison (d) Defend
Answer: (b)

230. The passive voice of : Rajesh will show a magic
(a) Rajesh will be shown a magic
(b) A magic would be shown by Rajesh
(c) A magic will be shown by Rajesh
(d) A magic is shown by Rajesh
Answer: (c)

231. Measure yourself  _____ your equals.
(a) against (b) on (c) at (d) in
Answer: (a)

232. Which sentence is grammatically correct?
(a) He resigned from his post
(b) They have come in the morning
(c) He did nothing else than weep
(d)  Your friends will come, won’t they?
Answer: (d)

233. ‘Harp on’ means:
(a) To comment(b) To criticise
(c) To keep insulting (d)  To keep on talking
Answer: (d)

234. A house for storing grains:
(a) Store (b) Cellar (c) Granary (d) Godown
Answer: (c)

235. A place or condition of ideal happiness:
(a) Asylum (b) El Dorado
(c) Elysium (d) Dystopia
Answer: (c)

236. The past participle of ‘Shave’:
(a) Shave (b) Shove(c) Shaved (d) Shaven
Answer: (d)

237. The students of last bench complained that they could not _____ what the teacher was saying.
(a) make up (b) make out
(c) make up for (d) make after
Answer: (b)

238. The meaning of ‘OBLITERATE’:
(a) Bitterness (b) Centre of attraction
(c) Destroy completely (d) Belated
Answer: (c)

239. Which sentence is grammatically correct?
(a) The two girls loved one another
(b) I and my wife will do the job
(c) The climate of Mumbai is better than Chennai
(d) The Dinner will be held at the Taj Hotel
Answer: (d)

240. ‘To play the second fiddle’ means:
(a) To be in a less important position than someone
(b) To get remarried
(c) Repeat the same action
(d) To become famous
Answer: (a)

241. The chief guest _____ the prizes to the winner.
(a) gave up (b) gave away
(c) gave out (d) gave in
Answer: (b)

242. ____  attention to what I am saying.
(a)Give (b) Pay (c) Bring (d) None of these
Answer: (b)
243. ____ is he up to?
(a) who  (b) how  (c) which    (d) what
Answer: (d)

244. Changing one’s mind too quickly.
(a) Adaptability (b) Instability
(c) Versatility (d) Vacillation
Answer: (d)

245. Complete the proverb : _____a day keeps the doctor away
(a) An orange (b) An apple
(c) A banana (d) A pineapple
Answer: (b)

246. The use of more words than are required to express an idea:
(a) Pleonasm (b) Verbatim
(c) Ventriloquism   (d) Circumlocution
Answer: (a)

247. Which part of the sentence has an error?
(a) He will certainly help you/
(b) if you will ask him/
(c) in a pleasant manner.
 (d) No error
Answer: (b)

248. Christ _____ his crucifiers. (Use the correct form of ‘FORGIVE’):
(a) forgive (b) was forgiven
(c) forgave (d)  was forgiving
Answer: (c)

249. Complete the proverb: chain is only as strong as its ______.
(a) strongest link (b) weakest link
(c) manufacturer (d) blacksmith
Answer: (b)

250.Even in today’s modern society, people ____ God to bring rains (Choose the most appropriate word to fill the blanks):
(a) Appeal (b) Propitiate
(c) Provoke (d) Evoke
Answer: (b)

251.Find the  correctly spelt word:
(a) Hammer (b) Hammar
(c) Hamar (d) Hamer
Answer: (a)

252. Government by priests:
(a) Oligarchy (b) Stratocracy
(c) Plutocracy (d) Theocracy
Answer: (d)

253.The exercise was written by me ____  a
Parker pen.
(a) in (b) by (c) with (d)  for
Answer: (c)

254.Everyday last week my sister ____ a plate.
(a) was breaking (b) breaks
(c) broke (d) will be broken
Answer: (c)

255.They protested ——— the new tax .
(a) against (b) from (c) in (d) for
Answer: (a)

256.We waited one and a half ___ .
(a) hour (b) hours (c) houred (d) hourly
Answer: (b)

257. Government by women
(a) Gynarchy (b) Diarchy
(c) Monarchy (d) Nepotism
Answer: (a)

258.Which part of the sentence has an error?
(a) She called / (b) him /
(c) as a fool. (d) no error
Answer: (c)

259. Find out the synonym of ‘Acute’:
(a) Slight (b) Sharp(c) Subtle (d) Illness
Answer: (b)

260. I don’t interfere ___ my students in such matters .
(a) with (b) for (c) at (d) of
Answer: (a)

261. People in a riot:
(a) Congregation (b) Crowd
(c) Rabble (d) Mob
Answer: (d)

262. The antonym of ‘SIMILAR’:
(a) Familiar (b) Unsimilar
(c) Dissimilar (d) Insimilar
Answer: (c)

263. The meaning of the idiom ‘A jaundiced eye’:
(a) Jealousy (b) Hatred(c) Angry (d) Prejudice
Answer: (d)

264. A dramatic performance:
(a) Mosque (b) Mask (c) Mascot (d) Masque
Answer: (d)

265. As there was no choice, the enemy had to give _____.
(a) up (b) back (c) out (d) in
Answer: (d)

266. Calcutta University is older than _____ universities in India.
(a) all other (b) all the other (c) all  (d)  every other
Answer: (b)

267. His father was 60 when he ____
(a) died (b) has died (c) had died (d) was dying
Answer: (a)

268. I suggest that the meeting ____ postponed.
(a) is (b) would be (c) be (d)  are
Answer: (c)

269. The synonym of ‘ENMITY’:
(a) Angularity (b) Oddity(c) Eccentricity (d) Hostility
Answer: (d)

270. Which part of the sentence has an error?
(a) I think/ (b) it shall /
(c) rain to night. (d) No error
Answer: (c)

271. Don't count your chickens before they are _____.
(a) hatched (b) grown up
(c) fried (d) sold
Answer: (a)

272. It ____ rain today.
(a) may (b) was (c) do (d) is
Answer: (a)

273. Of my three daughters she is ____.
(a) elder (b) the eldest (c) older (d) oldest
Answer: (b)

274. ____ he invited me, I would have gone to the party.
(a) Although (b) If
(c) Unless (d) Had
Answer: (d)

275. If we provided better comforts, we _____ more tourists.
(a) attract (b) could have attracted
(c) could attract (d) attracted
Answer: (c)

276. Please explain ____  what you want.
(a) me (b) to me (c) in me (d) with me
Answer: (b)

277. Which part of the sentence has an error?
(a) If I had known (b) this yesterday
(c) I will have helped him.  (d) No error
Answer: (c)

278. He said to Ahmed, “I’ll be late”. (Change to indirect)
(a) She said to Ahmed that I’ll be late.
(b) She told Ahmed that she will be late.
(c) She told Ahmed that she’d be late.
(d) She told Ahmed that she could be late.
Answer: (c)

279. What is the noun form of the word ‘Injure’?
(a) Injurious (b) Injection
(c) Injunction (d)  Injury
Answer: (d)

280. One who suddenly risen to wealth and importance:
(a) Upstart (b) Convalescent
(c) Dunce (d)  Vagabond
Answer: (a)

281. Find the correctly  spelt word:
(a) Cerramic (b) Seramic
(c) Ceramik (d)  Ceramic
Answer: (d)

282. _____ you do not work hard you cannot succeed.
(a) Unless (b) If (c) Till (d) Untill
Answer: (b)

283. ‘Matrimony’ means:
(a) Giving money (b) Wedding gift
(c) Marriage (d) Gift
Answer: (c)

284. ‘Poke your nose into something’ means:
(a) To be suspicious
(b) To try to discover things that do not involve you
(c) Face the danger 
(d) Show cowardice
Answer: (b)

285. A few people knew the answer, _____?
(a) did they (b) did it (c) didn’t they (d) didn’t it
Answer: (c)

286. Can either of ____ speak English?
(a) they  (b) them (c) their  (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

287. Choose the correct spelling:
(a) Widraw (b) Withdraw
(c) Witdraw (d) Wihdraw
Answer: (b)

288. Dowry is no longer permitted by law even in _____ marriages.
(a) love (b) bigamous
(c) polygamous(d) conventional
Answer: (d)

289. He met with a ____ on his last excursion.
(a) illness (b) disaster (c) luck (d)  risk
Answer: (b)

290. The synonym of ‘REMEDY’:
(a) Redress (b) Lenitive (c) Cure (d) Restorative
Answer: (c)

291. The teacher said, “the earth revolves round the sun”. (Select the correct form of reported speech):
(a) The teacher said that the earth revolved round the sun
(b) The teacher said that the earth had revolved round the sun
(c) The teacher said that the earth is revolved round the sun
(d) The teacher said that the earth revolves round the sun
Answer: (d)

292. A baby horse is called —————.
(a) calf (b) kid (c) foal (d) cub
Answer: (c)

293. Change into passive voice ‘He greeted me’:
(a) I greeted by me (b) He has greeted by me
(c) I have greeted by him (d) I was greeted by him
Answer: (d)

294. The meaning of ‘COMMEND’:
(a) Order (b) Praise
(c) Remark (d) Perform
Answer: (b)

295. The synonym of ‘EXTRICATE’:
(a) Intricate (b) Tie (c) Difficult (d) Free
Answer: (d)

296. Which part of the sentence has an error?
(a) The behaviour/ (b) of the/
(c) children were/ (d) excellent
Answer: (c)

297. You and I see the drama, ____?
(a) didn’t you (b) didn’t we
(c) didn’t I (d)  did you
Answer: (b)

298. The past participle of ‘OVERCOME’:
(a) Overcome (b) Overcommed
(c) Overcame (d) Overcamed
Answer: (a)

299. A person who is always dissatisfied:
(a) Heretic (b) Surrogate
(c) Felon (d) Malcontent
Answer: (d)

300. A soldier assigned to attend and perform various tasks for a superior officer:
(a) Orderly (b) Pedant   (c) Chef (d) Cobler
Answer: (a)
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